Action, Adventure, Romance. 126. John English Action, Adventure, Drama. “Bob” had thus ridden one hundred and eighty-five miles without stopping except to change mounts. Our first scene shows cowboys and their sweethearts, enjoying a quadrille on horseback. While each rider was supposed to average 75 miles a trip, riding from three to seven horses, accidents were likely to occur, and it was not uncommon for a man to lose his way. 9 min | Naomi Judge, Passed Before April 3, 1860, mail delivery between the East and West Coasts took a minimum of four weeks—either by ship and packed across Panama, or by stagecoach across the southwestern United States. 170. Dick Carter, He always rode California mustangs, using five of these animals each way. The table an endgate of a wagon. While lasting praise is due the faithful station men who, in their isolation, so often bore the murderous attacks of Indians and bandits, it is, perhaps, to the riders that the seeker of romance is most likely to turn. 28. Eilene Janssen, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion, Boris Makes His Move or The Mice Man Cometh/Big Cheese Boris or I'd Rather Be Rat. But pony riders were men of courage and nerve, and Bob was no exception. Jill Boyd, Votes: Superintendent Marley, who was still present when the daring rider returned, at once raised his bonus from fifty to one hundred dollars. Then when their guns were empty a hidden band of savages would make a furious onslaught. “We built a log cabin, the roof was dirt, the floor was dirt. Alan Crosland Jr. Join the Pony Express Re-Ride! | Here he again changed horses and once more dashed on, this time for thirty miles without stopping, till Smith’s Creek was reached where he was relieved by Jay G. Kelley. Kelley relates that in constructing this highway willow trees were cut near the stream and the trunks cut into the desired lengths before being laid in place. 190. Kates, William The superintendent, observing the lad’s tender years and frail stature, was skeptical of his ability to serve as a pony rider; but on learning that Cody was the boy who had already given satisfactory service as a substitute some months before, at once engaged him and assigned him to the perilous run of seventy-six miles between Red Buttes and Three Crossings. | Knowing there was no livestock in that locality and that wild game rarely abounded there, he sent several shots in the direction of the moving underbrush. 188. All was in ruins. A race will decide whether they or stageline owner Drake get the government mail contract. 119. Parr, Dick | Dana Elcar, TV-PG By the time he finally returned to his home station, “Pony Bob” had traveled 380 miles in less than 40 hours—a Pony Express record. Thacher, George (Thatcher, George Washington) Fischer, Johnny Hall, Parley 83. Vera Ralston, Baughn, Jim (Boston) He went on to become a cast member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, where he portrayed his dashing rides for audiences. Charles Becker Is another rider not on the list. Director: Clarke, Richard W (Deadwood Dick) 89. Jimmy Clark Traveling rapidly and unencumbered, the rider, sunburned and blackened by exposure, must have borne on first glance no little resemblance to an Indian; and especially would the mistake be natural to excited wagon-men who were always in fear of dashing attacks from mounted Indians – attacks in which a single rider would often be deployed to ride past the white men at utmost speed in order to draw their fire. They met in Wyoming when Cody was only 15. | 214. Grady, Thomas “Irish Tom” Scarcely had the miscreant gotten away when Baughn discovered the loss. He traveled continuously for 31 hours, his entire run being at the rate of eleven miles an hour. Sometimes his run took him as far West as Liberty Farm on the Little Blue River. One rider who was well known as “Little Yank” was a boy scarcely out of his teens and weighing barely one hundred pounds. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. During the 2010–2011 anniversary years, Americans will not be the only ones to remember and celebrate. The faithful relation of even a considerable number of the thrilling experiences to which the “Pony” men were subjected would discount fiction. | Louise Lombard, Votes: He rode in the pony service nearly a year, from November 1860, until the line was abandoned the following October, most of his service being rendered before he was seventeen. Such delays meant serious trouble in keeping the schedule, keyed up, as it was, to the highest possible speed. Mellen, JP So after resting an hour and a half, he resumed the saddle and hurried back along his old trail, over the Sierras to Friday’s Station. 