Thing number three, I would say, is start loving paint, clay, and art grime under your nails. What words and actions will transition that college-aged adult into a professional teacher? Jun 27, 2017 - Working with an experienced teacher is a wonderful opportunity. Now let’s talk about my top five tips for you all. Back to my top five. 100% online, complete program cost: $13,264 + books/materials. Combined, she and co-author Marvin Henry have over five decades of experience in teacher education. I mean, I’m not even … I’m holding my tongue, biting it, biting it hard, because I could go off on a tangent. I want everybody to be happy. Have an awesome week, you guys. I’m an old dog, and so these student teachers are learning all these amazing and new tricks. Her student teacher made sure her tattoos were covered and knew to turn off her cell phone throughout the school day. I know that I'll be asking my teacher/principal information about best practices while subbing, any guidance for job interviews, etc. Down the track, this can make a big difference. They don’t. How can you possibly wring another ounce of time, energy, and space to include a budding professional in your career world? Nope. You’re not a failure. I mean, am I right? This is Cassie Stephens, and this also Everyday Art Room. How do they organize student art work? You’re going to be great. will support the Student Teacher by: • asking non-leading and open -ended questions to support the Student Teacher’s reflection and problem-solving abilities • assisting the Student Teacher in determining which State(s) of Mind (efficacy, flexibility, craftsmanship, I have had in my 20 years teaching just a mere three student teachers. Fund raisers. Ask first, of course, but don’t be afraid to ask. Can. Seconding the question about rules and routines. That’s just me. You think a student teacher’s going to understand that kids need to make a line before they leave the art room. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! That in itself was a blast, but again, I was with middle school and high school kids who pretty much ate my lunch every single day. Managing the Art Room is a three credit course that runs over eight weeks, and it helps you create a unique blend of strategies and techniques to hold students accountable, manage materials and resources, design procedures to keep the art room running efficiently, and establish an enjoyable, creative environment. That’s where I’m coming from. It really all depends on the circumstances, so let’s talk about it. Find out the most convenient time and place for her/him to meet. Thing number two. Then you’ll know what not to do in your art room. Mine are always paint stained burritos, because I’m usually walking around with my burrito while preparing. Maybe he or she has a different idea and is seeing things a little differently, giving you an idea of something new you might want to try. Stay off that phone, and don’t be late. Whatever the circumstance, consider accepting the role of cooperating teacher and giving forward to your profession. You’re going to be amazing. Knowing these levels allowed him to tailor his approach with each particular student teacher in each particular situation and communicate successfully. Don’t be afraid to hang up the art work that your kids have made with you. Get ready. Also, not quite what you're asking but talk to your mentor teacher and principal about what you can improve on. Pay attention to the things that you see your cooperating teacher do … Ask questions. All this sounds grand. Now let me turn it back over to Cassie so she can finish out the show. Get contact numbers for staff and keep in touch with them. Speak from your heart.” And those are things that you need to do sometimes with a student teacher. That left me totally clueless when I started with my own classroom as to how to set it up and get the year rolling. Pay attention to the things that you see your cooperating teacher do that you don’t like. Why you do it the way you do, but keep an open mind. You need to point out the things that aren’t working and let them know what is working, and that brings me to my last bit of advice. Don’t let it. Maybe your principal will ask. How do they organize? Here’s tip number three. Do it with a few weeks to go, and work on improving that over the next few weeks. That's how I feel exactly! How many times do I have to tell you that I’ve taught for 20 years? Art educators have to deal with a lot of issues, so we’ve created topics that will help you find what you’re looking for. Okay. The first thing I want you to know is this. I was really struggling with a colleague, and I needed to take my problems to my administration, but I just didn’t know how to go about doing it, and I was seeking advice from a fellow teacher, and she told me, “Cassie, you can say anything to anyone as long as you choose your words wisely. If there are things you can work on now, with guidance, do it. I think my district pays $100 or maybe a little more. Just kidding. Pay attention. Just like the same advice that I gave the cooperating teacher, you can say anything as long as you say it respectfully. Mm-mm (negative). Keep in mind that you are in somebody else’s house. That’s thing number one. Cassie: And now it’s time to take a little dip into the mail bag. That’s all I’m saying. That should be like a drinking game. Thank you for your comment! Cookies help us deliver our Services. What questions should I ask my cooperating teacher/principal before student teaching is over? Learning how to unobtrusively collect data, learning what communication methods work for your student teacher, and learning how to monitor change are important aspects of the cooperating teacher role. Be honest. Be prepared to be a mom, a therapist, a colleague, a shoulder to cry on for your student teacher, but above all, be honest with your student teacher and be supportive. Wait am I reading this right, do you only get $75 per day subbing for a teacher?! What’s the hesitation? Ask questions. It just didn’t feel like something I could see myself doing. Cooperating Teacher. The teacher portion of it wasn’t, so I had two not-so-great student teaching experiences. You must be logged-in in order to download this resource. Main: 515.650.3198 All of those things, and then on top of all of that, the edu-jargon project brace this, la la la la. Pay attention to the things that you like that your cooperating teacher is doing. Don’t be on your phone. Click to download your resource. Your principal approaches you to request that a new student be placed in your classroom. You can do anything, including becoming an effective sage for the field of teaching. Make your student teacher feel welcome, and clear them a home base or a personal space. Here are some student teaching questions you can ask your cooperating teacher! Organization is a huge thing, and it doesn’t come naturally to many of us art teachers, so ask about how they organize everything. Ann is co-author of Student Teaching: The Cooperating Teacher Series (3 professional development books) and Supervising Student Teachers the Professional Way, 7th edition. Truth be told, you love being a middle-level teacher and you’re pretty good at it too. So like I said, take my advice with a grain of salt, having had just three student teachers. (For example, one of the paras recently told me that if I subbed for her, I'd make $15 more than if I subbed for any of the teachers - I'd get paid an $11 hourly rate for her at an 8.5hr day while only $75 for a teacher! If I were you, I would keep that phone either turned off, put it on vibrate, put it in your purse.

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