“UFC operations staff knows it can put a 30ft cage in the Apex. ← BEHOLD! No one -- Pillot, Davie or Gracie -- supports the idea of Milius contributing to the cage design. The terrorists aren't particularly fierce and the film not particularly memorable, but for Jason Cusson, an art director charged with constructing a fighting surface for an upcoming pay-per-view event, it was his only frame of reference for the martial arts world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any details concerning why the Octagon is… well, an octagon. One of the new talking points heading into UFC events is the size of the Octagon. "We were working together," Cusson said. Whether the inspiration was Pillot, Norris, Milius or some intangible, the Octagon is thematically perfect. Nick Ring and Michael Johnson Returns in the Octagon th... Noons Welcomes Pacquiao in Cage and in Ring. When it all started back in 1993, there were ideas like the one that Octagon should be surrounded by a tank filled with water and sharks. Aside from a change in canvas color and raising the railing height to a full six feet -- and ignoring its sibling, a 25-foot cage intended for events in smaller venues -- it has remained virtually intact since the UFC's debut in November 1993. "It had a chain-link fence around the sides, but only chest high, and padded rails that we had manufactured. Others use the flimsy thin walled tubular steel and it causes problems! "We built it and took it apart and had everything labeled so we knew which parts went where when we put it back together.". Today, Zuffa has the exclusive rights to use the term “The Octagon”. "Boxing was in its heyday. The standard UFC Octagon’s canvas (fighting space surrounded by the fence) has a diameter of 30 ft (9.1 m) with a 6-feet high fence. link to Do MMA Fighters Wear Mouthguards? (Ultiman would become such a blood-splattered biohazard during the show that he would have to be repainted for UFC II the following year.) Everything about our cage is superior. ", Davie has no recollection of this conversation. Harrison is equally adamant that Cusson had no voice during the design process. Almost everything was allowed (except biting, gouging, and attacking the genitals). And Should You? Just ask around, the truth is a great advertisement for our cages! SEG, the pioneer in pay-per-view television, trademarked the concept and the term “The Octagon”. Gracie doesn't recall any such conversation, while Brady admits he heard only Milius' end of the conversation when the two spoke via telephone. Of all fights held inside the standard UFC Octagon (diameter of 30 ft), 48 % of them ended in a finish, and the average fight lasted for 651 seconds. In most of the cases, UFC uses their usual Octagon of the diameter of 30 ft (9.1 m). "And that doesn't even broach the subject of the statute of limitations. OCTAGON MMA CAGES. On average, fighters throw roughly 20 per cent more strikes in the 25-footer, which have helped make contests maintain momentum and not drop off in quality. The Smith video had landed Harrison an MTV Video Music Award nomination. Boxing rings became usual for fighting events like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, but the ropes of the rings were something that wasn’t exactly in the mind of creators of the Octagon. In boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai events, there are ropes that can sometimes help the fighters (like rope-a-dope technique in boxing; technique commonly associated with Muhammad Ali in his 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against world heavyweight champion George Foreman). Patschull did eventually cross paths with the UFC in 1995 when he acted as manager for John Matua, the Hawaiian fighter who was knocked out by David "Tank" Abbott in a preliminary bout. ITEM NO: MCOF1. Through nearly 20 years of evolution and a revolving door of fighters, styles and rules, the only constant for the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been its eight-sided chain-link enclosure, virtually unchanged since it first appeared in Denver on Nov. 12, 1993 -- the mixed martial arts version of a baseball diamond. (He used pieces of a promotional, small-scale Octagon as part of his Halloween decorations before they crumbled.) "It's not genius," Cusson said. We are told everyday that we are the absolute best and we hear that from our customers all over the world! Fights held inside the smaller UFC Octagon (diameter of 25 ft) had a 60 % finish rate and lasted for 593 seconds on average. He approached John with his mission of making jiu-jitsu popular to the American public. Back in the day, there were no rules. The legendary Gracie family is responsible for turning MMA into