19. Covington, Edward Barbara Weeks, Theodore Rand rode the Pony Express during the entire period of its organization. James’s route lay between Simpson’s Park and Cole Springs, Nevada, in the Smoky Valley range of mountains. Tom Mix, Yet in its short life, the Pony Express made only approximately 150 round trips, delivering nearly 35,000 pieces of mail, with the mail from California doubling that from the East, “I got about seven miles from the last station and found it impossible to find the road. Jones, William Bill forestalls plan of a bandit chief to rob mails ... See full summary », Director: 34. Buck Jones, After all, someone had to feed those riders and station keepers and the gaggle of other males working as wranglers and blacksmiths and superintendents. 169. The shear physical effort and determination showcased American ingenuity and became a dramatic piece of Western lore. There's no record of a woman ever taking part as a rider, but that doesn't mean women didn't play an important role. The following is a partial list, so far as is known, of the men who rode the Pony Express and contributed to the lasting fame of the enterprise: Jim “Boston” Baughn They carried an additional 20 pounds of mail in a leather mochila placed on the saddle. 68. Because he was... William Campbell. Cathy Douglas, 172. Director: 87. Taylor, Josiah Western. Marcel Perez Ellis, JK (Jack) Flynn, Thomas Wintle, Joseph Barney (Joseph E) Clark, Jimmy (James) Egan, Howard (Major) Stars: Westerners learned of Lincoln’s inauguration via the Pony Express, read his inaugural speech, and read about the gunplay at Fort Sumter that triggered the Civil War. Did you know that with your family membership, entrance is free throughout the year – as well as many other benefits you’ll enjoy as you keep the stories, history and spirit of the Pony Express alive. He took the first mochila off the boat at Sacramento. In addition to the electric light, Edison developed the system of ... See full summary », Approved Holding up his hands as ordered, Cody began to remonstrate with the thugs for robbing the express, at the same time declaring to them that they would hang for their meanness if they carried out their plans. | Gross: Action, Adventure, Music, Steve Jordan (Charles Starrett) is hired by Alexander Morton (Steve Clark) as the head man to get the stations, horses and people in order to provide a mail service from California to ... See full summary », Director: 171. Charles Cliff had an 80-mile pony run when only seventeen years of age, but, like Brink, young Cliff gained his greatest reputation as a fighter, – in his case fighting Indians. 180. Stars: 179. The latter place was on the Sweetwater River, and derived its name from the fact that the stream which followed the bed of a rocky canyon, had to be crossed three times within a space of sixty yards. Cliff, Gustavas (Gus) Dodge, J Johnny Mack Brown, Beatley, James (Foote) Boulton rode for about three months with Jim Beatley. They must also deal with an Army intelligence officer who travels in time with them. Kelley, Mike (IC) Cody, then but a youth, had to surmount these obstacles and cover his trip at an average of 15 miles an hour. Ted Parmelee, If that rabbit hadn’t brought me back to my senses, I should have frozen right there.”. Joanne Dru, | Rex Allen, Moore “took up the run,” riding continuously 140 miles to old Julesburg, the end of his division. Carter, James Francis Boggs 151. Westcott, Daniel (Don, Wescott) 91. 143. Spurr, George 49. 150. | 121. 185. Ruffin, CH Rising, Don C | 112. 174. He rode only sixty miles each way but covered his round trip of 120 miles in just 12 hours, including all stops. Macaulas, Sye Regular Business Hours Haws, Sam Buffalo Bill Cody was just 14 years old, so the story goes, when he made his world-famous ride for the Pony Express. Jim Beatley, whose real name was Foote, was another Virginian, about 25 years of age. 64. | Eckels, William 209. 45. Miller, Charlie B (Broncho Charlie) Captain Nathan Brittles, on the eve of retirement, takes out a last patrol to stop an impending massive Indian attack. Animation, Short, Comedy. James W. “Doc” Brink Kelo Henderson, 7. Within a moment he was off on a fresh horse for Rocky Ridge, eighty-five miles away. Only one rider, Major Howard Egan in Utah Territory, was known to have been in his mid-40s. 155. 5. The riders were around 19 or 20 years of age, and were not allowed to weigh more than 125 pounds. | Western. 87 min Adventure, Comedy, Western. "Happy Jack" rides off with Belle Archer, the sweetheart of Jim. “Bob” had no conception of fear, and so he galloped away, after an hour’s rest. | 105. 213. They had no particular desire to harm him, but unless he handed over the pouch without delay they would shoot him full of holes, and take it anyhow. Edna Doré, He had crossed the plains with his parents in a wagon train when only five years old.

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