If you have any further questions or if you would like a non-committal tender for your survey project, please do not hesitate to contact me. How do you calculate for instance if you’ve got a population of 3417 people and you just asked to 80 of them questions… how do you calculate then how accurate you are? ), Press J to jump to the feed. The sample size calculator uses the same formulas. For more mathematical information, I can recommend the book “Statistics” by Freedman, Pisani and Purves (2007). I am doing a research on what Lithuanian society is thing about e- demcracy and its perspectives. of people in a household in given population? But my doubt is if my study is sample is non-probabilistic or probabilistic. i am doing a research on consumer buying behavior of smart phones , so i even dont know my population size. What would be considered in general a satisfying margin of error in social surveys? of patients in the 10 hospitals? So many difficulties have been resolved for me. Now I need to back up my statement. Commentsir i was given only population of 286. how can i calculate the appropriate sample size? thanks in advance for your help. In my case; the sample size is determined through Yamane’s formula which is (400). if your population is 25,000 sample size will be 379 (for confidence level 95% and margin of error 5%). What is the sample size 2. should I calculate sample for each category or just one single sample to the population? For example, if you want to know about dog owners, you’ll include everyone who has at some point owned at least one dog. between 85% and 95% of the population likes the line? Participants were also encouraged to forward the link to the survey to their contacts. one response from each small firm. Using 95% confidence level and 5% margin error, I am able to determine the sample size to be 370 (using the table above). Can you please help me calculate the sample size for purposive sampling with formula? If you don’t have enough time or money then just choose the largest number that you can manage, as long as it’s more than 100. I am research scholar doing research on customer perception about primary market.I have to collect the data from four cities in these cities total demat account holder are 13 lakh 69 thousand 2 hundred and 79 which is my population.I want to use 95% confidence level and 5% confidence interval.What should be the sample size,i can use for my study. To find this out, you need to be clear about who does and doesn’t fit into your group. Therefore, what justification can I give for randomly selecting 120 units of the population of 500 for the study? Hi Sir, What is may sample size if i have 322 population? Research, Methodology, and Statistics in the Social Sciences, http://pcgip.urbanunit.gov.pk/docs/ADPDocumnets/ConsolidatedMultan_ADP.pdf, this article (Evan Morris, University of Regina), http://dissertation.laerd.com/purposive-sampling.php, https://www.checkmarket.com/market-research-resources/sample-size-calculator, http://www.checkmarket.com/market-research-resources/sample-size-calculator/, http://www.checkmarket.com/market-research-resources/sample-size-calculator, http://www.checkmarket.com/kb/what-is-branching/, Stop sending survey reports in Word and modernize your workflow, How to use LinkedIn ads to get respondents for your survey, Everything you need to know about the Employee Net Promoter Score. because my research in emergency department. I ask them how many friends they have in facebook.

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