© 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. But the advisory doesn’t prevent Alley Cat Allies from touting its four-star rating on its website and in its fundraising appeals and emails. To its credit, Charity Navigator added a “mild” advisory to its page about Alley Cat Allies after my story ran in The Chronicle. Wilcox, meantime, has sued Alley Cat Allies, claiming that the charity owes her more than $30,000 in back wages, plus vacation pay. VOTE: Has COVID-19 impacted your Halloween plans? It said that asking a paid employee to serve as board chairman is not unusual. Repeated efforts to contact Robinson and Pedrolie in the last week proved fruitless. ", More:City Councilman reports threats made on social media to police, More:List of Evansville Diocese priests accused includes one in active ministry until 3 days ago. SPENCER COUNTY, Ind. The latest news out of Alley Cat Allies? A couple of lawsuits that describe a catfight, literally, between Charlene Pedrolie, the COO, and Donna Wilcox, the longtime board chair, over the ownership of a pair of formerly feral cats named Charles and Oliver. Editor's note: Since this article was published, The Chronicle has received additional information from Alley Cat Allies and updated the article on November 29 to reflect those details. The Jacksonville Humane Society received a $5,000 grant from Alley Cat Allies to support its Pet Safety Net program, which provides resources to families in times of acute crisis. More recently, it said in court papers that Donna Wilcox lost her claim to back pay because she refused to cooperate with Alley Cat Allies. They helped us with the TNR (trap, neuter, release) info. Dr. Lauren Dungy-Poythress, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist with IU Health, wants to spread awareness of dangerous conditions surrounding pregnancy and childbirth such as preeclampsia. Alas, Charity Navigator has limited resources. I followed up with a blogpost in December, pointing to other issues at Alley Cat Allies, which raised nearly $10m last year from unsuspecting donors. It must fully train employees on these humane policies and standards of care. An unhappy workplace: On Glassdoor, Alley Cat Allies has more than a dozen anonymous, harshly negative reviews, assailing Robinson’s leadership and the board’s inaction. 3. ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Vanderburgh Co. Health Dept. Alley Cat Allies is an unethical, unprofessional and deeply unkind organization. They rely mostly on self-reported data and IRS tax forms, and they don’t have the staff to do much digging on their own. Yes, Wilcox served for years both as board chair — a position that obligates her to lead the board’s oversight of the president — and as a paid staff member reporting to the president. The legal action was filed by former shelter employee Bridget Woodson and Alley Cat Allies in Spencer County Circuit Court Monday morning. Indiana State Police took over the investigation and turned over its findings to the Spencer County Prosecutor’s Office. It is also unwilling to account for the unorthodox behavior of its founder and longtime president, Becky Robinson, its controversial chief operating officer, Charlene Pedrolie, and Donna Wilcox, its former board chair and vice president. Millions of Americans turn to Charity Navigator and GuideStar for guidance when vetting nonprofits like Alley Cat Allies. Pedrolie’s lawsuit accuses the Wilcox siblings of assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She worked for the charity for nearly two decades before Robinson and Pedrolie forced her out, her lawsuit alleges. According to a civil complaint filed by Pedrolie, Wilcox, aided by her brother Duane, captured Charles and Oliver from the offices of Alley Cat Allies by force. See this 2004 story from the Chronicle of Philanthropy and this archived page from 2012. To a casual observer, Alley Cat Allies would seem to be a model charity. None of this would matter much except for what it says about the charity ratings agencies. As it happens, the problems at Alley Cat Allies have been known to Charity Navigator and Guidestar for months. This earned them an overall rating of four out of four stars. 2. 57 crash, Potentially dangerous pothole damages several vehicles in Gibson County, Thousands of tri-state voters heading to the polls early, voting absentee, Some Western Kentucky schools could return to in-person learning next week, No. WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) - This time last week, Republican and Democratic leadership remained somewhat optimistic a coronavirus relief deal including more direct payments to Americans could be reached in a matter of days. While Charity Navigator and Guidestar, which is now part of Candid, are ably led by thoughtful people, the fact is that they simply aren’t up to the job of monitoring the conduct of thousands of American nonprofits. “Even charities are innocent until proven guilty,” Thatcher told me, quoting a colleague. One dead after SR 57 crash in Vanderburgh Co. Walmart removes guns, ammo from floor displays amid unrest, Record 3rd-quarter growth; 8M more in poverty, Michigan church linked to at least 58 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Purdue professor, Newburgh resident wins “best of region” honors. In that matter of days, optimism turned sour and chief negotiators Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resorted to publicizing their differences in the press. The shelter was closed in October, and Spencer County Animal Shelter Director Christina Payne was terminated. Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc. All rights reserved. The investigation into the shelter started in August of 2018. 