Elexicon Energy makes every effort to accurately define the size and the scope of an outage; however, there is the possibility that a customer, street and/or neighbourhood could be incorrectly identified as being inside or outside the affected area. We ask that if you see our crews and contractors out in the field, please respect social distancing measures … The Outage Map shows where an outage has occurred, approximately how many customers are affected, what caused it, and how long before we expect to have power restored. Please click the button below to report a power outage in your area. What To Do In An Emergency Safety Around the Home Safety Around Our Networks Bushfire Mitigation Program Safety Tips COVID-19. Here are some shortcuts to help you with this: Once you have enabled cookies for this website, please refresh by clicking here. Crew Status: Indicates that a crew has been assigned to investigate the outage and shows their status, whether they’ve been dispatched, are on-site, or have partially restored power. To view the Outage Information tab, click the coloured icon on the map that represents the outage in your area. Service Area: This toggle button can show or hide a layer outlining our service territory in Ontario. Knowing where your account is located will help us serve you better. Outage Map. Customers Affected: Displays the current estimated number of Hydro One customers affected by an individual outage or number of outages. Unfortunately, your web browser requires an update before you can experience our new site. You may also try accessing our website using an alternate browser. Report Report an Electric Outage. Look for the red ‘Report an Outage’ button located on the top left of the Outage Map, or Outage information is updated approximately every 15 minutes. registered with myAccount; During a power outage, you need accurate and up-to-date information - fast! Entergy Arkansas Entergy Arkansas Entergy Louisiana Entergy Mississippi Entergy New Orleans Entergy Texas Views. Get answers to questions about paying your bill, rates, moving your account and more. To sign up, you must have Crew: This icon will appear beside the ‘Customer Affected’ or ‘Multiple’ icons to show that a crew has been dispatched or is on-site to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs. For additional information, see Google Maps Help. The Outage Information tab shows how many customers are affected, the status from our on-site crew, what caused the outage, and the estimated time of restoration. Multiple: This means that there are multiple outages affecting an area. You can report an outage within the Outage Map or on the Mobile App. To zoom in and out, use the black plus and minus icons located to the left of the screen. If you’re using the mobile app, simply move your finger on the map. Cause: Displays what is known about the cause of the outage, such as extreme weather conditions or damaged equipment. Here are links to update various browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The Outage Information tab displays key information about the outage, including the estimated time of restoration or ETR, which shows when we expect to have your power restored. Then click the ‘Save Bookmark’ button below. Outage Alerts are notifications that inform you when there’s a power outage in your area. Rain will let you see any rain patterns in the region. * Utility Ex. These icons indicate how many customers may be affected by a power outage by the corresponding coloured icon on the Outage Map. You must sign up to receive Outage Alerts and choose whether you prefer email or text messages. 1-800-434-1235. The ‘Search’ function is located at the top left of the Outage Map. Call 317.261.8111 to report a downed power line. * Utility Ex. Copyright © 2020 BC Hydro. You can check the Outage Map on whichever device you prefer - mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. myAccount. Welcome to Duke Energy. Snow will let you see any snow in the region. PowerOutage.US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power … Outage Map. Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. The map is updated every 10 minutes, so customers experiencing an outage are encouraged to check back regularly. Enter your city or address in the search window, then click the ‘Search’ button, and the map will zoom in to show the area you’ve entered. Click on the state below to view information regarding customers affected, cause of outage, crew status and estimated restoration time. We want you to be able to access myAccount. You can check the Outage Map on whichever device you prefer - mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. We look for exceptional people to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to BC Hydro. Motor vehicle accidents involving power lines, Electric and magnetic fields from power lines. To zoom in or out, click the corresponding button on the view control in the upper left corner of the map, or rotate the wheel on your mouse. Outages. To locate the legend on the Mobile App, use the information circle icon that is to the left of the map. If the crew is still investigating, it will show as ‘pending classification.’. View Outages by State. The tools include the Outage Map, Outage Alerts, and the Hydro One App, which allows you to report an outage from your mobile phone. Legend: The ‘Customers Affected’ icon legend is at the top of the map. The ‘Planned Outages’ feature displays outages that Hydro One has scheduled to proactively address system upgrades and maintenance. Current power outages. OUTAGE CENTER With Power. Download the app today. PowerOutage.US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united states. Report an outage: Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. The Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android devices. Updated every 5 minutes. All Rights Reserved. Safety. Ohio & Kentucky. If you’ve downloaded the app to your mobile phone, you’ll see the red ‘Report Outage’ button when you open the app. It is set to ‘show’ by default. We ask that if you see our crews and contractors out in the field, please respect social distancing measures and maintain a physical distance of at least two metres. City/ZIP Code Outage View; Color shows percentage of customers in a city affected by outages. This map is updated every 10 minutes; You can view reported power outages in your area by searching for your city or zip code, selecting a pin on the map, or by clicking a city on the table … Carolinas. Current Outages – Map Full Outage – List Power Outages Report a Streetlight Fault How to Track Report An Outage.

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