what it is today and the Octagon is no exception. And Harrison's recollection of events is substantially different. "From the moment it appeared on television, it couldn't look like what we were preconditioned to assume was just another fight," Pillot said. In the early 1990s, Rorion Gracie decided the only way to take the evolving sport to the next level was to expose it to the masses and turned to television in order to do just that. It’s just preference,” he added. UFC real or not: McGregor vs. Poirier will be for the lightweight title? Harrison went through a few iterations with Pillot -- an octagonal surface surrounded by a cage and ropes and another with a raised platform. Boxing was boxing. Its many sides reflect the many styles involved in mixed martial arts. Simply put, the UFC cage is octagon because it was designed with the fighter’s safety in mind, while providing a good view for spectators. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to land him a contract, so he was forced to settle for writing on the internet for a living instead. They're going to try and claim they created it. link to What Is the Difference Between Karate and Taekwondo? “It was unbelievably crazy, but they loved it. There was only a line of dirt that marked the edge of the fighting space. Not only did it give us access to Facebook and Google, but we have also gained more insight into the Eastern world.... We are longtime fighters and big fans of martial arts. SEG, meanwhile, received a trademark in September 1997 for an "octagon-shaped fighting surface," a protection that Zuffa inherited. Patschull's event, which he dubbed "Cage of Rage," was held in February 1993 at the University of California Irvine. "The basic problem I encountered was getting something that would work for both mixed fighting and live TV production," Harrison said. "The reason was so no one could get pinned in a corner," said Patschull, who often goes by the nickname "Kazja." MMA is often regarded as one of the bloodiest sports there is. I used to teach John Milius and we started wondering how we could create a ring where the fighters couldn’t escape. We needed the viewer to look at this in a completely different way.". According to UFC President, Dana White, there are several reasons why the UFC cage is octagon. My investors said, why not use a boxing ring? The World's Greatest MMA Cage Packages are available from PRO MMA! For comparison, the Bellator cage is 36 ft (10.97 m) in diameter with 1018 square ft of fight area. The UFC helped legitimize the sport when it was founded in the early 1990s and basically created modern MMA as we know it, which included the introduction of the Octagon. 25 ft cage came from WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) days and Joe Silva loved it. Harrison showed Pillot his sketches, and Pillot picked out the octagon-shaped cage. That, in turn, may put competitors who prefer to counter at a disadvantage, as well as those of a larger build, but may also work in the favour those who relish defending takedowns as they can use the smaller arena size to their advantage. That means the ‘full-size’ Octagon is about 20 per cent wider and 44 per cent larger than the smaller version. The cage itself has set MMA apart from other combat sports as it allows fighters to defend against takedowns better than ropes ever could and can also produce some pretty wild moments like this one brought to us by Jose Aldo. That cage is known worldwide as the UFC Octagon. Its structure is made of metal walls and chain-link fence that is coated with black vinyl. He had seen the fights in Brazil and knew the ropes wouldn't contain fighters grappling for position. Not only is it five feet smaller than the more traditional Octagon, but also measures roughly 518 square feet, compared to approximately 746 square feet taken up by its bigger counterpart. They told me after.”, “I don’t like fighting in that small cage,” Matt Mitrione says. Its walls and padded surfaces protect fighters from falling out (or getting thrown out). That seemed to me to be one that was buildable and would also be unique and not a boxing ring.". The UFC’s eight-sided cage is made of state athletic commission-approved canvas with safety paddings and fences. The history of enclosed fighting spaces goes all the way back to Ancient Greece and sport known as pankration, which many consider as an ancient version of today’s modern MMA. We ship very quickly, and our design is the easiest and fastest assembly as well as the strongest by 1000%. Rugby League vs Union: What’s the Difference? Flexible netting gave way to fencing; a surface 40 feet in diameter gave way to 30. 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