Gaelic is, however, relevant to a much broader range of posts, including many of a manual nature. See A Manual of Belgian Congo, a British Admiralty publication (1920); M. He remained there for several years, acting as curate in one of the lowest districts, preparing his Manual of Prayers for the use of the Scholars of Winchester College (first published in 1674), and composing hymns. an elementary manual for beginners which should present an outline of the law in a clear and simple form. The use of gas-fired furnaces greatly simplifies manual labour. a book of instructions that explains how something works or what to do in a certain situation Examples of Manual in a sentence Andrew misplaced his computer manual, so he used his brother’s instruction book to set up his laptop. capstone doctrine for IO, this manual supports soldiers and leaders that execute IO to support military operations. A manual dial allows the sawyer to accurately choose the size of the lumber being targeted. Foulkes, Manual of Ecclesiastical History, s.v. Hendricks, History and Government of Indiana (New York, 1908), The Legislative and State Manual of Indiana (Indianapolis, published biennially by the State librarian), Constitutions of 1816 and 1851 of the State of Indiana with Amendments (Indianapolis, 1897), School Law of Indiana, with Annotations (Indianapolis, 1904), and Wm. Miss Keller talks to herself absent-mindedly in the manual alphabet. In the very nature of things, articulation is an unsatisfactory means of education; while the use of the manual alphabet quickens and invigorates mental activity, since through it the deaf child is brought into close contact with the English language, and the highest and most abstract ideas may be conveyed to the mind readily and accurately. As a means of grading progress among the various tribes, the tool is valuable both in its working part and its hafting, or manual part. Women weave most of the garments and linen for their families, besides sharing in every kind of manual labour. 1837), son of the last named, was rector of the Church of the Annunciation from 1868 to 1898, professor of ecclesiastical polity and law in the General Theological Seminary from 1873, and published a Manual for Choristers (1878), Lectures on Apostolic Succession (1893) and An Introduction to the Study of Ecclesiastical Polity (1894). xviii. Manual, technical and higher education is provided. fire alarm panels have several detection zones comprising a mixture of automatic fire detectors and manual call points. Transmission: electrical overdrive, 4-speed manual with floor-mounted gear lever. The top manual was a small solo with a 16ft. The IMDS streamlines maintenance functions that previously required separate test equipment, Incorporate data visualization from third-party libraries of charts and graphs with BIRT outputs, boosting productivity by reducing, And with the LCD's touch-panel menu system with bit-map technology, tough to adjust, They provide a market for the kind of psychotactical, In the West, the only inhibiting expense in the production of writings for an increasingly literate market was the, The procedure was so complex that a 1607 drill, All of the children had previously undergone, However, in a system where wealth was hoarded by elites, wages were depressed for, While the majority of victims are women, and sometimes children, other victims include men, women and children forced or conned into, For this reason, the hunt saboteur tactics, Not well documented is the number of African slaves and their descendants, who were artisans in urban areas and did hard, The capability of the drill to spin in either direction allows the surgeon to seat or unseat screws faster than he or she could with, Despite his early promise, Moore's parents had been against him training as a sculptor, a vocation they considered, After 1-week postinsertion, the patient was able to close the mandible in functional maxillomandibular occlusion position without, I then take a specific quantity of argillaceous earth or clay, and mix them with water to a state approaching impalpability, either by, Most people can master simpler celestial navigation procedures after a day or two of instruction and practice, even using, Unlike other civilizations, whose armies had to disband during the planting and harvest seasons, the Spartan serfs or helots, did the, The Han slaves and their offspring were used for, The Prose Edda, sometimes referred to as the Younger Edda or Snorri's Edda, is an Icelandic, The treatment is based on rigorous quantum-mechanical theories and procedures that are readily implemented in either, The stations feature accommodating tibia pads on leg extension, and seated and prone leg curl, which eliminate, In the early 1970s he developed a soft, flexible cannula for, Most Barbary galleys were at sea for around eighty to a hundred days a year, but when the slaves assigned to them were on land, they were forced to do hard, Getrag Ford Transmissions, make 400,000 automatic and, As many of the islands' young men had joined the armed forces at the outbreak of war, there was a shortfall in, Goodbye sneakernet, paper pushing, and other, That is what Battlezone is all about but an attractively-packaged game with a natty instruction, The work of economic production was often, The company was looking for an automated solution for coating and handling the cores and opted for two heavy-duty robots to replace the, This entails use of high-quality methods such as, Admirers of the absurd might have noticed his BowDry, You deliberately overrode the random number generator and turned it to, Seeds that land in the furrows have better protection from the elements, and natural erosion or, Six radial T-slots simplify fixture and workpiece mounting, and both, Here Burns grew up in poverty and hardship, and the severe, Beleaguered support technicians long ago coined the acronym RTFM as advice they'd like to give users calling with questions clearly answered in the, Renault is also offering a choice of free aircon plus pack, which includes, A teller in an electronic vote can call a, What was equally striking was that ownership of such things had spread down the social scale and the gap between professional and. Illustrated bilingual manual on propagation of threatened conifers in Vietnam. