The change meant that dos Santos would remain president at least until the next round of parliamentary elections, which were scheduled for 2012. Anyway, a common war broke out, drove by the resistance groups ‘Public Union for the Total Independence of Angola’ (‘UNITA’) and ‘Public Liberation Front of Angola’ (‘FNLA’). Jose dos Santos, nationalist and politician who was active with the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in Angola’s fight for independence and later served as president of the country from 1979 to 2017. Avelino Eduardo Dos Santos, Jacinta José Paulino, Ana Paula Dos Santos, Maria Luisa Abrantes Perdigao, Tatiana Kukanova, Eduane Danilo Lemos Dos Santos, Eduardo Breno Lemos Dos Santos, Isabel Dos Santos, José Avelino Gourgel Dos Santos, José Eduardo Paulino Dos Santos, José Filomeno Dos Santos, Joseana Lemos Dos Santos, Josiah Dos Santos, Welwitschia José Dos Santos. Dos Santos and his administration drew criticism for becoming increasingly authoritarian as well as for the rampant corruption for which Angola was known. José Eduardo dos Santos (José dos Santos) is the President of Angola, the seventh-largest nation of South Africa. Two years later, José Eduardo dos Santos was by and by designated as the President of ‘MPLA’, and no ensuing decisions were held. Nonetheless, unlike other political leaders photographed mingling with voters on the back of motorbikes, Mr dos Santos still travels with a large blue-light and military entourage that can shut down parts of the already congested capital Luanda for hours. A frequent representative of the MPLA at international forums, he was elected to the executive committee of the movement’s political bureau. Be that as it may, the second round of decisions was held since neither had gotten half votes. Among his kids, the most renowned are José Filomeno, a child with second wife Luísa Perdigão Abrantes, and Isabel, a girl of his first wife Tatiana Kukanova. Dos Santos allegedly used his decades in power to enrich himself, his family, and close associates at the expense of the rest of the country’s inhabitants, many of whom still lived below the poverty line. I Will cover informative content related to political and local news from the United Nations and Canada. ANGOLA: President João Lourenço addresses condolences to José Eduardo dos Santos. Spread the love “I express the deepest feelings of sorrow to President JES, for the tragic death of his son-in-law Sindika Dokolo, a news that surprised Angolan society,” wrote João Lourenço in his Twitter and Facebook accounts. And while trips outside his luxurious pink palace are becoming more frequent, he always sticks to a scripted speech - and where possible shuns direct interaction with journalists. Biografie. The MPLA eventually declared itself the government, establishing a single-party system, though UNITA continued to stage guerrilla attacks.

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