Jesus’ words are not the stuff of science or history, but are instead the stuff of divine promise. To him, the song “Purple Rain” was about finding divine guidance during Armageddon. What does purple rain mean? Biblical Commentary Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists. The promise is that God is present and acting within human history, within the good, the bad, and the ugly, to bring about a victorious conclusion; the result of which will be a new beginning, a new creation where God himself will wipe away every tear; where death will be no more; where mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things will have passed away. According to Alan Light of Spin, these themes became more prominent because of the decade’s arms race. There is an after life. Gunfire breaks out. Some believe it’s about the end of the world, a theme Prince was interested in mid-80s. It was released on June 25, 1984 by Warner Bros. Records. The Meaning of Purple Rain. And we all struggle between this urge of wanting to detach from everything and escape into the vast unknown, and chasing glory, power and fame, stretched between loving each other and hurting each other. His body, battered and bleeding, lies on the sidewalk. She talks and explains, but they don’t really hear her. That’s the good news that leads us to stand up and refuse to give in to the cynicism and hopeless desperation of the world.Through faith in Jesus Christ we are able to sense in all things the nearness of God’s Kingdom. Zounds magazine ranked it the 18th greatest album of all time. our lives are secured, saved, redeemed; Our human frailty, our human sin, our world’s birth pangs reflect the signs of how badly we need “thy Kingdom to come.”. Fans have been trying to work out the meaning of “purple rain” for decades now. You realize that’s all you ever wanted, before you got lost in the labyrinth of your psyche. It’s too small on the grand scheme of things. We work and follow money, we fake who we are just to fit in, we want to be leaders… but while we chase all of this the real life we have is slowly fading away. Purple rain… And all we want and ever wanted is to see them smile, to see them happy. Of course, Prince was not the only artist behind the song. The sound of “Hark! The Herald Angel Sings” flows almost unnoticeably from a speaker in the hallway of the chemo-floor in the hospital. Suddenly a truck explodes. A soldier picks the child up and carries him toward a waiting ambulance. God’s plan has never been to insulate His people from the rain that falls, but to prepare us for the storms that come our way. There’s a reason that purple is the liturgical color for both Advent and Lent. The lyrics to “1999” are also about Armageddon. It is a foretaste of Jesus’ second advent every time we celebrate this meal. The veterans walk around in their bathrobes, their IV drips on wheels, a look of fierce determination in their eyes. Prince was a musician who produced too many masterpieces to count. Through faith in Jesus Christ, On 21st of April a Legend passed away. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it the second-best album of the 1980s and 76th on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The lawyer’s office is decorated in green and red; a giant wreath is attached to the front door. Prince was famous for his controversial looks and sexuality. But in both cases, purple reminds us that our King still reigns, now and forever. We’re called in Advent to be enveloped by this purple promise, to be alert and observant; we’re called to think and feel faithfully and sacramentally, to sense the nearness of the kingdom. Lisa Coleman created the song’s string arrangement. The apocalypse was on Prince’s mind in the 1980s. I want you to know that. Jesus uses the language of metaphor and poetry to connect with the ineffable parts of our lives, those tough places and difficult times that defy articulation. Get instant definitions for any word that hits you anywhere on the web! Sometimes we hurt others unintentionally, or better said, they hurt from us by who we really are. Welcome To The Superhuman Upgrade Program, The One Solution to All The Problems We are Facing Right Now as Humans. And Jesus comes again in a very real and special way every time we celebrate this meal together. All of the stuff in the world that looks so meaningless, so bereft of purpose, all the pain and suffering, all the wars and disasters, all the cancer and AIDs, all the hopes and fears of all the years — are all pointing toward something. Meaning of purple rain. That moment of freedom.. elevation, like you are standing in the eye of the storm. Wouldn’t it make more sense to see things like an end to war, and people caring for one another after natural disasters, and the clean-up of politics as signs of the nearness of the Kingdom?

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