In a spectacular and bloody coup the Soviet leader N. Ryzhkov was gunned down, in the corridors of the Kremlin itself, by hardline Stalinist revisionists. Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, Nikolai Ryzhkov, in Canberra with Prime Minister Bob Hawke, February 1990. Ryzhkov's running mate was Boris Gromov. He served as the last Chairman of the Council of Ministers (the post was abolished and […] Ryzhkov lahir pada 28 September 1929 di Dzerzhynsk, Republik Sosialis Soviet Ukraina, Uni Soviet. Ryzhkov worked as a welder and engineer before serving as  director of the Uralmash Production Amalgamation from 1970 to 1975. In December 1995, he was elected to the State Duma as an independent, but he resigned his seat in the Duma in 2003 to become a member of the Federation Council. People's Patriotic Union of Russia members, Biography . Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 9 November 2018, pukul 06.28. During his time in office, Ryzhkov supported Mikhail Gorbachev's 1980s reform of the Soviet economy. Following Nikolai Tikhonov's resignation as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Ryzhkov was voted into office in his place. During his tenure, he supported Mikhail Gorbachev's 1980s reform of the Soviet economy. Responsible for the cultural and economic administration of the Soviet Union during the late Gorbachev Era, Ryzhkov was succeeded as premier by Valentin Pavlov in 1991. Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov (Rusia: Николай Иванович Рыжков, Nikolaj Ivanovič Ryžkov; kelahiran 28 September 1929) adalah mantan pimpinan Soviet yang menjadi politisi Rusia setelah pembubaran Uni Soviet.Ia menjabat sebagai Ketua of the Dewan Menteri terakhir . Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov (28 September 1929-) was Chairman of the Soviet Council of Ministers from 27 September 1985 to 14 January 1991, succeeding Nikolai Tikhonov and preceding Valentin Pavlov. That year, he was transferred to Moscow, where he became First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Heavy and Transport Machine Building. Historica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov; born 28 September 1929) was a former Soviet official who became a Russian politician following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Nikolai Ryzhkov presidential campaign, 1991 was the election campaign of former Soviet Premier Nikolai Ryzhkov in the 1991 Russian presidential election.The nominee of the Communist Party, Ryzhkov was the strongest of several candidates running against frontrunner Boris Yeltsin in the election. Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov (tiếng Ukraina: Микола Іванович Рижков; tiếng Nga: Николай Иванович Рыжков, chuyển tự Nikolaj Ivanovič Ryžkov; sinh ngày 28/9/1929) là chính trị gia người Liên Xô sau là Nga sau khi Liên Xô sụp đổ. Ryzhkov then became a Senator from Belgorod Oblast on 17 September 2003, serving as an independent politician.

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