The Digimon All-star Showdown!! He occasionally seeks Tai for advice, or rather is given advice from him. After Christopher Aonuma succeeds in capturing Volcdramon, Davis is on the Old Man's boat alongside Veemon, and the other Legendary Heroes. Notably, the idea of him having a crush on Kari is not borne out during the final battle against MaloMyotismon. This article details the relationships between Davis Motomiya and his fellow DigiDestined of Digimon Adventure 02. He refuses to give up even when all seems lost, and his infectious optimism and determination are the reasons the new DigiDestined call Davis their leader. They are able to cooperate well in battle, their teamwork proving invaluable to the group. Davis's true desire, as revealed by MaloMyotismon's ability, was to simply defeat the villain, and did not include Kari at all. That afternoon, he finds out Kari and T.K. Davis views the Emperor's way of treating Digimon inhumane, and always talks to him in a rash tone. However, Davis soon realizes his idea of siblings was wrong, as he sees that Matt and T.K. #NoIGTeryn 27 looks great on you lil gal! She and Gracie Haschak have both been featured on MattyB songs. No matter how dire the situation, he always believes that they can somehow make it through. Thus, upon meeting Kari and Tai, he was thankful of being accepted by them, and tries his best to show his gratitude of this. Digimon World Tour, Pt. Davis also shows a certain level of respect for Cody that he doesn't for the rest of the group and often comments (if sarcastically) at Cody's maturity and intelligence. Ryouma then uses the weapon to attack Mikey and OmniShoutmon, and Davis angrily asks what he's doing, and the boy reveals to be on Quartzmon's side. After Imperialdramon Paladin Mode managed to destroy the monster and the DigiDestined used their Digivices—and the spectators' cell phones—to capture the Kuramon, Davis remarked how tired he was. Davis often calls T.K. There are now "Noodle Noodle, Come Get Your Noodle" carts all over the world. During introductions, she says that she has no nanme, so Davis gives her the name "Na-chan", from the Japanese word for summer (Natsu (夏, Natsu?)). In the early episodes, Davis views Ken only as a friendly rival, perhaps even looking up to him. (In the original version, Davis refers to T.K. I love…” • Follow their account to see 207 posts. Fun facts: before fame, family life, popularity rankings, and more. However, his new classmate T.K. Famous Birthdays. Upon completion of the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna challenge between January 21, 2020 and February 21, 2020, the player is awarded with a Veemon wearing Davis' Goggles. Later, when Quartzmon starts fusing the Fusion universe's Human World with DigiQuartz, and Xros Heart is not strong enough to defeat his army of VenomMyotismon, and MaloMyotismon replicas, Davis shows up with Magnamon to assist them. Reunion, Upon falling underground in the Digital World, Daigo Nishijima and Taichi "Tai" Kamiya discover an underground laboratory, with Ken and the 02 Digidestined and Gennai inside pods, with the machines providing them with life support. He occasionally seeks Tai for advice, or rather is given advice from him. Takaishi, is an old friend of Kari's, and Davis instantly pegs him as a rival for Kari's affections. and their Digimon had gone to help their big brothers and Omnimon, he demanded that he should go as well. Her first big song, "808s and Motivation," was originally released on November 21, 2018. Age 14 years old. Digimon Hurricane Landing! A Million Points of Light. Outside, he wears an open black and dark red jacket with a wool-lined collar, and beige gloves. With the monster destroyed, Davis and his friends return to their continuity, but not before Davis shows his gratitude to Taichi. When Imperialdramon Fighter Mode is about to use his "Giga Crusher", Davis warns Xros Heart to take refuge. It could be said that before meeting the Kamiya family, Davis had no friends due to his view of others. Digimon Adventure 02, His soccer uniform is a red T-shirt with a white collar, white lines on the sleeves and a white "18" on the back, white shorts with a vertical red line on each side, white socks with red borders, and black and red football boots with white marks on them. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! Davis and Imperialdramon, along with the other Legendary Heroes, follow Tagiru and Arresterdramon when they dive after the Brave Snatcher, and then are fused into the weapon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Davis later cuts off MaloMyotismon's power source when he inspires the Dark Spore kids by telling them about his dream to open a noodle cart. Davis looks up to Sora, especially as one of the older DigiDestined. But when Davis learned that Kari, T.K. is the main protagonist in the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series. Davis looks up to Mimi as a valuable ally whenever she was in a position to help out. He no longer wears goggles, having entrusted his old pair to his son. Davis Motomiya (本宮 大輔, Motomiya Daisuke?) When Pukumon enters the scene with a Control Spire, Joe gets knocked into the 02 gang & Davis ends up with T.K. Reunion, In 2027, Davis is an adult, and has a short and spiky haircut. At first, Davis considers Taichi as a fake Tai, until he is saved from Parallelmon. Witnesses of the battle against Diaboromon, Hurricane Landing! Enter Flamedramon In the Digital World, Davis wears a dark blue bomber jacket with a red and yellow flame pattern at the bottom and over a light green shirt. After the battle, Davis's power, along with those of the other Legendary Heroes, is fused into the Brave Snatcher. Also, please do not add specific, minor details, and consider only what is important and plot-relevant; also, please avoid "shipping" bias and do not analyze further than what is obviously happening. The Door to Summer, In 2005, Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken are defeated by Alphamon, and go missing. Ken's Secret. not seeing each other in years. Davis has three Japanese image songs: "Goggle Boy", "Reach For You" and "Ashita" ("Tomorrow"), all sung by Reiko Kiuchi. He wears a dark blue short-sleeved hoodie, brown shorts, and socks and sneakers of undetermined color. Remember that both the English dub and the Japanese version are significant. The DigiDestined find the Digi-Egg of Friendship, but Davis hesitates to pick it up, worried he doesn't know what true friendship is. 