[9] The British garrison left the city in late 1905 and early 1906. [68], Over 1,600 people were killed instantly and 9,000 were injured, more than 300 of whom later died. [114] Coroner Arthur S. Barnstead took over from Coldwell as the morgue went into operation and implemented a system to carefully number and describe bodies;[115] it was based on the system developed by his father, John Henry Barnstead, to identify Titanic victims in 1912. [111] A precise Mi'kmaq death toll is unknown; records show that nine bodies were recovered, and the settlement was not rebuilt in the wake of the disaster. [27] Mont-Blanc started moving at 7:30 am on 6 December and was the second ship to enter the harbour as the anti-submarine net between Georges Island and Pier 21 opened for the morning. Some with their heads missing, and some thrown onto the overhead telegraph wires." The settlement, dating back to the 18th century, had been a subject of controversy because white settler landowners wanted to remove the Mi'kmaq residents. On assiste d’abord à la naissance de rumeurs selon lesquelles des saboteurs allemands auraient orchestré l’explosion. The Halifax Explosion Remembrance Book, an official database of the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, identified 1,782 victims. A Memorial Book listing the names of all the known victims is displayed at the Halifax North Memorial Library and at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which has a large permanent exhibit about the Halifax Explosion. [20] Merchant ships gathered at Bedford Basin on the northwestern end of the harbour, which was protected by two sets of anti-submarine nets and guarded by patrol ships of the Royal Canadian Navy. A fire on board the French ship ignited her cargo, causing a massive explosion that devastated the Richmond districtof Halifax. The overnight train from Saint John was just approaching the city when hit by the blast but was only slightly damaged. In the nearby neighbourhood of Richmond, houses were destroyed and fires broke out. [14] The outbreak of the war brought Halifax back to prominence. The fire was quickly put out; the cloud was seen from blocks away and quickly led to rumours that another explosion was imminent. [17] Convoys carried men, animals, and supplies to the European theatre of war. Plusieurs enfants sont tués ou aveuglés par des éclats de vitre alors qu’ils marchent vers l’école. By late January 1918, around 5,000 were still without shelter. New clue unlocks mystery of Halifax Explosion photo. A cloud of steam shot out of ventilators at the ammunition magazine at Wellington Barracks as naval personnel extinguished a fire by the magazine. Directly opposite to Pier 9 on the Halifax side sat a community in Tufts Cove, also known as Turtle Grove. [167] Keith Ross Leckie scripted a miniseries entitled Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion (2003), which took the title but has no relationship to Janet Kitz's non-fiction book Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion and the Road to Recovery (1990). On installe à l’entrée du port des filets subaquatiques qui servent de protection contre les sous-marins allemands. Le Imo tenta alors de faire marche arrière, ce qui créa des étincelles qui mirent le Mont-Blanc en feu. [134], A judicial inquiry known as the Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry was formed to investigate the causes of the collision. And one last twist. CBC News gets to the bottom of it. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. [129] The Halifax Herald continued to propagate this belief for some time, for example reporting that Germans had mocked victims of the explosion. Un autre vaisseau arrivé dans le port d’Halifax pour se joindre à un convoi transatlantique, le Mont-Blanc,est un navire français transportant des munitions. [112][124] Africville's small and frail homes were heavily damaged by the explosion. 1 hold of Mont Blanc, on her starboard side. Hors explosions atomiques d'Hiroshima et Nagasaki, elle est toujours aujourd'hui celle ayant fait le plus de dégâts et celle d'origine accidentelle ayant fait le plus de victimes (le record de l'explosion accidentelle la plus forte, estimée à 10 kilotonnes d'équivalent TNT, est détenu par l'explosion le 3 juillet 1969 de la seconde version du lanceur lunaire N-1 soviétique qui retomba sur son pas de tir et le détruisit totalement, mais sans faire de victimes). Nombreux résidents d’Halifax craignent que des navires de guerre allemands arrivent un jour par le large pour faire feu sur la ville. The committee organized members in charge of organizing medical relief for both Halifax and Dartmouth, supplying transportation, food and shelter, and covering medical and funeral costs for victims. [103], Rescue trains were dispatched from across Atlantic Canada, as well as the northeastern United States. [1] A tsunami created by the blast wiped out the community of the Mi'kmaq First Nation who had lived in the Tufts Cove area for generations. [56], At 9:04:35 am the out-of-control fire on board Mont-Blanc set off her cargo of high explosives. Malgré le danger que représente la cargaison du Mont-Blanc, aucun protocole spécial n’est mis en place pour assurer le passage sécuritaire des navires transportant des munitions dans le port. [61], A cloud of white smoke rose to at least 3,600 metres (11,800 ft). He would have been near Stevens when the explosion hit and likely standing near him as he took the photo. He and his co-worker, William Lovett, learned of the dangerous cargo aboard the burning Mont-Blanc from a sailor and began to flee. That's exactly from where the Norwegian steamship Imo departed, and to where the French munitions ship Mont-Blanc was headed on that busy morning in the harbour when the two collided, leading to the explosion. La puissance de la détonation déclencha un raz-de-marée qui s'éleva à plus de 18 mètres au-dessus du niveau des hautes eaux. All available troops were called in from harbour fortifications and barracks to the North End to rescue survivors and provide transport to the city's hospitals, including the two army hospitals in the city. When they collided, a fire broke out on Mont-Blanc and its crew, fearing an immediate explosion, abandoned ship. [92], Dazed survivors immediately feared that the explosion was the result of a bomb dropped from a German plane. [21], The convoys departed under the protection of British cruisers and destroyers. The first left Truro around 10 am carrying medical personnel and supplies, arrived in Halifax by noon and returned to Truro with the wounded and homeless by 3 pm. "I came across the image in question through a series of searches on fair use, copyright-free image databases," he wrote. In the years and months preceding the explosion, the Department of Indian Affairs had been actively trying to force the Mi'kmaq to give up their land, but this had not occurred by the time of the explosion. [137] According to Crown counsel W. A. Henry, this was "a great surprise to most people", who had expected the Imo to be blamed for being on the wrong side of the channel. Dans celles ayant résisté à la première vague de choc, les fenêtres se tendent à leur pleine capacité jusqu’à ce que la vitre cède, créant une pluie d’éclats acérés qui traverse les rideaux, le papier peint et les murs. A Nova Scotia Supreme Court justice, Benjamin Russell, found there was no evidence to support these charges. Tandis que le Mont-Blanc se consume et que les minutes s’écoulent, Vincent Coleman demeure à son poste, tapant des messages télégraphiques qu’il envoie aux gares de train les plus proches pour les prévenir de stopper les trains qui doivent arriver à Halifax. [73] The Richmond Railway Yards and station were destroyed, killing 55 railway workers and destroying and damaging over 500 railway cars. The ship entered the Narrows well above the harbour's speed limit in an attempt to make up for the delay experienced in loading her coal. The album's name? Il quitte le bassin de Bedford et se dirige vers le sud par le passage le plus étroit du port appelé « Narrows », longeant la rive est du canal, celle de Dartmouth, au lieu de la rive ouest, celle d’Halifax, qu’empruntent habituellement les navires en partance. Passengers and soldiers aboard used the emergency tools from the train to dig people out of houses and bandaged them with sheets from the sleeping cars. Le Mont-Blanc explose à 9 h 04 min 35 s, envoyant une onde de choc dans toutes les directions. « J’étais trempé pendant ma chute », se souvient-il. Across the harbour, in Dartmouth, there was also widespread damage. You will not receive a reply. Nine members of the Halifax Fire Department lost their lives performing their duty that day.

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