That is why sometimes they raise poultry and livestock to ensure a little extra earning. With eight siblings, Nazma was from a needy family. It became difficult for him to make a living for the family as a day worker. #GlobalGoals #transforminglives #storyofhope #changemaker #everysmilematters #disasterpreparedness #savelives #climatejustice #friendsandheroes #friendshipngo #educationmatters #educationfirst #educationispower #farmerslife #SaveFarmers #nofarmersnofood #farmliving #womeninpower #womeneducation ... See moreSee less, Fishing can be tricky and requires a lot more attention and care than other agro businesses. If you’re interested contact us at Then he managed to board on a flight to West Pakistan skipping the red eyes of the army. She also received training on poultry and implied that in her work. He has another daughter named Tanya from his first wife who now stays in Spain. Friendship sometimes helps them with a loan for the initial investment and also provides advise and training on raising them in good health. Sanitation and hygiene are an essential part of Friendship schools’ syllabi, and children are taught responsibility for their environment. Here, a Friendship employee advises one of the farmers on how to better maintain a garden. A lifelong true friend of Bangladesh, Father Richard William Timm CSC passed away at the age of 97 in the US. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. 350 likes. Is it an order?” Major Salik replied, “Oh, no, it’s not an order. ( Log Out /  Here, a Friendship employee advises one of the farmers on how to better maintain a garden. Annual Reports from Friendship Bangladesh, Support Friendship's projects in Bangladesh, Click here to contact Friendship Bangladesh. Our goals are to raise awareness and funds for the great work that these brother and sister organisations are doing in Bangladesh for peasants, indigenous people and the landless. Editor : Enamul Hoque Chowdhury I have created this page for all Bengali speaking people who live in any part of the world including Bangladesh, all our brothers are our friends We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Friends of Bangladesh (formerly Bangladesh Peasant Solidarity Network) is an Australian solidarity group to the Bangladesh Krishok Federation & Bangladesh Kishani Sabha. LEARN MORE. Over the last 15 years, Friendship has grown from being a distant dream to an organisation delivering vital services to 4.2 million people in the most marginalized communities of Bangladesh. In 1962, at the age of 17, he left home and hitch-hiked overland across Europe and the Middle East, out to South-East Asia and India. But with the technical advise from Friendship, they can maintain a better harvest, save money and invest it in other ventures. Write for TOI Blogs. #GlobalGoals #transforminglives #storyofhope #changemaker #everysmilematters #savelives #friendsandheroes #friendshipngo #womeninpower #educationmatters #educationfirst #educationispower #womeneducation #childeducation #disasterpreparedness #climatejustice #pandemic2020 ... See moreSee less, Homestead gardening is one of the small efforts that can help marginalised families in river islands to have some extra earning which supplement their financial stability. Our work wouldn’t be possible if not for the 1,600 people dedicated to helping those in need. "I have never received so much support, advice and training from any other organization as I have from the Friendship. The teachers also check in with parents to make sure everyone in the household is safe, and connect them with the appropriate personnel if they are showing signs of being sick. Homestead gardening is one of the small efforts that can help marginalised families in river islands to have some extra earning which supplement their financial stability. When necessary, the teachers also make house calls for students who are particularly struggling, or have had to miss out on lessons. The challenge is therefore to bypass the geographical isolation and lack of qualified teachers by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and out-of-the-box thinking that yield real results. Lack of education and training often leave marginalised farmers in financial misery. Whether you're seeking friendship or possibly more, join today and start making new Bengali friends… Today, on his 73rd birth anniversary ‘morning tea’ pays tribute to this true friend of Bangladesh. Formed over the years by a passionate group of people from Luxembourg, France, the UK and the Netherlands, Friendship International helps us foster partnerships, mobilise funds, gain expertise and raise awareness of our unique methodologies. In the later years he continued to work for different television channels in a number of countries and served as a consultant in Australia. However, after the 2001’s Eighth National Parliamentary Elections when Four Party Alliance came to the power, the government shut down ETV in August 2002 and cancelled his visa and work permit. Simon Dring has always been such a person who stood for the humanitarian cause. PABX- 09612120000, 8432361-3 FAX-88-02-8432094 Simon Dring was born on January 11, 1945, in Norfolk’s Fakenham city in England. HELPING THE POOR IN REMOTE AREAS. When she got married, her husband, Maqbool was unemployed. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. More than 20 million people from 120 different countries took part in it. Meet People in Bangladesh. In 1994, he repeated the journey again for an 8-episode TV series of the same name for BBC Television and the Discovery Channel. While farming is one of the main income sources in the river islands, it doesn’t help them much with gaining financial stability.

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