This makes it easier to manage any disruption, anticipate incoming scrutiny and questioning, whilst generally taking an overview of the process. The Future of the CHRO: elevating the employee experience, People at a time of crisis – Talent Team webinars during COVID-19, Not only what you do, but how you do it: a view from the top with Roger Steare, Holding on to your entrepreneurial spirit: a view from the top with Jonas Dhaenens, Competitive Edge through Employee Engagement: Hg’s CEO & Chair Forum 2019, Playing the macro trends in software – Matthew Brockman speaks to Private Equity International, Technology, a guard against bias: Hg’s HR & Talent Forum 2019. The Political Framework is where the political leader understands the reality of the politics in the organization and deals with them. Mr. Wood is a sought after presenter of HELIX workshops and seminars in both the U.S. and Europe. Oftentimes, I reflect on the fact we were born into this life with nothing, during our journey through life we exercise our greatest gift of free agency, (the right to choose), and with the exception of our memories and experiences we depart this mortal life with nothing. There is a connection between leadership and stewardship that would-be leaders need to understand if they are to mature into someone who can lead people--and organizations--to success. In a post at The (in its “Leadership Q&A” section), an interesting question is posed: “Is there a difference between stewardship and leadership?” The article makes the following distinction that, although simple, is also profound: “The leader is mission driven. Any good Chair will facilitate this, ensuring that: Whilst reporting metrics may be fundamental in private equity, an additional viewpoint is required from the Chairperson. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter or see past issues. "It is so beautiful it possesses us, so we must possess it." Consider a few words - pride, envy, fear, stress, frustration. So here is the question - do you actually own your house, your car, or the latest gadget? Each role has intricacies, some requiring you to adapt and learn new skills, some which draw on experience. For this, there is no substitution for industry specific experience. Growing sustainable businesses, creating great employers. It’s therefore important that the Board has good visibility of this dynamic, beyond the immediate financial performance of the company. Partnering with you to build better businesses. The transition from executive to non-executive is a particularly interesting one – one which requires an evolution from a leadership role to one requiring stewardship, guidance and, perhaps most important, mediation – aligning the interests of key stakeholders. Often as parents and leaders we may be tempted to direct as owners rather than as stewards. In the building there is a minimalist room where he ate, read, spun cloth, slept and received visitors. Ensuring this visibility to the Board on a regular basis, allows the Board to assess investment/divestment impact on Product & Market, to agree on priorities and execution risk. Key information includes how market demand is evolving, how the competition is behaving and how product investment and development could affect future performance. Advice for the New UN Ambassador. "Sometime ago, as I was officiating in the nightly ritual of getting our little children into bed, I may have seemed a bit dictatorial with the directions to 'pick up your clothes, brush your teeth' and other such utterances. The essence of stewardship implies a two-party proposition. Consider this story: Two couples saw a masterpiece in a private gallery. This is a delicate balancing act – simple when times are good, critical if times are tough. It is a key role for the Chair to help the company stay on track with its core goals; Promote dialog between the Directors and the CEO to maximise innovation, whilst also making sure that the right analysis and relevant KPIs are available for the Board, to able them make the right decisions. This creates a very unique environment for the Chair – a dynamic that differs from similar roles at publicly listed companies and other organisations. Both are needed, and usually they are needed in the same person.”. Once again, experience is key. While she has doubtless long since forgotten her question, I have remembered it as a challenge to distinguish carefully between ownership and stewardship. Comprehensive and structured financial, operational reporting and strategic analysis are regularly shared with the Board to monitor the Company’s performance; Proper risk vs opportunity evaluations are carried out, in the wider context of value creation – adjusting the levels of risk to optimise deliverable performance; Regular performance reviews of the management team are conducted, allowing for the right decision to be made at the right time if needed. "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. And in virtually every case of bad leaders, I have likewise found a complete absence of the stewardship gene. Ghandi died "owning" fewer than 10 items - he truly understood the value of stewardship as opposed to ownership. The transition from executive to non-executive is a particularly interesting one – one which requires an evolution from a leadership role to one requiring stewardship, guidance and, perhaps most important, mediation – aligning the interests of key stakeholders. Having a very engaged shareholder means that monitoring a company’s performance and evaluating risk is a very important role for the Board. Case studies, films, articles and our thinking. First and foremost, the Chairperson’s fundamental role is to keep maximum cohesion and alignment within the Board. During such a situation, the role of the Chairperson can be pivotal. We'd welcome your own thoughts/comments below on this topic or on twitter @ConsultF5, Find out more about us, our work and how we may be able to help you or your organisation at Stewardship asks us to be deeply accountable for the outcomes within our organizations without trying to control others or trying to take care of them. To achieve this, a Chairperson with capitalised experience, coming from both past roles and access to the experience of others in a Fund’s portfolio, can help a lot to build and trim the right strategy with the CEO.

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