( Log Out /  She gives the reader flashbacks to their childhood and how hard it was sometimes. We did not have other brothers and sisters, it was all on me. The drivers I met on typical routes showed no capacity to be understanding, let alone have the time to accommodate an individual with mental retardation. I loved the conversations she had with some of the bus drivers (the jewels that Beth found through persistent trial and error) and the wisdom of many of them. Rachel Simon is a talented writer who not only tells an honest, heartfelt story I can relate to with my family, but she is amazing at using sensory detail and organization to draw interest and meaning through the narrative. She is best known for her critically acclaimed, bestselling memoir Riding the Bus with My Sister, which was adapted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie of the same name. & Interesting is a good word for this memoir. Nevertheless, she persisted, graduating from Chicago’s first magnet high school, Princeton, and Harvard Law School, and pursuing careers in law and the nonprofit world. Thoughtful book about family relationships, Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2019. I had thought it would be a nice book, it turned out to be a great book. (There's an essay from Beth and some "Where Are They Now?" . I guess I'm just not a fan of feel-good true stories that teach me lessons about life. She rides the local buses in her Pennsylvania city, every day. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. There but by the grace of God go I. Somehow I have trouble believing that this is exactly how things happened. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry The author's youthfulness helps to assure the inevitable comparison with the Anne Frank diary although over and above the... by To see what your friends thought of this book. This needs to be on every high school's reading list. I found myself wrapped up in their year of traveling the buses together, and loving the kind people, drivers, and friends made along the way. Learn more. Simon spent a year riding the buses with Beth and learns about a whole new world and a way of looking at life that is completely foreign to most middle-class people. BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR, by Beth Simon has ridden buses for years. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If so, this simple 10-step plan is for you! Who else has sold more than 200 million... Rachel Simon's sister Beth is a spirited woman who lives intensely and often joyfully, despite her intellectual disability. Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2019. In the end, riding the bus with Beth helps Rachel discover a fresh perspective, not only on Beth's life, but also on her own. I am a behaviour therapist for the ASD community and this is one of the most realistic portrayals of a family with a child with diverse needs that I've ever read. The bus drivers (who serve as Beth's heros and informal counselors as she choses to spend her days continuously riding city buses) add humor and down-to-earth wisdom to Beth's story. ( Log Out /  This book was about how Rachel dealth with her sister having a mental illness. Please try your request again later. But as Rachel discovers at the end of her journey, MR is a catchall term for the many things that can go wrong in a person's brain and development. And I am so happy that someone has addressed this and so clearly and effectively. I also heard all my childhood "You have to take care of Mary..." frightening stuff for a kid just trying to figure out how to take care of herself. During that time, she came to see her sister as a person in her own right with strong feelings about how she wanted to live her life, despite what others thought. It’s free and takes less than 10 seconds! I lived life at a different pace than my brother, as Rachel Simon does with her sister, Beth. I found it really moving how she quietly told the story. Stories about the essence of paradise from diverse angles of people from 3 islands in the Pacific. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published And I think I'm done learning lessons. Round up to 4.5 stars. I got to page 88 and I'm done with this thing. Riding the Bus with My Sister is Simon's story of a year she spent reconnecting with her sister, a mentally challenged woman who spends her days, well, riding the bus. A Review of “Riding the Bus with my Sist .... Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. She was surprised by their kindness and generosity when Beth needed support during an operation or help finding a bathroom. The author gracefully avoids sounding preachy or didactic; she reveals herself to be at times supremely frustrated with her sister’s behavior. ISBN-13: 9780452284555 Summary Rachel Simon's sister Beth is a spirited woman who lives intensely and often joyfully. This is a must read for anyone in this field and I will recommend this book to all past and present providers. The three disparate narratives come together quite well and leave the reader cheering for a reconciliation between the... by Rachel’s life changed as well. It just shows there are wonderful people out there in the world. But the trials and decisions of the family were done well, and the soul searching by Rachel the author, was gripping. I found this to be a very interesting memoir about Rachel and her relationship with her sister, Cool Beth. Catherine Temerson. This is one of those books where I now want to buy a bunch of copies and give one to everyone I know. With flashback descriptions of the family they grew up in, parents who were far from perfect but were determined that Beth would not be institutionalized, happy memories of their relationship but many frustrations too, Rachel takes us on a journey where we can understand better the major shift that has taken place in how people with developmental/intellectual disabilities (DD/ID) are treated in American society. If you love someone with pervasive developmental delays (or mental retardation as it is referred to in the book), this will either help you process some of your own thoughts/fears/emotions surrounding that situation or it will make you angry or some combination of those responses. .orange-text-color {color: #FE971E;} Discover additional details about the events, people, and places in your book, with Wikipedia integration. Additional gift options are available when buying one eBook at a time. This went on for a few more chapters. Because Simon's adult sister, Beth, is mentally retarded, she doesn't spend her days the way most people do. It wasn't all bad though and there were definitely many parts I enjoyed. The book has garnered numerous awards, and is a frequent and much beloved selection of many book clubs, school reading programs, and city-wide reads throughout the country. Elie Wiesel, by Now, as adults, Rachel wants to be a better sister and learn how to understand Beth and her handicap. This book will stick with me for a long time. I liked this book about a writer who decides to spend a day each month riding the bus system with her MR sister, Cool Beth. Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Thank you so much, Rachel Simon! Retrieve credentials. I'm sure Rachel has helped many families who yearn to feel that they are not alone. Rachel Simon. After the 3rd (or so) bus driver gave his uninterrupted, full-page monologue about the life lessons he's learned and that he's passing on to Rachel Simon, I decided enough's enough. Agent, Anne Edelstein. --Rosie O'Donnell, Children of the Night: A Historical Novel Based on a True Story. This is an anniversary edition with new content. She is best known for her critically acclaimed, bestselling memoir Riding the Bus with My Sister, which was adapted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie of the same name. The first part of this really grabbed my attention. That Rachel has grown into such a fierce advocate, educator and resource is amazing. The interplay of the present day story with the family background was interesting, though it did get painful as the family's disfunction came to the fore. For details, please see the Terms & Conditions associated with these promotions. Emeritus of Special Education , Western Illinois University Quad Cities , Moline , Illinois , USA, /doi/full/10.1080/15228967.2013.842083?needAccess=true.

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