I pretty much shit myself when I first opened up Dave's email and looked at this overwhelmingly creepy and disturbing image. 301B King Street Charleston, SC 29401 843.727.0310 Contact Us. HOLY SHIT! Next up on the radar for this week I'll be starting my short story for issue #2 called "Windowpane." I already have an amazing artist for the cover of issue #3 (not me), but I will keep that info for a future announcement. 3d Digitally rendered illustration of an isolated futuristic outpost building on an alien desert planet Dusty Landing on Mars Outpost. The architecture of the Caucasian Muslims. Uhhh...not only are the stars and galaxies in alignment for this project, but the whole fucking universe is calibrated for Oupost 28, Issue #2 to be truly epic. Two explorers take their vehicle to find rock samples to take back to their Mars habitat, Refuelling Station on a Alien Desert Planet. The wait has been worth it! Issue #3 Update 3/7/18: An illustration of an abandoned outpost in the desert, Futuristic fantasy world, new planets and civilizations, conquests in space. 3D Saturn planet and rings close-up rendering with the clipping path included in the illustration, for space exploration, Detailed close-up of the planet Saturn. Three spacecraft fly near an installation habitat on the red planet of Mars in the future, Saturn Planet detailed close-up. \m/. Sales: 888-649-2990; Sell; Pricing; Photos; Illustrations; Vectors; Videos; Templates; 3D; Premium; Editorial; Photos; Illustrations; Vectors; Videos; Templates; 3D; Premium; Editorial; Sign in; Sales: 888-649-2990; Sell ; Pricing; Adobe Stock. Middle ages and fantasy world. Dorvard collection dark dreams enchanted, Desert Outpost on an Alien Planet. Friends, this magazine really turned out swell, let me tell you. Step 1: Login and click on your member name (either at the panel at the top of each page, or next to any of your comments) to get to your member page. This time around, Jake will be weaving together a medieval adventure in the world of fantasy. Old outpost. Military watch tower near border of Estonia and Russia. Image of castle with three towers crowning crowns located behind the ramparts with gate, Supply Ship Arriving at a Desert Base. 3D rendering of planet Saturn with detailed rings close-up and the clipping path included in the illustration, for space, Saturn Planet detailed close-up. It was a Lovecraftian tale that involved a dude who had escaped city life to relax and pursue his creative interests in the countryside. Anyway, the reason this is facinating to me is that there is an amazing arrangement of instruments used to create the beautiful atmospheres in the songs. Greenville Office. Issue #2 Update 12/29/17: Issue #2 Update 1/4/18: I'm so excited to have them back for this issue. As if delivering Outpost 28, Issue #2 ahead of schedule and with amazing quality wasn't good enough, I'm currently having a series of mini-strokes over the following news for Outpost 28, Issue #3. This one I have read the first draft of, and it is awesome! Outpost illustrations and clipart (110) I will be posting on this page a running total of every issue sold and amount earned. Outpost 28, Issue #2 is done! All Rights Reserved. My story, "Windowpane," and Christa's are the only pieces that need to be completed. Dig? Issue #2 Update 1/8/18: Trade outpost in Tadoussac owned by Pierre Chauvin, the Sieur de Tonnetuit and François Gravé Du Pont, near the mouth of Jim Bridger trading outpost established in 1842. Science fiction illustration of an outpost town in the desert on an alien world, 3d digitally rendered illustration, Future Space Marines Guarding a Desert Outpost. Download royalty-free images, illustrations, vectors, clip art, and video for your creative projects on Adobe Stock. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. Black and white graphics illustration. Of course, something horrible had already taken up residence in the cellar of his lovely, new farmhouse. Buchanan, and poetry by Rachael Alexandra are all being finished up and polished to a radiant luster. Science fiction illustration of a future colony settlement on Mars, 3d digitally rendered illustration. Each illustration, whether color or black and white, is super crisp and beautifully printed. Science fiction illustration of a supply ship arriving at an outpost base on an alien Mars-like desert planet, 3d, Desert Colony on an Alien World. Paris 1841, The Dagestan city. It’s a rewarding process, and one that’s addictive.". In the Warsaw Old Town, Giant Battle Robots Guarding a Martian Colony. Anyway, the production of issue #4 is really starting to pickup steam. You're avatar will automatically be resized to 25x25 and 45x45. Other worlds. Contact, Semicircular fortified outpost barbican in warsaw, poland, Oberhofen castle on the lake thun, switzerland, Barbican in the old town of warsaw, poland, Night barbican in the old town of warsaw, poland, Castillo de san marcos in st. augustine, florida, usa. For those of you sad souls who are not familiar with his amazing work, perhaps you've heard of the following productions: Dr. Who, Wizards Vs. Aliens, 28 Weeks Later, Hellboy II, and some rubbish show called Game of Thrones. Black and white graphics illustration. Science fiction illustration of a future colony on Mars, 3d digitally rendered illustration, House on the rocks. Speaking of which, Issue #3 is already in the planning process! Creative Fields. Published: March 2nd 2012. All rights reserved. It all looks and feels fabulous. An illustration of an abandoned outpost in the desert, Farming Colony Outpost on a Desert Planet. Even better than medieval cities filled with flying dinosaurs and commuting insects. 25 Draper Street Greenville, SC 29611 864.651.0310 I'm a huge fan of Socar's ink illustrations, and if you're not familiar with her work, please click on these two examples and check out all of her stuff. OUTPOST Illustration series. Old outpost icon. Come on it's only been like a year since issue #3 and the time between issue #1 and #2 was five years, so I'd say we are way ahead of schedule! Image of castle with three towers crowning crowns located behind the ramparts with gate, Mars Landscape with Spaceships. Science fiction illustration of giant battle robots guarding a colony outpost on Mars, 3d digitally rendered, Mars Outpost. My homie, Tim Cretella of Doppio Music, is slaying this guitar solo for their forthcoming EP that should be released some time next month. timbered castle Tower. We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Science fiction illustration of a future colony settlement on Mars, 3d digitally rendered illustration, Future Mars Colony. The story called "Windowpane" will take place within the solitary confines of Abigail's San Francisco home, tucked away betwixt the rolling fog and eucalyptus trees. Wait...I imagine it's up to me to decide what he comes up with. Illustration for the Emperor Nicholas 1. A personal illustration depicting a remote frontier fortress in a harsh and dramatic environment. The earth seen from the moon, Facade of Old Western Frontier Town. Science fiction illustration of a spaceship making a refuelling stop at an isolated base in the desert on an alien, Concrete factory. Issue #4 Update 9/26/19:   Furthermore, the interview questions for Beastmaker, Doppio Music, and Jason Walton are in the process of being answered with thought provoking and insightful responses.

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