Every year more than 50,000 American women reportedly suffer complications from childbirth and about 700 die. I kept thinking about my two sons at home. Adams introduced the Kira Johnson Act as part of the Black Maternal Momnibus of 2020, a package of bills addressing maternal health. Lori Loughlin entered a plea of ‘not guilty,’ but is there still a plea deal on the table? The information provided is for educational purposes only. But Kira died 12 hours after she gave birth due to loss of blood. Kyira Dixon Johnson’s death was a tragedy. Our OB/GYN doctors and midwife provide complete care for women in Salt Lake City, UT including gynecology services, obstetrics and pregnancy care. The resident doctor came back and said everything was normal. Mr. Johnson said that for 10 hours he and other family members pleaded for help for Kira, a healthy, vibrant women he described as “sunshine personified.” She showed signs of postpartum bleeding after delivering a healthy baby boy by C-section, but a “STAT CT” order went unheeded for hours before she was finally taken for surgery. Use of this Web site is subject to the medical disclaimer. Sign up for our newsletter to get the freshest stories in your inbox, every day! The nurse said if I felt any pain, call the doctor to make sure I'm not having seizures or any other complications. Millie Bobby Brown seen for the first time since Romeo Beckham romance was revealed, Paul McCartney reignites rivalry with Rolling Stones insisting The Beatles were better and Stones copied them – The Sun, NCIS Los Angeles season 12 theories: Argento to thwart Sam and Callen as boss drops clue. Why? In 2018 alone, similar words perhaps were spoken to the 658 U.S. women who suffered maternal complications and whose eyes never did open again. Johnson and the show’s producers said that the episode attempts to draw attention to the fact that American women, especially black women, deserve better care than they are getting and that the delivery of health care needs closer regulatory supervision to reduce the incidence of such tragedies. Despite her efforts and the efforts of countless other individuals and organizations working to improve maternal outcomes, the new CDC data show that the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any similarly wealthy industrialized nation. I should not be dying, or near death, for you to not respond to me in an urgent manner. I was in the hospital for five days after that day. I just kept saying, "Yes, I’m not crazy.". They told me my blood work showed something was wrong, and admitted me back to the maternity ward. The stats also reportedly show that maternal mortality rates are related to the income levels of women and that women with lower income (which includes a higher proportion of black people) die at greater rates than higher income women (a higher proportion of white people). As a Black woman, post pregnancy should not be a possible death sentence.

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