Take all the quests. It's a celebral dance of ideas and philosophies and beliefs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I want to make a sociological point about PST. Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, or Apocalypse? Some of my friends who also like PS:T also share this opinion. I really wish more games abandoned the "we need elves and dwarves, or rpg fans won't like our game!!!" Talk to them. Be wise. I have the most basic knowledge of the game and lore: Don't mess with the lady of pain, main character can't die, he's covered in burns, and that's about it. BG was innovative for the time, but everyone learned from it and built on what they made, I argue that you can feel the influence in, for example, the Dragon Age games, where the experience is very, very similar to BG but better in nearly every way. Any non-spoiler insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you. I'd argue that they're just as "good" as PS:T was, despite being inherently different types of games (Kotor II probably being the closest in terms of direct comparison). First time playing Planescape torment PS:T Alrighty....I'd never even heard of planescape torment before two months ago, but between hearing an onslaught of praise from all sorts of people whose opinions I respect and the whole kickstarter I've decided I need to experience this classic game. I'd argue that in terms of reaching the same philosophical heights, there absolutely have been games since then that have been comparable. But much of this musing comes in a secondary form primarily dealing not with the player character, but with the antagonist and secondary protagonist of the game (Dagoth Ur and Vivec respectively). Although these three games aren't exactly the same as PS:T, all of them deal with concepts that would fit right into the same writing style as Planescape, however. It does require that the game is well enough written to make the player care, however. Try everything, even if it seems insane, saving first of course. I regard it as a quintessential example of games transcending their medium as art. ), but I find myself enjoying PS:T a lot more than I first did, when I was 17. When I finally reinstalled Planescape: Torment and sat down, really taking my time to absorb the feel of the game, I was hooked. What are your thoughts on the "new" Torment ? The game starts you out in the Mortuary, a tutorial area of sorts, and then dumps you into Sigil, this meeting place of humans, angels, demons, tieflings, ruled over by a vengeful goddess that will banish your ass to an extraplanar maze if you piss her off. I have to second this. I disagree. Adding to the part about immersion: What I find so powerful, so rich and so human is that PS: T is in fact not a story about saving the world or fighting the good fight. I started treating the story like it was a book, and I just got sucked in. Basically all of the text in the game is fantastic. I'm also unsure, upon reaching level 7 as a Mage, whether I should then switch back to being a Fighter for a while for the extra HP and boons to my combat abilities, or if I should just stick with being a Mage from now on. The way it didn't beat you over the head with ham-handed, repeated expository dialogue was masterful. PS:T is not very fun to play, even with the enhanced edition. Games that trust the player to want to figure the game out, score so many points in my book. You'll probably want to replay PST to see all the stuff you missed. — Spellhold Studios forum; PS:T UB - Reloaded: A continuation of Qwinn's PST-UB for PST:EE You're coming at this from a much more vulnerable space, and dealing with an existential crisis that feels much realer than any other title. So I started Torment and have been really enjoying it (I've currently just gotten to Ragpicker's Square and have just finished the Old Mebbeth quest), except I've now run into a couple of issues/questions which I'm hoping the community might be able to help with. A more linear format might be able to give more tight focus on the Nameless One and his companions. The moment I saw a floating head come to me in the first area of the game, I was already sold. Mods are indeed cool but not necessary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.gog.com/news/mod_spotlight_planescape_torment_mods_guide/. Get the following: PS:T Fixpack "Fixing literally hundreds of bugs and thousands of typos, thereby restoring a lot of lost and inactive content, the PS:T Fixpack provides a completely new Planescape: Torment experience!". Apr 11, 2017 @ 5:49pm Starting stats help please! You play a Final Fantasy title and get quirky side characters, but little in the way of intellectual challenge or thoughtful proposition. This is the story, a very human story, of someone getting what they want out of existence(immortality), and their search for meaning, control and redemption, within the context of a universe that is mostly indifferent to them. But after I killed Diablo the second or third time on Nightmare mode, it started to feel strange. Yeah, PS:T is the only game where I was actually reading out the text from different characters with different voices in my head. Read your journal. If we go back to my previous examples, Morrowind deals quite heavily with the concept of immortality and the effect it has on an individual's psyche. I know a lot of older isometric games have resolution problems these days and I was worried about that, glad to see there's a fix. You learn that many people don't want to be saved. Maximize wisdom, intelligence and charisma. Other posters have touched on this, but I think the main reason PST stays amazing versus BG/ID is that no one has made a game as good as PST since. I want more strange settings that feel immediately distinctive. Fuck, was it heartbreaking to learn that Dak'kon's religious scriptures were manipulated ever so slighty in order to turn Dak'kon into little more than a slave for his whole life. Now, I didn't come here solely to report this. The only reason I'd recommend playing without mods for the first playthrough is to really appreciate how much better things are with mods added. