Copyright 2020 Based on the NKJV, David Guzik’s commentary on Amos assumes the full trustworthiness and authority of Scripture, combining insights from scholars throughout the ages. The Tyrians had considered themselves bound by no consideration of human rights and free to violate any honor for the sake of their profitable slave trade. The High-Standing in Israel Will Be Brought Low (3–7), B. David Guzik's Commentaries on the Bible are available on and are useful for sermon, Bible study, and Sunday school preparation. Amos has in mind such carrying away of captives as occurred in the events recorded in 2 Chr. Two years before the earthquake… By Amos' mention of this earthquake's occurrence two years after his prophecy shows that he was not executed in Israel, as some suppose, but that he lived to return to Tekoah, and to see the divine confirmation of the truth of his prophecy in the devastation of the great earthquake. "The remnant of the Philistines," as used by Amos here cannot possibly mean that "all of his prophecy (!) The Inescapable Logic of God’s Judgment (3–6), 3. Coffman Commentaries on the Old and New Testament. God providentially bends nature itself to provoke man to repentance, and thus the purpose of the primeval curse must be seen as beneficient. Regarding Philistia. Perhaps Schultz is right in seeing this verse, not as recounting specific sins of Edom, but as a reference to, "the traditional attitude of Edom toward Israel."F39. | Privacy, Series: David Guzik’s Commentaries on the Bible, Metadata Last Updated: 2020-09-15T17:01:23Z. The Edomites were descended from Esau, the brother of Jacob, and were thus blood relatives of the chosen people, being "the seed of Abraham" in a fleshly sense, no less than Israel itself. That earthquake, according to Josephus, made a breach in the temple, ruined the gardens and palace of the king, and occurred simultaneously with the smiting of Uzziah with leprosy.F8 It cannot be dated exactly. Their king… Some have noted that in some versions, a proper name is used here, signifying Malcam, or Milcom, the god of the Ammonites.F46 If so, the dramatic meaning is that the worshippers of the god of destruction, along with their god, shall be destroyed. This chapter actually combines with Amos 2 to form the first division of the prophecy of Amos, in which the prophet thunders the warning of the impending judgment of God upon no less than eight nations, beginning with Israel's surrounding pagan neighbors, then resting for a moment upon Judah, and by way of climax describing the utter ruin and devastation of Israel itself, i.e., the northern kingdom. These, and the other judgments to follow are truly terrible; and there are always people who cannot understand why God should deal out such awful judgments; but Morgan has a word of explanation, thus: I will break the bar of Damascus… Ancient cities used a bar to lock their gates; and the breaking of the bar was the same as leaving a city defenseless. The great sin of Tyre mentioned here is their delivery of Hebrew slaves to their bitterest enemies, the Edomites, and that this was done despite the long record of friendship between Israel and Tyre, dating back to the days of Solomon, and the brotherly covenant of mutual respect and honor which existed between the two peoples. Guzik provides clear exposition, designed to help Bible readers understand what the text says, and what it means. Who can deny that it happened exactly as Amos had foretold? The notion that this mention of four of the great capitals of Philistia should not include cities not mentioned is ridiculous. David Guzik's Commentaries on the Bible. Judgment on Tyre, a City of Lebanon (9–10), 1. The Assyrian monarch destroyed the royal family, captured Damascus and carried its people captive into Kir.F30 This fulfillment occurred fifty years after the prophecy of Amos and is recorded in 2 Kings 16:9.F31. Tekoa… was a village some six miles south of Bethlehem and about twelve miles southeast of Jerusalem on a 3,000 foot plateau which affords a beautiful view of the whole Dead Sea area, and which immediately drops off eastward and south from Tekoah toward that great desolation. The Cause, the Curse, and the Cure (10–15), 1. "F34 The indifference and cruelty of Phoenicia, the great slave traders of the day, in their dealings with the covenant people of God, ultimately issued in God's destructive judgment against them. had already occurred, and that all of these grim warnings pertained only to a small remnant yet in the land. The awful judgments, "rolling like a storm, in strophe after strophe, over all the surrounding kingdoms,"F1 touched upon three pagan nations that were not related to Israel, and upon three which were related, did not neglect Judah, considered by Amos as one with the northern kingdom, and then rested the fullness of its fury upon the nation of Israel itself. We reject the notion that he was a wealthy owner of flocks and orchards for he later described himself as a dresser of sycamore trees (Amos 7:14), in language which, according to Keil indicates that he lived upon this fruit, an article of diet widely associated with the very poorest people. . David Guzik’s Commentaries on the Bible . Home > Commentaries > David Guzik's Commentaries > Amos. Amos Describes the Indulgent Women of Israel (1), 2. It is steep and lofty where it overhangs the Mediterranean above Haifa.F14, Damascus… This city stands here as a representative of all of Syria, a point to be remembered. "Their last stand seems to have been against Judas Maccabeus (1 Maccabees 5:6)."F49. The Coming Destruction of Israel (6:8–14), 1. In fact, it was the dramatic, startling, and complete fulfillment of these tremendous prophecies that led to the retention of this book among the sacred writings of the Jews, who placed it in their canon of scripture, despite the terrible warnings and predictions it contained with reference to the Jews themselves. Shultz did not hesitate to write, This verse is the text of the book.F9 It must also be accounted as fact that, Amos here connects his prophecy with that of his predecessor,F10 and, hence, with all the Scriptures as part of the authentic revelation from the heavenly Father. Still, we cannot deny that the figure, even if he got it out of Joel, would have appealed to one who had heard a lion roar. Deane was correct, it appears, in his opinion that Amos here alluded to it, as a token of the judgment which he foretold, such catastrophes being regarded as signs ... of God and his vengence upon sinners.F7. 