Her muzzle also had no skin tan, her entire face being orange furred. She was noticeably absent after the first game, which went unexplained in-universe, though Crash and Tawna still seem to be on good terms as Crash keeps a picture of her above the fireplace, as seen in Warped. But how does that justify collecting the boxes in the bonus stages and also all the fruit he could earn? We have updated the original story to reflect this. If Crash completes the bonus round without falling or being exploded by a TNT, he can save his progress. This was never addressed or even implied by Naughty Dog in the western canon. The tokens can either be found lying around in the level or hidden inside of … She appears alongside Isabella, Megumi, Ami and Liz to form the Nitro Squad. Icon from N. Sane Trilogy Save/Load Screen. In these bonus rounds, Crash can collect additional wumpa fruit, lives, and smashed crate tallies. CTR Nitro-Fueled is the first game to feature Tawna with a voice, revealing her to be a tough, no-nonsense woman determined to win no matter the cost, or the enemy. These levels in CTR include Skull Rock in the N. Sanity Beach area, Rampage Ruins in The Lost Ruins area, Rocky Road in the Glacier Park area, and Nitro Court in Citadel City. This was also shown to a small extent in the N. Sane Trilogy remake of Crash Bandicoot, where she attempts to fight off Lab Assistants attempting to detain her before being outnumbered, and constantly escapes to meet Crash for the Tawna Bonus Stages before being re-captured by Cortex. The bonus rounds that appear in the original Crash Bandicoot are triggered by collecting three different types of character tokens: Tawna, N. Brio, and Cortex tokens. The end of the secret area behind the start of the level. I imagined it as a trap by cortex, putting her there so crash thinks he can get her if he pulls off the dangerous bonus round. Whether it’s Ika-Ika, who gives gamers the ability to instantly flip your center of gravity at the press of a button, Kupuna-Wa, who allows players to slow down time, or Lani-Loli, who allows one to phase-shift elements in and out of existence. She also manages to briefly escape Cortex before being captured again at the end of the Tawna bonus levels. You can find the Tawna gameplay reveal below. They clearly cared deeply for one another, with Tawna repeatedly escaping the castle to meet Crash for the Tawna Bonus Rounds before being re-captured by Cortex. Bonus Rounds are a type of alternative route in a level that is accessible through exploring the standard path of a level. Tawna Tokens are tokens found in the first Crash Bandicoot game which unlock bonus rounds in certain levels, and are hidden in specific wooden crates. Additionally, in the German dub of that same scene, Crash erroneously uses a masculine pronoun when referring to Tawna instead of a feminine one. Update: We had previously reported the preorder demo access was exclusive to PlayStation 4. While Tawna was Crash’s girlfriend in the original Crash Bandicoot, the one we see here is one from another dimension. Developer time Tawna only makes a cameo appearance as a picture that appears on the sign of Moulin Cortex. N. Sane Trilogy In the N. Sane Trilogy and Nitro-Fueled, Tawna's design was reverted to her original design, but with a few changes. Tawna is used as bait throughout the game, with Tawna Tokens appearing throughout the various levels. In-game artwork of her can be seen in levels such as, Tawna is mentioned in unused dialogue for Cortex in, She never had any dialogue at all since her first appearance (though she has gameplay grunts in. All of this is also possible in. However, in the bonus round in the first Crash game, the player gets to keep the wumpa fruit and lives obtained and crates in the bonus round aren't counted toward crates in the level. Her shorts were also made shorter, and her shoes were changed from brown to bright red with white socks. The bonus rounds that appear in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and later installments are all accessed by a special platform in a level. Out of all three types of alternative routes, (bonus rounds, gem paths, and death routes), the bonus round is the most easily accessed. There is a poster of Tawna inside Crash's house on Wumpa Island. Tawna reappears in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Completing the Grand Prix also grants her an alternate motorsport-themed costume, which seems to grant her energized power. In the Japanese manual for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, it is stated that Crash and Tawna broke up leading to her dating Pinstripe, explaining her absence in the game. In Nitro-Fueled, Tawna is a headstrong, confident bandicoot, willing to do whatever it takes to claim her trophy. It has slippery platforms and platforms that break. Crash must collect the crates in the bonus round in order to collect the clear gem at the end of the level. While you can switch between playing as Crash or Coco throughout this game, you’ll also get some fresh perspectives and new gameplay from alternate timeline paths. Notice in the final ending she's already free and with Crash's vehicle to escape. Playing these reveal how their action affect the main story for Crash and Coco. When Crash utilizes the platform, he will fall, be teleported or transported to a special section of a level that is similar to the level or warp room's theme. If players have trouble staying on the ropes then the directional buttons should be used instead of the analog stick. She has orange fur, a peach muzzle, green eyes and a small, blonde tail. Ooga-booga! It explains why they make a gag out of her being damsel in distress, sure it only happened in one game, but it happened OVER AND OVER. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Tawna was originally named Karmen during the first game's development. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Na Daibouken. He will be able to save in certain bonus rounds by going onto a transport pad. An example of a Bonus Round from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The tokens can either be found lying around in the level or hidden inside of crates. An alternate dimension counterpart of Tawna appears as a playable character in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. Bonus rounds appear in all games up until Crash Twinsanity, where they were removed due to a three-dimensional world design for levels in the game. A cushion sporting Tawna's mugshot can also been seen at the end of the game's very first Bonus level, atop a sofa where she presumably would have waited for Crash as she did in the bonus stages from the original game. Given her limited appearances, her personality is yet to be deeply explored, but small bits of her personality are known. In the prototype and E3 demo versions of the game, The High Road comes immediately after Road to Nowhere on the third island. CRASH FOURWARD INTO A TIME SHATTERED ADVENTURE. Nah, but seriously, has anybody ever actually just asked Jason Rubin, Andy Gavin, or any of the other old school Naughty Dogs why she's just standing there at the end of the bonus rounds? An example of a Bonus Round from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The Tawna bonus round in the previous level, The High Road, saves at this level. Only with the use of a well-timed glitched move, it can be broken without dying. 23 Despite her reluctance to work with others, players will be able to control this Tawna, armed with round … I'll believe this, those bonus rounds in Crash 1 were teleporting Crash. Look at your own shadow, combine small jumps with big jumps. Her design is different in the manga, looking more like an anime-style woman than her bandicoot design. The CEO has been defeated! I mean, Mario went through the same shit with Bowser and Peach. More posts from the crashbandicoot community. The two then fly away on a large bird. Unlike the other two alternative routes, the bonus round has no special qualifications for entrance. Her eyeshadow was made a similar shade of magenta to her shirt, and her lipstick was changed to pink. The bonus rounds that appear in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and later installments are all accessed by a special platform in a level. The only penalty of dying in the bonus round is losing all of the wumpa fruit, lives and smashed crate tallies obtained while in there, and losing the Aku Aku mask.

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