It’s an exciting puzzle to work on, one that’s vital to national security. These profiles allow law enforcement officers to identify and apprehend dangerous criminals. Intelligence Analysts are at the heart of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) intelligence work. On the other hand, analysts may assist with violent crimes, kidnappings and other serious issues. Find schools and get information on the program that's right for you. One of the most important aspects of preventing violent crime is to understand the psychology of criminals. Discover our mission: IC principles, history, and success stories, Check out Bin Laden's Bookshelf, IC on the Record, and declassified documents, Read the latest news about and from the IC, Learn about how we work, IC members, and oversight. Iranian hackers are targeting state election websites and accessing voter data, FBI says, FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks at Press Conference on Election Security | Federal Bureau of Investigation, Why the FBI is planning for possible US Election Day violence – CNN Video, FBI: Whitmer plotters also discussed kidnapping Virginia Gov. How do you sort through all the noise to identify valid threats? Would you like to learn more about Intelligence Analysis careers across the IC? For information about this and other FBI jobs, visit the FBI Careers page. The FBI’s website states that the bureau employs intelligence analysts of various experience levels, from expected college graduates to experienced professionals. When you work as a FBI Behavioral Analyst, your primary job duty will be to work alongside domestic and international law enforcement officers to solve crimes. Ashley and other Intelligence Analysts develop networks with their counterparts throughout the Intelligence Community as well as with international, state, and local law enforcement entities. In addition to these chief goals, a FBI Behavioral Analyst must also be able to coordinate with a wide range of law enforcement organizations, speak directly with criminals in order to understand their behavior, maintain a database with information about violent crimes and acts of terrorism and be able to accurately perform risk assessment on individuals and organizations. If you work for the BAU but are not a FBI Special Agent, you will not be paid using this scale. Check eligibility requirements and automatic disqualifiers here. In the years following 9/11, the size of the FBI… They bring together information collected by the Bureau’s Special Agents along with other intelligenc professionals, Intelligence Community sources, and other law enforcement organizations and use that to make informed judgements and recommendations. It is for this reason that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) maintains three Behavioral Analysis Units (BAU). FBI agents are dedicated to America's defense and security. To fully understand the nature of a threat—or to spot the threat in the first place—Intelligence Analysts like Ashley spend a good deal of their time each day conducting research. right for you. If you have an interest in the psychology of crime and desire a career with the FBI, read more about what a FBI Behavioral Analyst does and how you can become one. At its core, intelligence analysis at the FBI is concerned with identifying and mitigating threats. Similar to almost every position within the FBI, Behavioral Analysts are responsible for a wide range of duties. They bring together information collected by the Bureau’s Special Agents along with other intelligenc professionals, Intelligence … Entry Qualifications. You can't enlist in this … There are a number of careers you can pursue within the FBI with current activities focusing heavily on anit-terrorism. Minimum Qualifications for the Intelligence Analyst The FBI recruits and hires Intelligence Analysts of all levels of experience, from college seniors to highly experienced professionals. If you are an FBI Behavioral Analyst that regularly works in the field, you can expect to receive pay between GS-10 and GS-13, with the potential to be promoted to GS-14 or GS-15. Check out our Careers page. Ashley uses her knowledge and network to spot threats, identify information gaps, and help the FBI protect the U.S. Intelligence Analysts are at the heart of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) intelligence work. Intelligence Analysts generally enter the FBI at the GS-7 level with an undergraduate degree and at the GS-9 level with a graduate degree. Because threats know no borders, these partnerships are critical for success. The Behavioral Analysis Unit is a government agency, which means the majority of its employees are paid using the General Schedule (GS) scale. (It’s fast and free!). Because a FBI Behavioral Analyst can fill many different roles, you would usually have some sort of experience before entering this field. Tips on Joining the FBI as an Analyst. Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. No matter which career you pursue becoming an FBI agent requires deep commitment and dedication. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, the FBI has increased its capacity for gathering and analyzing intelligence on terrorists, gangs, organized crime groups and other security threats. Like most employees of the FBI, the pay for a FBI Intelligence Analyst job is based on the government General Schedule (GS) salary scale. All rights reserved. Find schools and get information on the program that’s With a background in psychology and the ability to understand and anticipate human behavior, you can become an FBI Behavioral Analyst. If you have the right background and are interested in becoming an FBI intelligence analyst, you need to know about the qualifications and hiring process. Before becoming an FBI Behavioral Analyst, you will usually work as an FBI Special Agent for a period of three years. As mentioned, the principal duty of a Behavioral Analyst is to use available data to recreate crime scenes and to develop criminal behavioral profiles that will be used to capture offenders and prevent further crimes. To become a FBI Intelligence Analyst, you will be required to submit to a multi-phase application process that includes multiple tests and interviews. For instance, if you work for the counterterrorism section of the BAU, your job task will be anticipating terrorist threats. Learn more about the FBI’s Office of Victim Assistance, mentioned in the video. Once a crime has occurred, you will attempt to recreate a crime scene for information gathering, and then will use this information to create a psychological profile of potential suspects. Because the work of an FBI Behavioral Analyst is so crucial to understanding and preventing crime, only the most elite professionals are chosen for this career. The Behavioral Analysis Unit is a government agency, … Understanding the different tasks that you may be required to perform as an FBI Behavioral Analyst is an important step when you’re considering this law enforcement career path. FBI Intelligence Agent Payment. Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you! The FBI recruits and hires Intelligence Analysts at all stages of career and experience, from college seniors to experienced professionals. General Qualifications and Application Process In addition to having significant academic and professional preparation, Intelligence Analysts must meet these basic qualifications Be a U.S. citizen Have a criminal history free from felony convictions Ashley identifies gaps in the existing information, then does research to fill those gaps, often consulting sources outside the FBI. The types of cases you will work on as a FBI Behavioral Analyst will depend on which BAU you work for. Jason R. Collins Discusses the Role of the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association and Provides Intelligence Analyst Career Insights September 16, 2020 | Staff Writers Jason R. Collins is the National Spokesperson for the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association (FBI … Depending on the BAU they are employed in, FBI Behavioral Analysts can study the psychology behind acts of terrorisms, crimes against adults and crimes against children. Analysts also draw on their knowledge of specific issues as well as the language, culture, and history of geographic regions to do their jobs. Salary of a FBI Behavioral Analyst. FBI Intelligence Analysts serve as the intelligence collecting, evaluating and processing personnel of this highly esteemed federal agency. Before becoming an FBI Behavioral Analyst, you will usually work as an FBI Special Agent for a period of three years. Copyright © 2020 FBITraining.Org. Field Training: The FBI requires completion of a 13-week Basic Field Training Course, followed by the New Intelligence Analysts Trainees Course at Quantico, Virginia. Intelligence Analyst jobs may involve gathering information from a variety of channels, including human intelligence, other intelligence … If you would like to not see this alert again, please click the "Do not show me this again" check box below. The role of an FBI Intelligence Analyst is a demanding and rewarding job and requires stringent entry qualifications. Ralph Northam, FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks at Press Conference Announcing Indictments of ISIS Militants | Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Counterintelligence Division Career Information, FBI Criminal Investigation Division Career Information, FBI Cyber Crimes Division Career Information, FBI Intelligence Branch Career Information, FBI Tactical Operations Career Information, FBI Professional Staff Career Information.

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