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The words that accompanied the manual gestures are, in the rituals that have come down to us, wholly dominated by the myth of Osiris: As to the manual rites of the daily cult, all that can here be said is that incense, purifications and anointings with various Oils played a large part; the sacrifices consisted chiefly of slaughtered oxen and geese; burnt offerings were a very late innovation. On our hypothesis the Logia would have been a sort of Christian manual used with a similar object. Welton, A Manual of Logic (London, 1891, 1896); W. For (3) (a) we are constrained to refer the reader to Joly's own Manual of Quaternions (1905). C-c r q (Control-c r q ): Query Bring up a query buffer to do a manual search. The city is the seat of the State Manual Training Normal School (1903) and of the Pittsburg Business College. rer., a sort of manual of the scientific knowledge of the 12th century, is much the most important: the magnet passage herein is in book ii. Stout, Manual of Psychology (London, 1907), Bk. xii. She has learned that EVERYTHING HAS A NAME, AND THAT THE MANUAL ALPHABET IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING SHE WANTS TO KNOW. 516-525 (London, 1874); Veitch, Manual of Coniferae (2nd ed., London, 1900). She took a plain sheet of white paper from her desk and proceeded with flying fingers to type the 14 names and addresses using an old manual typewriter. Automatic rather than manual order picking could result in significant cost savings. Where the elements are not clearly visible, consult your car's manual or your local dealership. west of Montreal, have been established to promote the cause of rural education upon the lines of nature study, with school gardens, manual training, domestic science, &c., which on both sides of the Atlantic are now being found so effective in the hands of properly trained and enthusiastic teachers. Ormerod, Manual of Injurious Insects (I89o); C. V. The principal causes are the growth of population, and the over-supply of and low rates of remuneration for manual labor in various Italian provinces. New speed manual cuts add-on personal darker than the have helped to. The different kinds of motive power used to actuate cranes - manual, steam, hydraulic, electric - give a further classification. A variable resistor very flowed in a manual box. It delighted me inexpressibly to find that they knew the manual alphabet. Ormerod, Manual of Injurious Insects; Dr A. Veitch & Sons, Manual of Orchidaceous Plants; Dr Paul Sorauer and F. His manual skill was duly appreciated: "I was a thousand times tempted," he said long afterwards, "to tear up my drawings in disgust at the esteem in which they were held, as if I had been good for nothing better.". If you are experienced at setting up your phone you may prefer manual setup. His manual on Graphical Statics and his Elements of Projective Geometry (translated by C. Leudesdorf), have been published in English by the Clarendon Press. They seem to have preserved among them the primitive manual called the Teaching of the Apostles, for Bishop Longland in England condemned an Anabaptist for repeating one of its maxims " that alms should not be given before they did sweat in a man's hand.". Cunningham, Natural History of the Marketable Marine Fishes of the British Islands (London, 1896); A Manual of Fish-Culture (Washington, 1897); Roche, La Culture des mess (Paris, 1898); W. 28-34 are also addressed to the people, and cannot therefore have formed part of the original priestly manual; v. de Miltitz, Manuel des consuls (London and Berlin, 1837-1843); Baron Ferdinand de Cussy, Dictionndire du diplomate et du consul (Leipzig, 1846), and Reglements consulaires des principaux etats maritimes de l'Europe et de l'Amerique (ib., 1851); Tuson, British Consul's Manual (London, 1856); De Clercq, Guide pratique des consulats (1st ed., 1858, 5th ed. Is there scope for using proprietary sheeting systems to avoid the need for manual sheeting systems to avoid the need for manual sheeting? Accordingly in 1868, he published his Manual of Mental and Moral Science, mainly a condensed form of his treatises, with the doctrines re-stated, and in many instances freshly illustrated, and with many important additions. Abbott, Principles of Bacteriology (7th ed., London, 1905); Crookshank, Bacteriology and Infective Diseases (with bibliography, 4th ed., London, 1896); Duclaux, Traite de microbiologie (Paris, 1899-1900); Eyre, Bacteriological Technique (Philadelphia and London, 1902); Flugge, Die Mikroorganismen (3rd ed., Leipzig, 1896); Fischer, Vorlesungen fiber Bakterien (2nd ed., Jena, 1902); Gunther, Einfiihrung in das Studium der Bakteriologie (6th ed., Leipzig, 1906); Hewlett, Manual of Bacteriology (2nd ed., London, 1902); Hueppe, Principles of Bacteriology (translation, London, 1899); Klein, Micro-organisms and Disease (3rd ed., London, 1896); Kolle and Wassermann, Handbuch der pathogenen Mikroorganismen (Jena, 1904) (supplements are still being published; this is the most important work on the subject); Lofler, Vorlesungen fiber die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Lehre von der Bacterien (Leipzig, 1887); M`Farland, Text-book upon the Pathogenic Bacteria (5th ed., London, 1906); Muir and Ritchie, Manual of Bacteriology (with bibliography, 4th ed., Edin.

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