For people that think “Ow this doesn’t happen here, Racism doesn’t exist in the Netherlands ”. Lead Organizers of Africa Day 2020 in Dakar and the Alkebulan Repatriate City Project. FRAMING IN DE MEDIA DOOR O.A GEEN STIJL EN DE TELEGRAAF. Maybe Cissé might have found his peace with it, but I know I have not. Akofena Men's T-Shirt. Africa is a renowned name that has traveled way beyond the shores of the Nile to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Leaving Japan and Senegal tied in points, point differential, and goals scored. The name Africa is a phenomenon. Protest leaders in Sudan have agreed to end the general strike that brought Khartoum to a standstill this week and are willing to resume power-sharing talks with the ruling military council, an Ethiopian mediator said on Tuesday. The word Africa was initiated by the Europeans and came into Western use through the Romans after the three Punic battles (264 BC to 146 BC) led by Publius Cornelius Scipio and the people of Carthage which is present-day Tunisia. Contact Us We also aim at promoting tourism across the African continent. Required fields are marked *. The name is one, over time that is connected to historical heritages and tied to historical revolutions. All I know is that Afruika is Eden, God footprinted our soil. FRAMING IN DE MEDIA DOOR O.A GEEN STIJL EN DE TELEGRAAF Aug 8th, 2020 . He buttresses his point by indicating that the Greeks occupied Africa in 332 BC, followed by the Romans in 30 BC. The name Africa is a phenomenon. Your email address will not be published. The African History is a reliable blog site dedicated to sharing African Culture and History. The Greeks according to him, already knew Africa with the name Africa. Alkebu-lan “mother of mankind” or “garden of Eden”.” Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin. According to another school of thought, the name Africa has always been in existence before the Romans invaded the land. Alkebulan Group Infrastructure Investments Development of Humanitarian Projects. RACISM DOES EXIST IN NL AND I AM TIRED May 28th, 2020 . SudanUprising Jun 12th, 2019 . According to Samuel in his Manuscript “The history of the Yorubas from the earliest times to the beginning of the British protectorate,” Samuel argues that some Yoruba historians have led the Yoruba people to believe they originated from Mecca instead of Egypt in North-east Africa. Africa is a renowned name that has traveled way beyond the shores of the Nile to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. More so, both places share the same traditional beliefs, like the gods they worship and the beliefs of the afterlife. From $23.99 View. How many times have there been given undeserved yellow cards in this World Cup or should I say how many cards are not given when this should have been the case. Green book is a must-see! Japan took two yellow cards less in the three group matches and that meant the elimination of Senegal. Be in the know. During this period colonialism was in practice, the Europeans roamed Africa and ruled over her people as slave masters. Dr. Don Shirley, a world-class African-American pianist, is about to embark on a concert tour in the Deep South in 1962. ALKEBULAN OWNED. The African History is a reliable blog site dedicated to sharing African Culture and News. This influenced the change of name from  Alkebulan to Africa. The word Alkebulan in Arabic, Al is a prefix leaving just kebulan as a word, and so far the word is non-existent in Arabic, they claim. We have enjoyed you immensely. This is a great work on the history records about my continent Africa,, keep it up I love you,. It’s unfortunate!! You can submit your story for publishing through above email. Yet, historians from several continents have argued against this propagated African name Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles. Home to 1.216 billion people, the world’s second-largest population and 2nd largest continent after Asia. What are your thoughts? ALKEBULAN OWNED. The ancient name for Africa was “Alkebulan” meaning “mother of mankind”. His words, although spoken over 50 years ago, are just as true today as they where then. Change the GAME!! According to Motosoko Pheko, an African history scholar he writes that, “The name Africa ‘Alkebulan’ has been interpreted as, meaning mother of Nations or mother of mankind, but Africa is also one of the oldest name of names of this continent.”. The moors, to date, hold the topmost position as one of the strongest, richest, and educated empires the whole of history has encountered. However, there is one significance about Africa’s name which has been a subject of debate for decades. De afgelopen weken wordt er in de media veel gepraat over racisme, Black Lives Matter en de man die door het hele medialandschap nauwkeurig in de gaten wordt gehouden: Akwasi. Great balanced piece on the African Continent. Origines. But then the difference in the yellow cards. This is a great work on the history records about my continent Africa. May 1st, 2019 . FOR REAL THO? He goes on to argue along with historians in this school that the continent was also called, by many names aside Alkebulan. In Kemetic History of Afrika Dr Diop also connects the revolution of the present west African countries to have originated from ancient Kemet that is today’s Eygpt, West African states like  Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Sudan among others. Meet the Melanasians; the world’s black people with blond hair, Aboriginal, the first known inhabitants of Australia for over 40,000 years, Ibrahim Njoya, the African King who developed writing method that was destructed by French, Beja people are one of the living descendants of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Walls of Benin were four times longer than Walls of China. In fact, this school argues that  Africa was initially named Alkebulan and was widely referred to as Alkebulan before the name Africa was birthed. Head Coach Aliou Cissé seems to have made peace with the historical elimination of Senegal at the World Cup on Thursday-evening. I mean it’s not good to have too many yellow cards, but to what extent were the cards even given fairly? More per topic. NO SURVIVORS, ET 302 Mar 10th, 2019 . Netflix & chill maybe? Model Halima Aden made Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue history. Emancipation of my mental slavery, thanksgiving! Connect with local start ups, collaborate with others members from the Diaspora and build collectively.

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