76). Again, try to keep the focus on what you’ll be doing rather than on how you’ll be, Ask personal questions! Have you ever cook for more than 20 people? Have you ever been into any abusive kind of relationship? This is one of the random kinds of have you ever questions to ask someone. 56). These have you ever questions are surely going to release the stress from the environment and entertain all of you with the hilarious replies over it. You can also ask them about your skill set. Have you ever seen a dream which turn out to be true later on? Have they got a green van? Have you ever lost someone who was very dear and close to you? eaten frog legs, or some other strange food? Your questions can leave a great impression on the interviewers as much as so, that it might become the deciding factor in being selected for the role. 29). Have you ever called a women sir or a Man "ma'am?". Here, we have discussed ways to answer "what is your dream job?" He makes a great point. 3). Have you ever had to dial 911/111/119... (emergency services)? had a friend who shared the same birthday as you? “What are the skills and experiences you’re looking for in an ideal candidate?”, “Do you have any concerns about my experience or skill set?”, “What types of skills is the team missing that you're looking to fill with a new hire?”, “What is the one key thing that someone needs to be successful in this role?”. “You’ve been here this long at the company, can you tell me about what attracted you to the company and what has made you stay this long?”. Have you ever fallen badly from the stairs? Have you ever run out of money in the middle of the month? This is just a general outline of the questions you can ask during your interview. It is used with have or had + a past participle.. Have you ever dated a relative by accident? Have you ever gotten sunburnt at the tanning saloon and gone back the next day? 60). 48). had food or a drink spilled on you at a restaurant or party? 22). Don’t ask questions about the company that you can get from a Google search or on the company’s website. Have you ever broken your neighbor’s window while playing with your friends? So, you must ask questions when they ask you “Do you have any questions for me?”. It’s most likely that you’ll not have more than a few questions that you would need the answer to. in order to help in your interview preparation to bag your next job. How to become a registered nurse in Australia: careers in nursing, hospitality interview questions and answers pdf, short term courses to get a job in australia. Have you ever given special nicknames to your pet that were completely different than their first given name? been fooling around in a car and accidently honked the horn? Alternatively, if you’re a job veteran, this question can be used to suss out how this company operates differently than your old one. The purpose of these questions is to showcase your genuine interest in the company you’re applying to, while also clarifying anything that you might still be concerned about at this stage. My strength in communication has directly contributed to my ability to build and maintain my client base and work effectively within a large and dynamic team. To get started, tell us where you'd like to work. told someone their zipper was down or their shirt was popping open? Have you ever hurt yourself by being impulsive over something? This is a pretty standard get-to-know-you sort of question and is mostly to help you make some desperately reach for any sort of personal connection you can find with your interviewer. → No, . Have you ever duck tapped your younger sibling on the wall? 37). Have you ever suffered a major heart break? c. About the skillset 32). 55). Check our Biggest List Of Icebreaker Questions EVER! → Yes, . Have you ever had an electricity blackout while taking a shower? Regardless of whether you get the role or not, it will give you insights on what companies generally look for when hiring for such roles. Have you ever dated someone who didn't like you? This is definitely a situation where you want to be careful about crossing any lines, as not all interviewers want to be interrogated themselves. This question is often a little disarming — people want to talk about themselves, but as a hiring manager they’re also trying to be careful about the way that they portray their company. In my current role, I regularly liaise with clients to construct marketing plans, and build my client portfolio by networking and delivering sales pitches. Have you ever played a joke on one of your teachers? Why do you think this is so? Have you ever kissed a celebrity’s picture? Have you ever felt that you are possessed? 21). Has Anne got a blue school bag? dyed your hair, and it didn’t turn out well? There are several different ways to share during this activity. Have you ever kept special treats for your pet? Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Have you ever ripped off your pants while dancing? Have you ever painted your room pink and black? Be prepared to answer everything that comes your way. Have you ever pretended to speak in a language which does not even exist to fool someone? Have you ever sent a love letter to someone? This question is especially important if you're interviewing for a high-stress job. “How long do workers tend to stay with the company?”. If they are not willing to answer these questions then you must not force them. You can talk to them about why they did so. Have you ever been trapped in an elevator? So, don’t ask questions that you can Google essentially. Have you ever told a big lie to someone you love? This question will help you prepare for the sort of introductory work you’ll be doing once you sign in, in addition to showing the interviewer that you’re already thinking about how you’ll be applying your skills to help the company in a measurable way.

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