service), EMSAT (Mobile Satellite Examples of dialing codes: Sheffield 0114, Leicester 0116. Work, International If you're looking for a country list with ISO codes for HTML dropdowns to quickly copy and paste into a website then you've come to the right place For example, to dial France from the United States and the United Kingdom, two different codes need to be added at the beginning of the international phone number. Name, continent, country code and links to wikipedia and maps. Since you need to dial a range of IDDs to make international calls in the various countries, it is easier to use the plus (+) sign to represent the code rather than writing an international dialing codes with a zero (0) or double zero (00). Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Ellipso (Mobile Satellite This is a common experience, especially when calling numbers that belong to a different area. Then dial the target number, leaving off the first zero if there is one. Basically, when countries get created, there is usually the need to be able to identify them universally by a unique code. Throughout the world, every country has a country code list that is unique, making it easy to place calls anywhere in the world to any other county. List of Countries. The number would look like this: 01296 999999. How to find a Zip Code. Direct Dialing (IDD) Prefixes, International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefix, how to use international direct dial prefixes, information There are various applications of country codes, and these use cases have different and specific purposes. Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. However, it is important to know that in some other countries, the lengths of the prefix and telephone numbers may differ. The following list displays countries in alphabetical order on the left and on the right the corresponding country code. If you are trying to call a number that is written as follows, it is most likely an international number: If the number you want to call looks like one of these, it probably is not an international number, which means you do not need to add the country code at the beginning: To summarize, when you want to place an international call: If you experience any problems or issues, just call the local operator and request help placing the call. Service), ICO Global (Mobile Satellite For example: If you have not travelled abroad before, or you are visiting a new country, placing a phone call home may get complicated. Included in this page are the HTML select/dropdown code snippets to generate a list of countries using the ISO-3166-1 and ISO-3166-2 codes.

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