However, as with many of Goya's prints, the intended meaning of the various symbols can be hard to deduce with certainty. Unlike many of… Saturn Devouring His Son is not the only Black Painting to have gained popularity. At the center of the composition, brilliantly lit, is the figure of Queen Maria Luisa, who holds the hand of her son Francisco (in vivid red) and her daughter, Maria Isabel. The Caprichos introduces the dark subject matter and mood that would continue to define Goya's work until the end of his life. His last four years were lived out in France where he produced some interesting lithographs. Another world-famous work from this collection is Witches' Sabbath (The Great He-Goat). Still, even before his suffering, Goya had a preference for a somber palette. Among the most famous of these frightening works is Saturn Devouring His Son, a grisly oil painting of a father feasting on his child. Today, Francisco Goya is widely considered to be one of art history's most influential figures. The stated purpose of the pictures was to "perpetuate by means of his brush the most notable and heroic actions of our glorious insurrection against the Tyrant of Europe." The anonymity of the French firing squad contrasts with the individualized faces of the victims, and drives home the message of brutal oppression. He is considered the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and throughout his long career was a commentator and chronicler of his era. Francisco Goya: Artistic Styles and Influences. The corpse's mutilated body (with red blood streaming from his wounds that is almost shockingly vivid amidst the bleak, subterranean palette) recalls similar figures in The Disasters of War. Immensely successful in his lifetime, Goya is often referred to as both the last of the Old Masters and the first of the moderns. For the remainder of his life, Goya would continue to channel the despair evident in The Third of May 1808. The obvious addition of clothing is not the only difference between the two paintings. This haunting piece stars Satan—rendered by Goya as a large, looming silhouette of an anthropomorphic goat—presiding over a coven of witches. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Goya's subversive critique - disguised as a glorifying portrait - of the corruption of Charles IV's reign is further enhanced by the subject of a painting hanging in the background, which shows the Biblical story of the immoral and incestuous Lot and his daughters. Goya spent his later life largely as a recluse - a lonely, deaf old man completely disillusioned by society. Both paintings can be admired today in Madrid's Prado Museum. Buero Vallejo, who originally trained as a painter, also wrote the play to offer his own interpretation on the works of Francisco Goya. In 1808, Spain was at war with France. The nude woman is shown reclining on a green velvet chaise with her arms crossed behind her head. It depicts the Greek myth of Titan Kronus, who ate his sons because he believed he would be overthrown by one of them (Saturn is the Romanized version of Titan). Goya believed this war unnecessary. Dark in both subject matter and color palette, these works were crafted to adorn the walls of the aging and ailing artist’s Madrid home—by this point, he had suffered two serious sicknesses and, as a result, also dealt with anxiety. King Charles stands to her left: widely thought to be an ineffectual leader, his off-center placement provides a clue about the power dynamic of the family as well as their foibles and failings. Francisco Goya was born in Fuendetodos, Aragon, in Spain, yet moved to Zaragoza shortly afterwards. Francisco de Goya was one of the first to use art as an expression of self, inner turmoil and feeling as opposed to for purely courtly and religious means. As its straightforward title suggests, this piece depicts a maja, a name given to a person from Madrid’s lower classes, posing while completely nude. Find out how by becoming a Patron. While the piece's exact origins are unknown, historians believe it was commissioned by Manuel de Godoy, the First Secretary of State of Spain, to join his private collection of nude paintings. Witches' Sabbath (The Great He-Goat), 1821  (Photo: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain). Standing with one hand on her hip, she points toward the ground with her other hand, where Goya has lightly drawn his name in the dun-colored sand. Francisco Goya is one of Spain's most famous painters and is still highly celebrated today. Spanish painter Francisco Goya (1746-1828) lived at a time of political and social change in Europe, as the Enlightenment led up to the French Revolution and a completely new era in history. Like his other Black Paintings, the dark themes present in this painting are believed to have been inspired by Goya's deteriorating mental and physical state. Painted the year after the Duke's death, this portrait of the Duchess depicts her in mourning black, wearing the traditional costume of a maja, one of the very stylish members of Spain's lower classes known for their bold behavior. However, Goya employed the same theatrical contrasts of light and dark as seen in The Third of May, 1808, which here serves only to highlight the repulsive faces of the women. Goya employed flat, broad brushstrokes and thick impasto throughout the composition; the paint appears to have been quickly applied, almost as if in a frenzied or fevered state. In 1799, at the age of 53, Goya became Primer Pintor de Cámara, the most prestigious position for a Spanish court painter. This set of prints were created by Francisco Goya as a protest against the violence during the uprising of the 2nd May 1808, or Dos de Mayo 1808. Goya broke with conventions of the nude in depicting a real woman (not a goddess or allegorical figure) with pubic hair, and having her look directly at the viewer; these daring details would influence later modern artists like Manet, whose Olympia certainly owes a debt to the nude Maja. Two of his most renowned paintings, 'El 2 de Mayo' and 'El 3 de Mayo' were painted in 1814 after the French arrived in Spain. Francisco Goya's life was punctuated with highs, lows and very lows, something which made his art even more enthralling and his suffering even more intense. 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