1983-1999. "F44 This area was altogether insufficient to their ambitions, and they were constantly attempting to "enlarge their border" by inroads against Israel. Tons more resources, better tools, NIV84 and easier navigation. Guzik provides clear exposition, designed to help Bible readers understand what the text says, and what it means. Sennacherib fulfilled Amos' prophecy regarding Philistia; and his exploits against the very cities mentioned in these verses is recorded in cuneiform inscriptions of how he humbled the kings of Ashkelon, Ekron, etc.F32 And, significantly, Sennacherib did not ascend the throne until 702 B.C.F33 The destruction of Philistia thus occurred in the seventh century B.C., whereas, Amos prophesied their doom in the eighth century B.C. The Injustice and Pride of Israel Make It a Target of Judgment (12–14), Visions of Judgment and the Power of the Prophet’s Prayer (Amos 7), A. Dig into Scripture with David Guzik’s accessible, practical commentaries that anyone can use. "F43 They, like the Edomites and the Moabites, despite their being physically related to Israel, exploited every opportunity within their reach for encroaching upon Israel or aiding aggressions against them. to deliver them to Edom .. The arguments in support of it, such as those grounded in these verses, are weak, unreasonable, and trifling. Zion. Calvary Chapel pastor Guzik forgoes formality and dives straight into the text—no lengthy introductions or extensive footnotes. "It is evident that Gaza is simply regarded as a representative of Philistia,"F25 as proved by the fact that in the announcement of the punishment, some of the other great cities of Philistia are also included, all of them, in fact, standing for the entire nation. Note the similarity with Amos 1:7, both predictions being somewhat stylized prophecies of the destruction of the places indicated. Faithlife The great sin of this people was their "perpetual" hatred of Israel, going back to the time when Jacob had cheated their ancestor out of the birthright. Bibliography Information The same kind of reasoning imposed upon the prophecy of the fall of Syria would mean that the whole nation had already perished with the sole exception of its capital city! In Joel 3:16, Jehovah is represented as roaring on behalf of Israel, but in the stern denunciations of Amos, he is represented as roaring against Israel. Comparing Israel to Her Pagan Neighbors (1–2), 2. That this is true is affirmed by the succeeding clause, `which he saw. It was calculated to strike terror into the hearts of the wicked and lead them to repentance. 21:16. "What a marvel that Ammon and Moab retained the stamp of their origin, in a sensual and passionate nature? This too is a gross error. "Commentary on Amos 1". Regarding Damascus. Keil summarized the meaning of this verse thus: Captivity unto Kir… The Kir has been identified with a river (now the Kar), tributary of the Araxes which flows into the Caspian sea on the southwest.F24 The Syrians were thought to have originally emigrated from that same area. (and omitted here) may suggest a date for the oracle subsequent to the time of Amos. No! God’s Promise of Judgment against the Women of Israel (2–3), B. God’s Answer to Israel’s Vain Sacrifices (4:4–13), 2. ", Having dealt with three pagan neighbors of Israel, Amos here moved to address his prophecy of punishment to three pagan relatives of Israel, namely, Edom, Moab, and Ammon. Mount Carmel was the scene of Elijah's contest with the prophets of Baal and consists of a bold mountain forming the terminus of the Samaritan range and dropping off abruptly into the sea. "The occasion when the Ammonites were guilty of such cruelty toward the Israelites as is here condemned is not recorded in the historical books of the O.T.F41. ),F36 and was ultimately wiped off the face of the earth by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. The words of Amos: This book of the prophet Amos is the only mention we have of this man in the Old Testament. The words of Amos… Both Ecclesiastes and Jeremiah have similar beginnings; and therefore it is not necessary to attribute these words to some later editor. Jerusalem ..… Amos' message to the northern kingdom thus begins with a stern reminder, that God was to be worshipped only at Jerusalem.F12 The apostate worship had been installed at Bethel and Samaria. This prophecy was fulfilled, as were all the others. ); and, although there is no mention of any formal treaty existing between them, the relationship, "doubtless had occasionally been cemented by formal treaty. 5:11; 1 Kings 5:1; 9:11,14, etc. The expression `the remnant of the Philistines' indicates that a portion of them had already been destroyed.F29 Such comment only exposes the unwillingness of unbelieving scholars to accept any such thing as predictive prophecy; and that is a theological position which we are absolutely unwilling to share. Their hatred, anger, and wrath have continued throughout history; and the prophet's charge that "they kept their wrath forever" has literally come to pass. True, they had grounds for anger at Jacob and his posterity; but God had ratified the covenant in the seed of Jacob, passing Esau for moral and religious reasons, and not because of Jacob's shameful act in cheating his brother.

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