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Guess what - you need to navigate this crazy place to figure out WTF is going on, but it's not spoonfed to you very much at all. Do their quests. Morte is incredible - He's funny as hell without feeling forced. Most of the mods are practical: higher resolution and widescreen support, bug fixing, clearing up typos in both text and code. If anyone has any answers or advice for any or all of these questions, I'd be extremely appreciative! Help them. Today I'd like to discuss a timeless classic, or that's what people often say when they're about to discuss Planescape: Torment. They respect the player's intelligence. You can ctrl-f to find any info you need. That while Planescape: Torment always reflected back on the central arc and the tormented nature of the Nameless One (and the repercussions of his existence), Tides Of Numenera was as much about the Changing God as it was about Numenera. The story in D2 wasn't really adding replay value, the setting and atmosphere wasn't as fleshed out as I remembered in D1. Wheras PS:T had the endless dialogue options and important, world-effecting choices that Morrowind may have lacked, it failed to provide the same level of historical depth and indirect philosophizing that Morrowind excelled at. Learning about him made him more real than most characters I've seen on TV and all characters in videogames up until then. I've seen the Console versions (Switch, PS4 and Xbox One) have controller support and their own UI, is it possible to get these on the PC version? My question is, as someone who probably did 99% of the content, up to this point, before deciding to tackle Modron's Maze>Undersigil>Ravel's Maze; and considering there are instances of double companions like Fall-from-Grace, how can this affect, if at all, my game moving forward until and at the end? Acting selfishly and fearing that you've broken an innocent person's heart forever? /r/truegaming is a subreddit dedicated to meaningful, insightful, and high-quality discussion on all topics gaming. We're due. But that doesn't mean that a game has to have similar themes or conveyance to be considered the same quality of RPG. So it's not just the quality of the writing, it's the scope, which is enhanced by being at a much more relatable, human level than most RPGs. It's not all about what's happening on the screen, it's also about what happens in your mind when you're engaged with it. — Spellhold Studios forum; PS:T UB - Reloaded: A continuation of Qwinn's PST-UB for PST:EE. After sitting there with that empty feeling that D2 would have no more surprises in store for me, I kind of gave up. Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. I would like to add on to your thoughts about scope, and mention just how powerful it is for PS:T to be such a small story, ultimately. is still one of the most talked games when you discuss cRPG', or any kind of RPG. The game is huge, full of content, with a ton of quests. Press J to jump to the feed. vitowns. Unfortunately, most modern games are more focused on appearing cinematic, without having that thing that makes good cinema good: Story. One of things I liked is that there was so much STUFF. Take your time, explore and talk to people, especially your companions. I have not played the Enhanced Edition. The second question has to do with stat allocation. Alrighty....I'd never even heard of planescape torment before two months ago, but between hearing an onslaught of praise from all sorts of people whose opinions I respect and the whole kickstarter I've decided I need to experience this classic game. No heroics, no Light vs. Darkness, but grounded, relatable real human emotions. Mod install guide here: http://www.gog.com/news/mod_spotlight_planescape_torment_mods_guide/. When you play torment, try to talk to everything. I finished the game, and I loved the entire cast (props to Morte, Dak'kon, Fall-from-Grace, and Vhailor - I love them all! If you are playing on PC then there are several mods I'd recommend that enchance/improve the experience. Like, you'll meet a random NPC, and that will spark a discussion. Consider installing mods if you replay it. I think the combat drags it down more than it helps. I hated PS:T. It was slow, dark with clumsy combat and a depressing starting area. There's only 3 fights you MUST do. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It's one of the ways the The Witcher and Tyranny work so well, too. I got Diablo 2 the same week, and was obsessed with it. Hopefully another one comes out soon so we can start talking about new games instead of ones that came out almost two decades ago. Story, a lived-in world, themes. Right now, my highest level is 6 (Fighter) and my stats are STR 9, DEX 9, CON 9, INT 19, WIS 19, CHA 14. I tried to get into it, and inexplicably, nothing about the game appeals to me. It's right up with the Witcher 3 in terms of writing for me. Have you looked into the Shin Megami Tensei series? Maybe time made my tastes get a bit better (or worse, who knows! That feeling alone made the game for me. Even final boss can be defeated without battle. That's fun but totally not required. I'm taking more time to read everything, I'm not using any kind of walkthrough, and even the shortcomings of this game, like the super basic combat, or the (lack of) explanation of the RPG mechanics for those who aren't into D&D rules don't bother me as much as they did the first time I played the game. With the recent launch of Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition, I decided to give it a replay. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition > PST:EE general discussion (spoilers!) Sure try it, see what happens. To me, it was so refreshing to have a game be about one man facing impossible odds, fighting tooth and nail to save himself. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Why the same can't be said about some of the other classics?

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