You as a future teacher, gaining this 18 units is not easy as it. Value formation is a training of the intellect and will. Technology provides support to the solution of meaningful problems. That means that we must regularly examine what has worked and what hasn't worked in the classroom, despite how painful it can sometimes be to look in the mirror. Draw yourself up to your full height, look at anybody squarely in the eye and say, "I am a Teacher." Only you can learn for yourself and no one can do the learning for you. The concept and sense of professional identity central to the Council’s approach – and to the exercise of professional autonomy. Education can improve one's live. So, I realize that philosophy of education is very significant. But every time you encourage your students will help them to realize that education is a tool to achieve their goal. Next there is outlined a research project where types of reflection have been defined and applied to an analysis of student writing. I also learned that values have cognitive dimension it includes formation in the cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects. You have the willingness to go through a long period of preparation and a continuing professional development. It is the values of love, care, and concern for our fellowmen is values for all people regardless of time and space. I want to share my experiences in how to survive the hardship of life. It requires patient. 3099067 Their favorable partnership will yield good harvest by establishing a conducive learning environment in the school and an orderly and civic-minded citizenry in the community. The time, effort and money will not be wasted for as long as you learned. Global education is all about diversity, understanding the differences and teaching the different cultural groups in order to achieve the goals of global education as presented by the United Nations. Well, I want to become a teacher simply because I want to impart my knowledge and my ideas to the young minds. You are expected to write an “accomplishment report at the end of your mission. Sometimes a teacher could be an adviser, a friend and our comforter. In this paper, three modes of reflection during internship in teacher education are discerned and discussed: (1) reflection as induction to warranted ways of seeing, thinking and acting; (2) reflection as concept development; (3) reflection as off‐line or imagined practices. They, in turn, help, shape society, its events, people, and its destiny. And if I will formulate my own philosophy, it includes my concept about how a student must be taught in order to come close to the truth. Teaching: The Reflective Profession sets out the Council understanding of nature of teaching and the competences that underpin it. The Teacher in the Classroom and Community, “The teacher is diplomat and ambassador of fact and sensitivity, as he/she facilitates productive, positive interactions among the multiplicity of personalities, cultures, beliefs and ideals", The National Competency- BasedTeacher Standards (NCBTS). It took me almost a week to finish this 8-unit reflection in Teaching Profession. Bunckingham: SRHE. What is Reflective practice After understanding the perspectives of teacher on teaching and learning outcome its important to understand what reflective practices are and how it contributes to continuous teacher’s professional development. ); Learn about reflection through interaction with teacher e. Learn to reflect on learners and the learning processes as well as the content; Learn to integrate ideas from others and experiences to improve teaching; and. In this lesson, I learned that morality refers to the quality of human acts by which we call them right or wrong, good or evil. What transcendent values mean? I will be a teacher that promote positive learning towards my students. In a profession as challenging as teaching, honest self-reflection is key. Broadening Teaching Perspectives: Teacher Exchange Programs. _________________________________________, Professional Education            18 units, Bachelor of Arts                     SY 2015-2016, Sagay National High School    SY 2003-2004. The members of the community, in addition to the parents, include the local government units, the non-government agencies, civic organizations, and all the residents.

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