3 reviews of Alley Cat Allies "My experience with Alley Cat Allies has been amazing! In 2015, Alley Cat Allies bought the home next door to Becky Robinson in Arlington, VA, for $590,000. More than 9 million ballots have been cast as of Friday morning in the nation's second most-populous state, exceeding the 8,969,226 cast in 2016, according to an Associated Press tally of early votes from data provided by Texas officials. Plaintiff, Alley Cat Allies, is a global group that protects and improves cats’ lives and is seen around the world as the champion for the humane treatment of all cats, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. BBB Wise Giving Alliance now says that Alley Cat Allies is no longer one of its accredited charities because Alley Cat Allies has not responded to its requests for information. The charity says the Virginia homes are investments and rental-producing properties, but its most recent IRS tax return lists no rental income. Last year, Alley Cat Allies told me by email that the Virginia real estate purchases were approved by the investment committee of the board. The lawsuit over the catfight adds an element of farce to this sad saga. Spencer County closed the shelter in October of 2018, after a shelter employee said she was instructed by the shelter manager to kill a kitten by putting it in a plastic bag and then placing it in a freezer as a method of euthanasia. When workers can’t stand the boss, an organization cannot function at peak effectiveness. Spencer County Prosecutor Dan Wilkinson said in September that the Indiana State Police investigation did not show any direct evidence of freezing cats alive at the Spencer County Animal Shelter. The suit filed Monday alleges that the euthanasia method violates the American Veterinary Medical Association's Guidelines for Euthanasia of Animals and Indiana law. Alley Cat Allies is exceptional, all right — exceptionally dysfunctional, exceptionally poorly-governed, and an exceptionally dismal place to work. After Standing Rock, Protesting Pipelines Can Get You a Decade in Prison and $100k in Fines, A Foreign Policy That Can Change Everything for Everyone, The “How” and “When” of Re-Opening and Recovery, Congress, the President, and the Power to Make War. “We update ratings once a year,” he told me. 1 Memorial gearing up for state championship, Big Time Sports: Wisconsin-Nebraska canceled, OSU and Penn State square off in Happy Valley, IHSA votes to play basketball this winter, Sharing media with Eyewitness News WEHT/WTVW, ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Being Productive During the Pandemic, ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Evansville Museum, ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Elder Law Expert Gary Price, ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Garden Guy Charlie Stocker. According to the suit, Alley Cat Allies is a global group that protects and improves cats’ lives and is seen around the world as the champion for the humane treatment of all cats. I covered them in a story headlined The Limits of Nonprofit Oversight, which was published by the Chronicle in November 2018. On Monday, the nonprofit advocacy group Alley Cat Allies filed a lawsuit asking an Indiana judge to order Spencer County not to reopen its animals shelter until changes are made. “Council has yet again ignored the expertise that was offered,” Robinson said. And what does Alley Cat Allies say about all this? Alley Cat Allies said in their release that they have provided language for ordinances that have been “successful in other communities” in addressing the feral cat issue for council’s consideration. The board of Alley Cat Allies did not meet at all for the first 10 months of 2018, its members told me. It employs about 23 people who are charged with evaluating more than 9,000 nonprofits. Woodson is a member of Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network. Spencer County must not be allowed to reopen the shelter without making fundamental improvements to ensure widely accepted basic levels of care for animals.”. Questionable real estate dealings. © 2020 www.courierpress.com. All rights reserved. Spencer County must not be allowed to reopen the shelter without making fundamental improvements to ensure widely accepted basic levels of care for animals.”, According to the suit, Alley Cat Allies is a global group that protects and improves cats’ lives and is seen around the world as the champion for the humane treatment of all cats. A history of poor governance: In 2004 and 2012, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, another charity monitoring organization, pointed to problems with at Alley Cat Allies. It must adopt policies that set requirements for how the animals are cared for. — A national feline welfare group has filed a lawsuit asking a Hoosier judge to not allow the Spencer County Animal Shelter to reopen until it makes major changes. In the suit, Woodson and Alley Cat Allies are asking the judge to stop the reopening of the shelter while the legal case is pending. Spencer County closes animal shelter, fires director, No charges filed in Spencer County in connection with allegations of frozen kitten, Authorities investigating allegations of frozen kittens at Spencer County shelter, City Councilman reports threats made on social media to police, List of Evansville Diocese priests accused includes one in active ministry until 3 days ago, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy, The county must stop killing animals by using freezing or hypothermia and can only use humane “euthanasia.".

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