I’m really out of luck here. All of these are pretty mids scooped and closer to a Fender than Marshall although the Lonestar has some channel options for tones coser to an early Marshall JTM/Fender Bassman kind of thing. Man- this article was an AMAZING conclusion to a lot the crap I’ve been learning about recently. Hey Bjorn, i m thinking about buying a TC Mojomojo as an overdriver for blues and boosting sound.. i am using a blackstar HT5r for practice.. will this pedal do the work? I haven’t tested them enough. Does the Alembic Preamp behave more like a Fender then? Like the old Fender Champ, 5E3 Deluxe etc. Alone, a mids boosted amp or pedal may sound a bit too boxy and overwhelming, while with a band, they will cut through effortlessly. The overdriven tones sound good but I would like to smoothen out some of the strident quality to it. Did you have a chance to try 805 and Muffuletta with these amps and for your opinion which amp can be the best for Gilmourish sound? I will say muffs and fuzz faces work well with this circuit but are just too fuzzy for me!! Well, I definitely agree with that. I guess since I have a Fender amp, I should buy something like a TS9 or an OCD, but I was thinking about getting the Tree of Life, and I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on multiple pedals, so I was also looking for something versatile that can act as a overdrive/distortion, and as a booster in the future. I mainly play blues and a little of blues rock. I can feel my tone improving every time I read it! This will help you become very familiar with the nuances of your gear, and knowing your gear “inside and out” is the best way to achieve consistenly good tone. you mean like a clean boost? That would in most cases, cause a lot of noise and conflicting frequencies. Where does Mesa Boogie fall in the categories? I’m a bedroom only player, not doing gigs. Bjorn, I use the pod hd500x so as you know I have a ton of options at my disposal. I’m using the Lionheart L20 for most of my tones these days, including all the reviews I make for this site, and it can handle all pedals very well. This late-'50s model was already beloved on both sides of the pond when Fender changed up the Bassman formula for the blonde piggyback amps of the early '60s. Wow, a lot of replies to this article, and I’m very happy for that. Hi Bjorn, Something like that. The H&K has a much more modern and pristine tone. The Marshall sounds beautiful with both guitars and the PlexiTone pedal still works beautifully in front of it (as I can rarely crank the amp into full break up) to get me a nice creamy overdrive tone. otherwise I’m in deep trouble …..

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