Last Tuesday, an alleged victim of Kelly and the families of two other alleged victims were reportedly preparing to go to Chicago prosecutors with 'sufficient evidence' of sexual abuse and other crimes, TMZ reported. Joann's mother Andrea, who participated in the Lifetime series, filed a restraining order against her ex in 2005 following an altercation. She claimed that over a few months at the star's house, she would have sex with him and he would dress her up as a schoolgirl. Both Mack and Jones said that if any of the women break the 'rules', Kelly 'punishes them physically and verbally'. Professor Lockdown and Imperial team say Covid-19 kills 1.15% of all patients - TWICE as high as the best... Daily Covid-19 cases rose by 50% last week in England and 1 in 100 people were infected a week ago, ONS... Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds unite for first joint TV appearance as they praise 'utterly brilliant' NHS... Is the R rate really 3 in London? I grew up in that house,' wrote Joann, who performs under the name Buku Abi. In her BuzzFeed interview, Jonjelyn said she thought it would be 'fine' for her daughter to spend time with the star if she was there to watch over her. "Her role was to train me and the other girls how to sexually please and satisfy Robert [R Kelly's real name]. Savage was then able to put the phone on speaker so that the officer could hear everything that was being said by Russell. Pictures have been released of inside the Chicago music studio where troubled rapper R Kelly is accused of keeping women against their will. 'You have to ask for food. ', Disturbing images shared exclusively with reveal two of R Kelly's 'brainwashed' victims, Joycelyn Savage (left in red cap) and Azriel Clary (right in white cap), being monitored by a female minder (center in all black) and disguising their identities while out in Chicago, The images were captured on a public street in Chicago last summer before they entered a hair salon. Kelly has made it clear that he is not backing down following the explosive docu-series. The photos were taken by Chicago officials when they raided the building on suspicion the unit may be used as a permanent residence. TMZ reported that Clary and Savage have hired lawyers to stop their parents intervening between them and the singer, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. My emotional state. 'My mother died of the same cancer': Tracey Emin, 57, reveals she lost her mother to a bladder tumour four... 'Cinderella of the medicinal plant world': Roadside weed is found to halt the spread of breast cancer... Parents, Alleged Victims of R. Kelly Take Chicago Prosecutor Up on Offer |, PLEASE COME HOME: Polk Co. mom's emotional plea to daughter allegedly in R. Kelly sex cult, Family of R. Kelly GF Demand He Prove Relationship is Consensual. I had people telling me I was an idiot. Photos from inside R. Kelly's alleged "sex cult" recording studio in Chicago have just been released ... showing proof of code violations and plenty of evidence someone may have been living there. Savage's mother recalled how she was present when her daughter, an aspiring musician, met Kelly after being invited backstage at a concert in 2015. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Kelly's manager threatened to ruin Joycelyn Savage's father and his family in a series of harassing texts and phone calls after learning he had participated in the Lifetime series. As we reported ... the studio was hit with a laundry list of building code violations, and Kelly is being barred from using the space for anything other than a recording studio from 9 AM to 5 PM. They then tracked her down in Chicago but she said she was fine and wanted to be left alone by her family. I had to do and move in a manner that is best for me.'. Among the dozens of violations that R Kelly flouted were a failure to use materials that are 'fire resistant' and leaving exposed wires in the rooms. Don Russell texted and called Timothy Savage to say it 'would be best for him and his family if the documentary does not air,' according to a police report in Georgia. The report, first obtained by CBS 46, states that Savage called police shortly after 5am on the day of the incident. Picture: Joycelyn (left) with her sister and her mother (right) after meeting the singer backstage in 2014, Timothy Savage (above with his wife Jonjelyn) was interviewed for the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly and alleged that the singer was holding his daughter captive. A representative for Kelly spoke out at the time about the claims, saying the singer 'unequivocally denies' them and said he will 'work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and to clear his name'. View Pictures of R. Kelly's House in Chicago, Illinois. R Kelly has always denied any wrongdoing and his attorney Steve Greenberg, has hit back and called the allegations "another round of stories" being used to "fill reality TV time. "As she had been with him for so long, it was like she was the head girl in school," Asante told the BBC . In photos obtained by TMZ from City of Chicago officials, a massage table can be seen, along with a fully-decorated Christmas tree. Savage, and his wife Jonjelyn, have been trying for years to reach their daughter, Joycelyn, who ran off with Kelly shortly after meeting him backstage at a concert when she was 17. Since then, the parents have lost contact and now spend their time traveling to different states to turn up at Kelly's concerts, studios and rented homes to try to find their daughter. They said they were told when to eat, bathe, sleep and had to perform sexual acts on one another which the singer then recorded. Despite having her hair glamorously styled, Joycelyn asked for her hair to be wrapped up in scarves. Russell later said that he and Kelly might have to release information that would destroy Savage, his family and his business. Accused: R Kelly (above on Wednesday) performed songs for guests at a club, despite investigations into the singer's alleged sexual misconduct. An ex has claimed that he used a sex trainer to teach his house full of girlfriends how to please him, at a 'cult' house in Georgia. Shamed rapper R Kelly had his music studio raided by Chicago officials after allegations of improper use. A source, who is an associate of R Kelly… R rate drops again and symptom-tracking app says outbreak... More than TWO MILLION workers were STILL on furlough by mid October, official figures show as government... House prices rise by £1,700 in just a month as annual growth hits 5.8% - the highest rate in six years.

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