The homepage is the most visited page in almost all websites. W3 Total Cache is available in both free and paid version. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard, select Settings -> Permalinks, choose Day and Name and click Save Changes: Note: you may save some time if you choose a theme and install the other plugins you plan to use before completing the rest of the W3 Total Cache configuration process. The pages/URLs or directories defined in this box will not be cached. 50776 Paid Users. Reverse Proxy – Instructs W3TC to purge the Varnish cache when posts, pages, et al. For a free version just skip this field. There are various benefits of caching in WordPress, such as: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. This area is used to ignore certain patterns of database queries which are too important to be used first-hand instead of being cached. Thus, the goal of minification is to make source code “smaller” in order to improve performance. W3TC generally works well with its default settings. I recommend the Google Page Speed plugin. ( Log Out /  In fact, configuring W3 Total Cache may take hours if you want it tailored to your site’s needs. This setting will allow you to see how the website performs with the new settings before going live with them. Changing themes and adding plugins will likely require you to purge your W3 Total Cache and re-export media files to your CDN. If you are using WordPress as a simple blogging tool and there is no membership structure involved then it is recommended to enable this option. Click the “Enable” button to deploy preview mode on your site. So, we’ll primarily need to configure the General Settings page and not go into each individual feature area. Follow the instructions on Activating the Amazon CloudFront to do so. W3 Total Cache is an outstanding WordPress plugin. There are tons of customization options in the W3 Total Cache. Browse your W3TC settings and ensure they make sense for your WordPress site. General These are the usual settings which… Enable Page Cache with Opcode: Alternative PHP Cache (APC): Enable Minify with the following settings. W3 Total Cache (W3TC) improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times by leveraging features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices. Google PageSpeed, Amazon CloudFront CDN, etc. By default, W3TC offers these prefixes for us so that they are never removed from the code. You should enable this check box. Sometimes plugins like WooCommerce and other rating plugins are disturbed because of the database cache. Once you have installed and activated W3 Total Cache, go to Performance > General and enable everything you want to cache. Speed Up My Site for Free. It’s default value 3600 and is just fine in most situations. Select Plugins -> Add New from the left sidebar menu. Faster websites do not just load fast, but also get a favorable rank with search engines. If you want to rank better at Google you need to have nearly no 404 pages in your site. Enter your sitemap URL. We won’t worry about minifying feeds nor will be enable the the option to remove line breaks. As the option suggests, if you enable this setting then authenticated users will not receive minified pages. Here, you can enable this option and select the user role for which you don’t want to cache the pages of your site. 2. Out these settings, we use the most recommended settings and leave some of the complicated or paid features. W3TC is the only web host agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress trusted by millions of publishers, web developers, and … With this option enabled I had to remove the page cache again and again to view the update. We tend to ignore the database queries relevant to these plugins through this area. So, when there is a smaller amount of 404 pages, caching them doesn’t really make sense. That’s why W3 Total Cache allows you to export and import plugin configuration settings. Let’s have a look at one of the most used performance optimizer tools available for WordPress, W3 Total Cache. You can keep the section as-is or include additional comments. I use manual mode because minify can break some themes if your settings are too aggressive (however, your chosen theme may work fine): I leave unchecked/off Database Caching as this is recommended only if you do not activate Object Caching. We will activate the CDN but we describe it separately: Activating Amazon CloudFront. Configure W3TC to regularly purge the Varnish Cache from (localhost). But if you are not using a CDN, you might want to disable “Automatically upload modified files”. Secondly, if the disk enhanced method of disk caching is used, 404 pages will be returned with a 200 response code. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Furthermore, if your site has a fair amount of traffic, users and feed aggregators tend to query the feeds quite a lot if your site. With more than 1 million active installs of this plugin, we can safely presume it does what it says on the tin: Increases server performance and a … I’ve also not tried activating some of the custom performance optimization libraries supported by W3 Total Cache e.g. W3 Total Cache settings are quite extensive and may overwhelm the beginners. It is, Re: 2 questions: w3 total cache and payment. Receive email notifications of new posts. Billed Annually. Miscellaneous – Use Sitemap for caching to pre-cache high priority pages. After you’ve enabled browser caching, click the “Browser Cache” section at the top of the plugin configuration, which will bring you to a page with general and specific settings for different configurations of cache headers. I found that by turning off inline CSS minification, my theme works well. If you start experiencing problems with the style or behavior of your page, you can start debugging it by disabling both the CSS and the JavaScript options. Check the difference in Page Speed Score by running the scripts on the preview of your cache as well as the version without. Code minification is the removal of unnecessary characters from source code. WooCommerce and other most used plugins are already addressed. All of the settings in “Minify” are also plug and play. Disable Minification for Logged in Users. If you have a custom query string structure, caching it can lead to some strange issues. But all other things being constant, a website that loads faster will getter a better pagerank than a slower one. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can learn more about W3 Total Cache at its plugin site. From the left sidebar, click Performance -> General Settings e.g. On the general settings of W3TC, scroll down and enable the Browser Cache. From the left sidebar, click Performance -> Page Cache. However, it can sometimes break theme code. A faster site helps users browse better. Later on, you can make changes to individual settings and fine tune your W3TC configuration. The higher the value, the larger the cache. Make sure that these settings are updated with a great deal of testing. For example, I had a site where I was listing a specific user role through querying the user ID. Secondly, choose Process for @import handling. Caching the feeds will help you create a static version of them. To import plugin configuration from an outside source, click ‘Choose File,’ … left sidebar, Performance -> General Settings and scroll to the bottom area with Import/Export Settings (see below). You may have to adjust the settings for your chosen theme. WordPress Projects for $10 - $30. I’ve documented the Amazon CloudFront CDN configuration separately as it requires a series of distinct steps. Leave this setting alone unless you are a database administrator and you know what you are doing. The database cache is an important factor to optimize your site. Again, another option I recommend to leave unchecked is for caching 404 pages. First of all, click the Minify inside the Performance menu item located in the Dashboard’s menu: It is a good practice to rewrite the URL structure for embedding CSS and JavaScript. The URL translation does not work for your website, because your URLs are not in Russian, they are transliterated and we do not have option to translate transliterated Russian into other languages. Sorry for bad English. The behavior should be the same for users who are both logged in and logged out of the site. Even Faster For $8.25/mo. Switch Payment method from PayPal to Mastercard, GTranslate conflict with W3 total cache or vica versa. The thing is that the folder with the page cache w3 total cache … When you are done, click on “Save all settings”. Don’t get overwhelmed. 3,103 Votes. Feed creation in case of WordPress takes a good deal of server resources.

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