1979-1983: “MADE IN U.S.A.” over Coleman parallelogram with “USED ON” below the parallelogram, no “PYREX”. Three variations of this of this are known. Some of the 202 models presented/engraved to individuals came with a black enamel ventilator, as seen here, rather than the typical green ventilator on most 202s. These lanterns are not date stamped, and we have not seen them mentioned in any Coleman literature. Current models use kerosene, gasoline, Coleman fuel or propane and use one or two mantles to produce an intense white light. This 242B is stamped as such on the collar and is date stamped Nov. ’41 on the bottom. Coleman Blue's 243's #341 - 275 Appreciation Syndicate member 0242 FAS #001 Confusing Future Generations of Collectors, One Lantern at a Time! This early 220D has all the same features as the 228D above but is date stamped B 47. This one, in Patrick Fay’s collection, is dated April, 1948, and has the original globe on which Coleman appears in large faint green letters. The one on the left, in Dean DeGroff’s collection, is date stamped July 1951, the earliest date we have seen for this model. The potential markets were missionaries and rural communities that lacked electric power, according to a 1949 Coleman News. Also seen on USA 236 and 237 in the late ’60s. Economy features include a one-piece ventilator, steel burner casting (rather than brass), painted fount (not nickel plated), and a European style pump with a bayonet mount on the handle. 1962-1977: Curved “PYREX” over red Coleman parallelogram. Model 220B (right) is date stamped November ’42, has a steel fount, and a number of other parts are steel. Model 242 was the first of many successful single-mantle lanterns for Coleman. We believe that the Coleman Lamp and Stove Co. in Los Angeles, California, manufactured or had these No. Model 220C has a yellow decal on the fount with lighting instructions. It’s a work in process trying to get the different globes dated and this should not be interpreted that the globes in this timeline were produced for all of those years. The two downward projections at the bottom of the bracket fit into holes in the globe cage base on these models. This lantern, in Dan Boschen’s collection, is dated May, 1959. The funnel and spout fit in the upper corners of the case. By 1945 Coleman’s mil spec lantern included a parts well (right image, uncapped). It is unique among the three in having an attachment to show lantern slides (lower image) in addition to 35mm slides and film strips (upper image). This model was produced for 10 years beginning in 1954 For the first couple of years the burner cap was ceramic. Morgan, Corpus Christi, Texas and includes Sheldon Coleman’s name engraved in script. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. 1980-1983: Straight “PYREX” over Coleman parallelogram with “USED ON” below the parallelogram. Coleman Lanterns, Lamps, Products, Instructions and Fellowship, FAQ – How to Organize a Regional Gathering. By 1953 this model had a black base rest (left image) and in 1961 (right image) the lantern was finished in maroon rather than red but most years, as in 1960 (center), it was red with an aluminum base rest. The 235 in the middle has the original globe, is stamped LQ on the fount… It is dated July, 1944. This led to a series of lamps that were originally made to burn kerosene or gasoline. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Monte Dodge’s 202, running (right), is dated Mar. The lantern on the left is in Jim Fulmer’s collection. Model 202, the Professional (left), is dated Jan., ’55. We in the Coleman Collecting Community have lost a good friend. Please contact me if you have a Coleman 202 with a black enamel ventilator. This lantern, in John Stendahl’s collection, is dated October 1945. The nickel plating has been removed. The purpose of the hood (left) is to reflect light out. Also it has a removable insert that fits into the top of the burner chamber. I believe this one dates to the early 1940’s based on the stamping on the side of the fount and the style of some of the parts such as the cast pump cap. If you lose this, then the combustion products would go out the top of the lantern. The model is not stamped but we know Coleman’s designation from boxes in which this model came; the bottom is stamped U.S. The clamp (right) allows attachment to a boat or other object; the accessory was presumably marketed to fishermen. One of these lanterns came with the original box. The preheater cup contains an asbestos-like material (lower image), perhaps to keep the alcohol from splashing out of the cup on a boat on water. He designed many of the last few years ICCC globes… and he documented the history of when globes were changed and the different styles used so others could learn. Later US 249s had a circular preheater cup that fit around the generator and an embossed, rather than stamped, base rest. The fount and direction disk are both marked US. This lantern, in Andy  Maschino’s collection, is stamped Made in Canada on the side of the fount but in all other features is the same as those made for the US market. Coleman only manufactured Model 228C after WWII, from late 1945 until early 1947, with some production overlap with Model 228D (below). The steel parts may have been a way to use up surplus parts. The 234 is all original and dated February, 1936. There is a small “4” embossed above Pyrex on this globe (not visible). This Model 220D dated A 50 is unusual in having the sides of the brass fount painted green instead of being nickel plated. The decal on this lantern (lower image) identifies it as T 53-5, which may be the date of manufacture. The 1983-2015 timeline is a catch all for the newer globes. Crystal Harman, whose collection this is in, was able to get the history of this lantern from the descendants of the forester who once used it. The ventilator, wing nut to fasten the frame, and the embossed nickel plated brass collar appear to be from the Toronto factory while the other parts appear to be US made. As on other nickel plated brass founts made by the Coleman – Toronto factory, the month and year numbers are in small numerals in the lower corners of the side fount stamp (lower image). There are also some small belly or embossed  globes made in a mold that have Coleman lettering in the casting, it seems all of this style found to date are cracked, it appears this style could not take the heat. We don’t know why they didn’t produce a 237 stamped model for several more years. This lantern is in Agostino Del Coro’s collection. This 242B, dated July, 1938, also has a brass tag identifying it as the property of the WPA Has the ® in the parallelogram but no lantern image. This 200A has a factory finished, white painted fount. Please contact me if you have a 242C dated 50 12. Note the two pegs in the bottom bracket of the reflector to engage the corresponding holes in the globe cage bottom for attachment. The lantern is in Richard & Lorna Long’s collection. 242A This 242A lantern, dated from about 1935, has a Pyrex globe, two mantles, and a pump. but it is on the lower side of the fount (lower image). 660 size globes don’t appear to follow the normal timeline. Parts of this 242B dated December, 1939, were hand painted red and lettered CDF (California Department of Forestry), S CO (Sonoma County – where the lantern was found), D 1 (Division 1). Coleman stamped Model 220C on the lanterns they made from 1944 until 1947. This lantern is in Dick Sellers collection. The black handled Coleman reflector, 220D790, fits 220C-F models. This Coleman 228B, dated October, 1937, is unusual in having a brass tag and painted letters on the bottom identifying it as belonging to the WPA (Works Progress Administration), a federal agency created in 1935 to employ workers for public works projects. This Coleman 200A lantern has been modified with an elaborate globe cage and 3 cylindrical globes, the innermost being a Fresnel lens. This lantern is in Nick Loe’s collection. Again 355 lamp globes are marked in the very same way depending on country of origin.

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