Many of them were skilled craftsmen: clock‑makers, jewellers, shipwrights, glassworkers and fine silk weavers. Under Henry VIII difficulties over payment of the ferm were so severe that the King agreed to take a lower rate, it being recognised, at last, that the Company no longer enjoyed the extraordinary power which had justified the original heavy tax. It is the recording of such a payment, the first for any guild, which establishes the Weavers as London's oldest Company. Cuers and Instructors, NSDCA (National Square Dance Campers Assoc. When the bills came in, members of the Court of Assistants were shocked at the expense. Twenty‑five years later the Weavers’ Guild was granted a charter by Henry II which stated "Know that I have conceded to the Weavers of London to hold their gild in London with all the liberties and customs which they had in the time of King Henry my grandfather". By the middle of the eighteenth century Spitalfields was a centre of poverty and disorder. In time it lost its pre‑eminence as other textile guilds developed, many of them powerful merchant companies like the Mercers, Drapers, Merchant Taylors, Haberdashers and Clothworkers. ", Sq and Rd Dancer, URDC and TAC, competitive ballroom, USABDA, So Cal RDTA, RAL, clogger, aerobics instructor, saxophone player, Instructor and cuer; Clark is Chairperson, Technology Committee at RAL; Long Island Callers and Cuers Council and Northern New Jersey Round Dance Leaders Council, Instructor & Cuer PH III - IV - TRDTA, URDC, RAL, Cuer and instructor: Beginner thru Ph VI, URDC, RAL, Cuer, Dancer, Instructor, URDC, Chairman DRDC, Roundalab, Cuer and Dance Teachers, St Louis Area Round Dance Council, Webmasters Oklahoma Round Dance Association, Calendar of Round Dance events and Dancing (e-mail me for a weekly newsletter), Cuer, Instructors, Choreographers, Owners and Publishers ", Cuer and caller, Local Caller Teachers Association, Cuers, Instructors, Choreographers, Dancers (We both cue), Teachers, cuer, LRDTA, MRDTA, DRDC, ICBDA, LSDA, Cuers and Instructors. The office building on the site of the Hall was destroyed and with it some panelling from the old Hall, but the Company’s portraits and silver had already been moved to a place of safety. The areas where weavers lived and worked, Cripplegate, Whitechapel and Southwark, were particularly severely affected. It contributed to the defence of the realm, for which it kept a stock of gunpowder and of arms. I cue and teach and dance through Phase III easy IV, Cuer, Teacher, Choreographer, Member of RAL and serve on 4 committees, Cuer, Instructor, Choreographers URDC, DRDC, RAL, TAC, RAL PH V ROQ Chairman, Caller/Cuer, Instructor Ph II - IV, Choreographer, Dancers and Provides information on Round Dances taught in Mesa, AZ, Caller, Cuer, Instructors, Callerlab, RAL dancers, Cuer, RAL, So Cal RDTA, URDC, DRDC, Overseas Dancers, Cuer, instructor choreographer. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site.

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