If a god thinks that an idea is appropriate, witty, and will make Godville better, the god should vote it up by clicking the + symbol. Q: I sent a couple of good ideas, but none of them were put into the game! ER comments may suggest specific artifact types, such as healing or activatable. • An epic tapestry titled “A hero of the “Tales of Awesomia” guild writing a letter to the Godville Administrator” is being exhibited at the Bumchester museum. Submissions which include more than one part cannot be used, no matter how good they are. The game is continuously evolved based on ideas and suggestions from the community of players. https://wiki.godvillegame.com/index.php?title=Ideabox_survival_guide&oldid=104646, Use correct grammar and spelling. That's right, there is apparently a page record in the site database titled "Ideabox%C2%A0", or "Ideabox" with two special characters after it. Many Ideabox submitters may not realise, though, that ER editors also see warnings when ideas pass certain length limits. Some traps/bonuses can be stepped over multiple times; some can only be activated once. Ideabox News • 54 ideas were voted in the Ideabox since the last issue of this newspaper. Actually, it is way more than we can read. This might be for almost any named section of the Times, with the exception of "Game News" and "Forum News", which are generated from the Godville Blog and Forums respectively, and the Bingo, Crossword, "Market Quotes" and "Guild popularity in..." sections, which are generated by the game. Для открытия этой ссылки нужно войти в игру. A new cap-and-trade scheme on a cryogenically preserved phoenix production has led to a price spike. Succinct, snappy writing is very strongly preferred for game content. Bring this ad for a —10% discount. There are ten types of new ideabox (voting) content: There are two other sections of the ideabox that do not include voting. Editor's contact: support@godvillegame.com, eyJ1MSI6IndzczovL2dvZHZpbGxlZ2FtZS5jb20vbmV3cy9jcGIifQ==, • Using a word processing program like Microsoft Word to compose. Godville uses american english, so try to use those spelling variations. Your individual quota is decided by a formula which is disclosed in the official FAQ of the Russian Godville. If you mouse over the first "Ideabox" in the list, your browser should show you that it links to this URL: If you type "ideabox" or "godville" into the search box. People may vote on a certain idea for a limited amount of time. The answer: “let's outsource this!” But he didn't have any money, so he thought, let's outsource the creativity to the people who play the game. The length of submitted ideas have hard limits in each Ideabox category. This page was last edited on 15 November 2019, at 00:34. The Ideabox also has a section where you can see how your ideas were voted by others and if they’ve been accepted by us (highlighted with the blue color). He began pondering, how can I get new ideas? -- Djonni (talk) 06:25, 26 August 2020 (UTC), The reason this article gets stuck on Special page listings, User:FeRDNYC/Administrative requests#Double_redirect_Godville_page, Talk:Main_Page#Double_Redirect_Page_Issue, https://wiki.godvillegame.com/index.php?title=Talk:Ideabox&oldid=120552, Go to the search box in the upper-right corner of any Godwiki page. Ideas are submitted by many people and sometimes the same ideas are submitted more than once. I can't find one anywhere - checked the forums, googled, everything. And just like the other clone, you can't see it if you look straight at it. We can’t always warn players that an idea is a duplicate at submission time, so if you’ve seen your item in the game but didn’t get gratitude points for it, most likely your idea was a duplicate. Various Ideabox features are available upon reaching a certain number of IQ points: In the event that the Godville Administrators permanently disable a player's ideabox access in cases where that player's "behavior in the Ideabox causes more harm than good to the game (random or spammy voting to get praying bonus, etc)", their IQ points will be set to -20.[5]. Quest special ending entries can only take hero{|ine} and god{|||dess} gender inflections. As gods observe their little heroic bundle of joy day after day, he/she could start to get tired of the same monsters, diary entries or even artifacts. Если вы не знаете пароль, посмотрите в настройках. The Ideabox survival guide is an artifact. Here are some examples. They've chosen the title of “purrtector” for their most esteemed members. And so, the “Have an idea?” form was born. If you want to include the hero or heroine's name, pet's name or other text that changes depending on circumstances, you use one of the available variables. He is deeply gratified by his place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon. In the ideabox, you may vote for an idea by clicking the green button; yes and you may vote against it by clicking the red button; no. We are getting a LOT of ideas every day. Which is exactly why there's nothing we can do to fix this. The main portion of the Ideabox is split into two sections: New Content and Discussion. Many heroes often walk away without noticing the monster as it can disguise itself as anything, even a small ant. There are certain other values which are computed from a player's IQ points. Homeless Tramps Society. God's name or email: Each player's voting power (for community voting; doesn't apply for ER votes) is calculated as: This quota sets the number of ideas you may submit in a 24 hour period. If it is added to the game, you will gain a contribution point in the pantheon of gratitude. • According to accounts of knowledgeable people, a Drain Snake lives in perpetual hope of being tamed one day so it can enjoy free food and the opportunity to sniff loudly into its master’s ear. The right way to submit a dungeon phrase is to only submit one of these instead of multiple. Here are some tips to ensure your dungeon entries fit within the game: Summary: keep your entries short and sweet, no matter which dungeon category they fit into! If you try to reach, view, or edit "Ideabox%C2%A0", you will fail and end up at Ideabox. Unfortunately, I only thought of this after I reached level 16, so I don't recall what was available at the earlier levels. If it is added to the game, you will gain IQ points, and a contribution point in the Pantheon of gratitude. Gods are strongly encouraged to review the Ideabox survival guide before submitting ideas, unless, of course, "surviving" is not on a god's priority list. If a god believes the idea should not be added to the game, the god should vote it down by pressing the - symbol. • Unexpected noise levels in the upper layers of the atmosphere could decrease godvoice hearing conditions on the surface. Non-standard articles may be optionally selected if required. He thought, “I really need someone to sort out the good ideas from the bad,” and on June 4, 2010[1], he opened the Ideabox.

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