's close relationship with Kari, Davis views him as a rival for Kari's "love" (or at least her attention and friendship) for most of the season. Through this understanding, ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA evolve to form Paildramon. Search. When MaloMyotismon asks how Davis cornered his illusion, the boy reveals that at the moment he had only one desire: to destroy MaloMyotismon. Then he poses as Izzy, but his way of 'fixing' computers annoys Izzy. This is shown by the fact Cody rarely challenges Davis' leadership or make disparaging comments about his personality, certainly much less often than the other regular characters. He is the leader of that season's DigiDestined and its lead Goggle Boy, and is partnered to Veemon. This person was Davis Motomyia, the leader of the second generation DigiDestined, and it was his birthday today. In her early career, she starred in the television sitcoms Flying Blind (1992–93) and The Naked Truth (1995–98). In spite of occasional arguments, Davis and Cody appear to have a fairly stable friendship. Davis discovers that the base's power source is the Digi-Egg of Miracles, which he uses to Armor Digivolve Veemon to Magnamon. Ken vows to take over the world, but Davis tackles him in a scuffle. Kiuchi also sings "Daisuke to Ken no Kaimono Carol" ("Daisuke and Ken's Shopping Carol") as a duet with Romi Park as Ken Ichijouji, and participates in "Bokura no Digital World" ("Our Digital World") and in the male Digimon Adventure 02 characters' rendition of "Target~Akai Shougeki~" in the Digimon Music 100 Title Memorial Box. At some point, the Old Clock Shop Man summoned the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon. During summer, Davis wears a blue open vest over a dark blue T-shirt with a thick white stripe across the chest, brown shorts with a black belt, white socks, and orange and white boots. !/The Golden Digimentals, However, the real DigiDestined soon appear, revealing that the Emperor deceived Davis. 's familiarity with Kari and considers him a rival for her affections. In the English version, the event was between March 15, 2020 and April 12, 2020. As the season progresses however, this rivalry begins to fade, as Davis is more accepting of his teammates. He introduces himself as Tai's junior, but saying they are the same age now, which confuses Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurgi until Takuya Kanbara explains Davis and Tai are from the same world but different times. video; trivia; popular; trending; random; Ava Davis Pop Singer #6365. Burn up Tagiru! The others try to stop Davis from going to her, but Davis says that she is just lonely and wants a partner. Davis appears to be very interested in Kari throughout the season, implying that he may have a crush on her. Instead, he goes to each of his friends and helps bring them back to reality along with the different Digivolved forms of Veemon. The two also are on the same soccer club before the series starts, which may be another reason why Davis sees Tai so highly. However, for all his bluster, Davis is a deeply caring and loving person who is extremely loyal to his friends. When Taichi tells Davis he trusts him because he would only entrust his prized goggles to someone who values his friends, Davis makes peace with Taichi, and the two worked together to save the others. While the other children are caught in their dream worlds, unable to let go of their desires due to MaloMyotismon's illusions, Davis seemingly remains untouched. Big Trouble in Little Edo, During winter, Davis wears a light blue sweater with a white collar and two yellow stripes on the left breast, light olive green shorts, white socks, and blue boots with white soles and tongues. However, when Ken comes to terms about his actions and is returned to normal, Davis becomes the first of the DigiDestined to accept him into the group, despite the others refusing to do so. Enter Flamedramon, Sometime later, the Odaiba Elementary School soccer team plays a match against the famous Ken Ichijouji's school, with Davis on the team roster. The Golden Digimentals, Davis is the first of the new kids to have his partner Digivolve naturally to ExVeemon. or any deep, beyond-superficial bond with Kari. At work, he wears a sleeveless light blue shirt over a white shirt with short, rolled-back sleeves, dark grey pants, and dark brown shoes, as well as a white apron. He wears a dark blue jacket over a light blue shirt and a white undershirt, brown pants and brown shoes with black soles. which is set in 2005, Davis is 14 years old as he, Ken, Yolei and Cody are defeated by Alphamon. Strangely enough, when Willis flirts with Yolei briefly in Digimon: The Movie, Davis seemed quite disturbed. A Million Points of Light. In response to Davis's jealousy towards Kari and T.K.

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