It’s easy to understand why some gamers fear Anita’s influence because notable female characters have become plain and boring in appearance such as Lara Croft, and the last thing anyone wants is for the Tifas of the world to also be ‘defeminised’ and made plain in a misguided effort to properly represent women. The Last Of Us Part 2 has been massively spoiled ahead of its launch thanks to hackers. Some fans are blaming Anita Sarkeesian for ruining The Last Of Us 2 thanks to Neil Druckmann having previously cited her as an influence. The main enemies are the dullest thing imaginable without having them summon Satan and walk around in SS uniforms. I guess I’m done with Uncharted if you guys ever make another one, with his daughter. The fact of the matter is that Neil Druckman was too busy worrying about not offending Woke Twitter and the trigger-happy games press, and not worrying enough about telling a good story that will make people want to buy his game. well written article as most of the time i have to agree with your assesment. Not in the slightest, but it could not also be any other way and remain the game it intended to be. Pentagon's decision not to fix supersonic speed issue with F-35C defeats jet's very purpose. You must be a moderator or approved user to visit. We lost out on a lot of good potential dialogue because Elena was too nice to be fun. Square Memester. A Sarkeesian trope character never offends with intent. In a lengthy thread, Anita Sarkeesian basically suggests that the disgruntled Last Of Us Part 2 haters are mad because the game isn’t about white men. Some fans have blamed Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency for the supposed ruining of The Last Of Us Part 2. Cops look like models. He got pissed off that Nadine seemed like a “Strong Female Character” instead of a developed character. Anyway, we seem to be getting past that now, with the female characters in the League and Always Sunny being as sociopathic as any of the guys. I have never been a big fan of Elena Fisher, but Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 did a lot to pull her away from her stock character “feisty Girl Friday love interest” origins in the original game. One, it was intentionally trying to be a Conan story, and those are all tales from a very different time. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: California Privacy Policy | California Collection Notice | Do Not Sell My Info. I think they are definitely one of the good guys when it comes to trying to forward the presence of women characters and gamers in the world. But it’s slow progress. Dispute Authorship Edit History. If you try, you end up with tasteless mush. Neil Druckmann is what many gamers of … But there’s a physicality to that character trope that isn’t there with Nadine: these characters tend to look physically intimidating, not like retired supermodels on high protein diets with gym-sculpted shoulders. Nate and Elena broke up multiple times because of his immaturity. This website uses cookies. First we need to accept that the West’s economies were utterly broken before Covid-19 came along, Gigantic dancing black holes unleash LIGHT EXPLOSION brighter than a trillion stars (VIDEO), Why is it even called 5th generation? But, when it comes to The Last Of Us Part 2, it’s impossible to say that the game is ruined because the spoilers don’t have any context and some of the impressions about Abby appear to be assumptions solely based on appearance.

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