Even though we don’t show or say it often. You know when a teacher becomes happiest? Happy birthday, dear teacher! I’m so glad that today I can celebrate your wisdom. That’s why I appreciate and respect you so much. Happy birthday!”, “Today is the one day of the year when you are officially allowed to ask us to stop being naughty and annoying. Happy birthday! Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. You are not like all, you are not a standard teacher. Happy birthday. It is up to a student to learn as much as they can from their teacher. Sometimes with all the homework, things get really dull and boring. This is another quote that shows that a teacher is really important in life. 36. Thank you for being patient and understanding no matter what I say or do. A teacher provides you the knowledge and shows you the right path to take in life. 19. You are the biggest inspiration for all of us. A Teacher not only give lessons on technical subjects but they also teaches about the life and moral values. The older you get the more knowledge you have. Make sure that you add them on your social media accounts too. Congratulations on your birthday! We will now give you quiet time and go outside to play!”. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); It will remind them of the old days. 1. Teacher is not just a teacher. Apart from your parents, a teacher is one of the people who help you to become successful. 44. “Thank you for tolerating all the silly mischiefs that we do in your class. Teacher, you teach me how to be confident, brave and seeking the best! You give yourself to others. Happy birthday! You might dislike your teacher for always taunting you and punishing you. I would be nothing without your endless faith in me. Happy birthday to the teacher who inspires us to be better every day.”, “A teacher deserves the highest respect because his contribution to society is the biggest of all. Your patience is unbelievable. Really good teachers are like second parents. You should consider every teacher in your life important and respect all of them. Thank you, teacher. var _g1; And it’s a hard work, I understand that. Those teacher who helped you to learn tough lessons in easy way are the best. Sincere words will delight your teacher on the day of her/his birthday. In fact they inspire students directly or indirectly to choose their careers. Don’t forget... 2. A Birthday is good occasion to connect to your teachers. Happy birthday! So tolerant and patient. Thank you so much, congratulations on your birthday! Happy birthday!” Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher, “Dearest teacher, if dignity and excellence will be taken in the form of a human being, then they would be born as you. A Student is a plain paper and it is the teacher who fills colors on that blank paper. Aamir khan was teacher of extra activities yet he changed the life of his students. You are the most reputable person at our school. It’s not just a word to me. “History class would have been boring if not for a great teacher like you, that has a high energy level and interesting stories to tell. A great teacher will not crack down rebellion on her students, but instead, she will channel it in the right way and I am so happy that you did just that… Best birthday! Social media has made it so easy to connect to your teachers. But this is incomparable to the gifts that you are giving us every day, which is knowledge and education. Happy birthday!”, “You have always helped to become the better version of myself. 22. If you think that teacher only teach students about how to read or write then you are wrong. Thank you, from all of your students. You make the world a better place, teacher. This is really important to succeed in life. This is greatest gift that you can give them. I know that it’s something that’s hard to believe in, but you have become a part of my family, teacher. The teacher shouldn’t be like an ax because then nobody would want to learn. Students are young therefore they can easily handle the physical pain of strict schedules but most teachers often risk their health while giving their knowledge and experience to students over time. Wishing you the happiest birthday. Have an amazing birthday! Thank you and happy birthday! Just kidding! A teacher is like mother/father to hundreds of students so you should give them respect like your own parents. If you follow your teacher advice in life then you will surely succeed in achieving your goals. 2) By teaching me math, you didn’t just teach me how to add numbers but also how to add value to my life. Happy birthday, teacher! 30. We know that the happiness and well being of any teacher depends on their students and their learning progress. Those teachers who make their lessons entertaining are really great. I feel so much love and gratitude when I think of you, and I’m sure all of your students feel the same way. 1 K. Dear teacher, on your special day we‘d like to thank you for the priceless gift that you are giving us every single day – knowledge and education! 39. I’m proud to be your student. These birthday greetings for teacher are sweet and shows how much thankful you are for all the knowledge and support given by them. You give so much to us all that‘s even hard to believe that there are people like you. I wish you all the peace and joy in this world. Best birthday!”, “Since you tolerate our antics all year round, today we will do everything you say without a single frown. 32. “Exams, tests, you taught me to always do my best, to this day I still remember, the wise words I will cherish forever, you are far more than just my teacher, a forever friend, Happy Birthday! We hope that you will enjoy this day as we enjoy every day that we are in the classroom with you. We get all of them from you. At least today! If you too want to send a special birthday wish to your teacher then look no more as we have chosen 100 best birthday wishes for teacher from students –. This day is only yours! They are next to parents. Required fields are marked *, Like us on Facebook @awesomestatusofficialpage, Follow us on Pinterest @awesomestatusofficial. A birthday is best chance for them to say thanks to their teachers. I think your birthday is your favorite day of the year, because so many people love and admire you, and they obviously want to remind you about that on your birthday. Happy birthday!”. 3. Being your students means waking up with a smile, excited to find out what will the next class be like. I appreciate the knowledge and wisdom you shared with me more than you know. But when you came, you have certainly made school interesting, something which I always look forward to every day. Those students are really lucky who have teachers as their good friends. 38. The only gift that you can give your teacher is to get successful in life. I genuinely believe that you are the best teacher in the whole world. 41. 46. Thank you for everything, happy birthday! Happy Birthday!”, “Thank you for tolerating all the silly mischiefs that we do in your class. I wish you all of the best on your special day.”, “You have inspired me to become a teacher myself, pushed me to what I thought were my limits, Happy Birthday to the best teacher I’ve ever had.” Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher. You might be away from your teacher but you should encourage them to celebrate their birthday.

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