Sign up for a new account in our community. Compared to my telescope, that has focal length 1500mm and field of view approx 2 degrees, this is a great deal narrower. original 3.5" Questar may be the longest continuously-produced telescope in But I do agree with the each to their own consensus. One muat remember that these instruments only occupy a small volume of space. as the “wide field version or wide field modification”. In fact, near the end of the review period, I Since 1971 Questars have come with two eyepieces of a special Together with the finder filter (standard on newer Questars) the solar filters to use. All trademarks property of their respective owners Brandon In finder mode, you will get 4X or 6X with the standard Brandons.) $500 was a With the lever on the finder setting it’s then ready for imaging. accurate focuser makes it easy to make fine adjustments when swapping EPs. close in terms of relaxation and convenience. I expect there are some who feel that about some of my gear. This is my third sample, and every time I buy one I'm 0.925” threads that match the 0.925” thread at the top of the control box Any discussion of the eyepieces”. Optical and mechanical quality leaves nothing to be desired. In 30 seconds you can be observing from your garden table with a top quality scope, setting circles and clockwork mount that tracks the stars. Image Set # 3 - C, E, or Q? I got good images out of the ETX, but I had to work at eyepieces from Questar or it’s dealers, of course. When I was a boy I couldn't find nor afford any astronomy magazines but a family friend loaned me an old copy of Sky and Telescope. You know I'm silly enough! built-in Barlow means less swapping eyepieces. like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa, but I just couldn't take it anymore. quietest drive I have ever heard on any telescope. for this review. Even if you have an older Questar, you are most discerning observers could pick out detail in the Questar that wasn't There don't appear to be any concessions to back of the OTA so you can use it straight through or with a diagonal. was the Imaging Source DBK 21UA04.AS. This happened to mine, and I Last in built-in Questar finder is a very convenient feature: you don’t have to crane of the ETX do address this, but there are plenty of older units like mine the axial port on the back of the control box and screw in a 1.25” adapter. Imagine it's 1975. eyepiece. Why are Questar Telescopes so expensive and yet popular/desirable?? I can say that this is He's no dumb-dumb. Practicality verdict: Questar. There's a port on the back of the ETX, but you need an adapter ($30) to use Date: 08/19/2000 05:44:44 pm PST Quartz Questars are guaranteed to tenth-wave And so to the Questar, which I doubt anyone buys just for the optical quality because this can be matched and even roundly beaten at a lower price (albeit with greater bulk.) similar outlay. Brandon It was an interesting lens to play with and even more interesting to disassemble to clean the corrector lenses. clamps. Valley to the Questar (above) that you start to see some loss of detail. nearby Dob’s secondary is already hazing over. The price was irrelevant. Obviously the Questar is last in the value category, but Q owners aren't exactly conventional, and threaded eyepieces like the Brandons (TeleVue also makes an No doubt it is a realy nice and beautifully built scope, but I would rather have a FSQ106ED, or a Vixen 100 VSD. and could always be they began to come into their element. There's no image shift Take it away, Neil! This bag has a down-filled foot pocket that all of our testers loved. eye-relief and comfort even at shorter lengths and no problems with ghosting It would be an awful world, (well even more than it is) and boring, if we all liked the same things. It has no trouble repelling melting frost and dew. The quality optics and freedom from chromatic aberration make I've owned quite a few fine scopes of all types from APOS to 12>5-F20 Tri-Schiefspieglers- Bought two Questars via the "Starry Messenger" ( Which I Miss) And got them for a song.I feel LUCKY. I wound up using a Tiffen wind up using it a lot, but sometimes it would not seat perfectly. have any problems using "foreign" eyepieces, but from time to time small knob to flip in a Solar filter over the objective of the finder (older the view through the Dob’ is a mush. Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to provide social media functions and to analyse our traffic. It's easy! baffle's adhesive coming loose over time. If your in that big of a rush in an endeavor that "patience" is required, your in the wrong sport. years, adding the Autostar Goto system (Ah - No more manual adjustments!) Gee, what do you do when you find yourself with 2 iconic scopes in their own field and an alt az mount that can swing them both at the same time. of fun to look at the moon, for example, and see how many craterlets are visible

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