If you’re aimed incorrectly and/or have and open/closed face at impact, you will still not hit your target. No argument there. Why not invest in a swing that allow for that longevity. Colin Montgomerie Today I want to share some thoughts about how little things can often mean a lot when it comes to tweaking your equipment. Jack Grout, who taught Nicklaus from adolescence, encouraged a wide takeaway to get the hands as high in the air as possible and to complement this movement with a full turn of the hips and great footwork. I’m noticing a trend with your input to these conversations. No. IMO learning what works for one’s physical condition is the swing to use and extend one’s playing years. Even the sedentary player can squeeze another inch or two out of their hip turn. But just as importantly, it will add accuracy… a point proven by Trackman in this century and by Jack Nicklaus in the last. An example that comes to mind (other than Tiger) is Hideki Matsuyama. And, indeed, Sam Snead had that shot as his bread and butter shot. Jack Grout, who taught Nicklaus from adolescence, encouraged a wide takeaway to get the hands as high in the air as possible and to complement this movement with a … Popular golf instruction after Bobby Jones considered the shut to open release swing was too complicated for the masses. Incidentally, nobody in 150 years has ever won a major by a wider margin at that age. Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler are the only swings that should be taught. he had a great illustrated book made that shows it all in detail. Swing theorists should pay way more attention to Sam Snead. Just a thought. But, because of his swing, he could still stop a ball on the green. I believe that this crop from 20-29 will play better for a longer period of time. I was pretty long back then, probably top quartile among good players (forget the long-drive-competition gorillas). He was good enough that he might have pursued a baseball career. Yep, I followed the Golden Bear in everything. They get dirty. Agree. Why Jack And I Hover The Club Early in my golf life I adopted Jack Nicklaus's technique of addressing the ball with the clubhead held just above the turf rather … And just as it will allow a professional to age gracefully — or spectacularly in the case of Nicklaus — it will allow the amateur to play with less pain in his body as he gets older. Same reason Jack’s wasn’t taught! You can see it in his right wrist on a lot of his short shots in the new Jack documentary. Check out our three keys to make sure you start every swing great. Lower trajectory and more spin would simply equate to a shorter shot, not a more accurate one. Classic swing that should be taught. In addition this movement permits me to swing in a wider arch and stay on plane. The lower body should remain still as the club starts moving back. Sam did just fine against Ben, and his career was strong on Tour until he was in his 60’s. In “Golf My Way,” his 1974 book, he has this to say about the concept of a restricted-hip turn to create power: I understand that there is a theory in golf today that the hips shouldn’t turn on the backswing. And the more the shoulders turn, the more the hips are forced to turn, right? Sure. But to do that his face was either closed or open. He was a three-time All-American at the University of Texas, where he earned a BS in Communications. On the other hand, starting the swing incorrectly forces many compensations and extra movements throughout the rest of the swing. He doesn’t require his students to force their bodies into new positions. Parks swing was not very effective in the wind this past Sunday something I have seen in upright swings before. In his PGA Tour career, Chamblee amassed more than $4 million in earnings. Despite their unorthodox BS, Jim Furyk and Miller Barber dropped into the slot in DS. And is still planning on Ryder Cupping till he’s 50…..hmmmmmmmmm. People can make their own judgments. On the other hand, Ben Hogan had so much flexibility in his wrists that he was able to develop great distance through lag. In 1980, Jack Nicklaus also led the PGA Tour in Greens In Regulation. Cobra’s new King Tour irons with MIM technology are built for better players looking to hit precision shots. When was the last time, or any time, a golf instructor on GolfWRX, ever said anything like this: “Jack does not believe in the concept of consciously restricting the hip turn. I get that part, I was just nitpicking at what statements he uses to try and validate his argument. “farting behind his left heel”(Gerry Hogan). Simple fact is that this makes the face point left because of the loft. But lower traj/higher spin does NOT equal accuracy. I suggest you try gripping down on your driver an inch or more the next time you play and see if you don’t hit the ball closer to the sweet spot and see it consistently going longer and straighter. Consider also that Nicklaus won the career grand slam, yet again, after he turned 38. Because you have guys like hank Haney that would just say he’s across the line, simple. That means the left foot rolled in first and then lifted on the backswing, and then the left heel was planted to begin the downswing and the right heel rolled in and lifted as it was pulled off the ground by the full rotation of the body through the shot. I learned Jack’s swing from viewing his videos “golf my way.” I learned that the reverse C allows the club to stay on plane with high hands on the back swing, to a reverse C follow through.

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