There are areas where the rock folds softly with a surface smoothed by wind and water erosion, and areas where boulders are piled high.,_helicopter_view,_cropped.jpg. What was your highlight? While the Resort provides a complimentary shuttle bus service for getting to and from the airport, and around the accommodation options, restaurants and shopping square, additional transportation needs to be arranged for getting out to the Rock, which is 18 km (11 miles) away. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Situated in the heart of the arid red centre of Australia, Uluru is a majestic monolith that rises 348 meters (1,142ft) above the surrounding spiky spinifex grass. Uluru is also known to vary in colour depending on the time of day, progressing from red to blushing salmon, rust and everything in between. Debate continues on when the first Aborigines moved into the area but the best evidence suggests that it was at least 20 000 years ago. To find out more, see our cookie policy. Link will appear as Uluru Facts & Worksheets: - KidsKonnect, June 14, 2019. I would really love to though. Just like an iceberg, the bulk of Uluru is below the surface. It is located at a viewable distance to Uluru (about 1.6 km (1 mile) away), 13 km (8 miles) in from the National Park entrance. Most popularly photographed at sunrise and sunset to capture the rock’s changing hues of rust, crimson and purple, Ulu r u has way more to offer the visitor than just a souvenir photograph. If you’re thinking of taking a hike around its base its circumference is 9.4 km (5.85 miles). Australia is without a doubt one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world and is home to hundreds of iconic, unique and simply breath-taking attractions and views. Uluru is estimated to be around 600 million years old, it originally would have sat at the bottom of a sea, but today it stands 348 m (1,142 ft) above the flat desert and 863 m (2,831 ft) above sea level. The Uluru Express bus service operates a shuttle for Aus$60 return. Visit us at 78 Todd Street, Alice Springs Many of these plants also have cultural importance as a source of food, medicine, fuel and tools for traditional owners. Commercial photography is also highly controlled and permits must be purchased. Uluru Facts Uluru is a very large sandstone rock formation in Central Australia's Northern Territory, also known as Ayers Rock. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation located in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. As Ayers Rock Resort is a subsidiary to the Indigenous Land Corporation they have a commitment to employ the Indigenous community. The Outback Pioneer Kitchen offers a cheaper alternative to the Resort’s restaurants/buffets. Related article: When is the best time to visit Uluru? Then in 2002, the names were switched around to prioritise the Aboriginal name. April – October are the more favourable months to visit when the days are sunny and warm, and the clear desert air turns crisp and cold at night. Kata Tjuta is 25 km (16 miles) to the west of Uluru and well worth a visit. The hikes in the region are like no other, and as a photographer, you will love it all the more . In the Neoproterozoic era, much of Australia was covered by the Centralian Superbasin, meaning that Uluru once sat on the seabed in an area called the Amadeus Basin. The Park is closed at night. Simply tick the box :), Sailing to Australia in 1878 – Travel Journal. The closest railway station to Uluru is at Alice Springs (460 km/ (285 miles) so if coming by train you’ll need to then make further arrangements for a flight, a bus, a tour or a hire car. Archaeological evidence has been found suggesting that Aboriginal people have inhabited the area around Uluru for over 30,000 years. The info on logistics, lodging, and especially the things to do in the area are most helpful. You can view rock art on a walk around the base of Uluru, including paintings that date back 5,000 years. Thank you for your kind words on the diagram maps – A trip wouldn’t be a trip without some kind of story-map! Millions of years of evolution have changed the Earth’s surface and nowadays, Uluru sits 863 meters above sea level. Ayers Rock Resort is situated in Yulara, which being 8 km (5 miles) from the entrance to Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park, is the closest you’ll get when it comes to accommodation. Book Now. Linda's mantra is highlighting holiday adventures… forever. If you’re usually a late riser this is one of those places that it is worth breaking the habit for in order to be up before sun-up to get out in the Park in time to catch the sun rising (and in the summer to beat the heat). Sharing a glass under the outback stars sounds divine and would bring back so many wonderful memories of traipsing across the bush for both of us, no doubt , Your email address will not be published. 1. There have been many instances where a person mails back the rocks taken from the formation to remove such a curse. Sign Me Up. As much as Uluru is often referred to as a monolith, geologists avoid this term for its ambiguity. +61 8 8953 1008 It sits in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, and it situated within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – a dual UNESCO World Heritage Site. Towering 348 metres above the surrounding plane, Uluru is taller than several famous buildings around the world including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Chrysler Building in New York. The summer months (November – March) are hot, so activities are best organised for early morning and late afternoon/evening. The park’s vegetation ranges from eucalypt woodlands to spinifex grasslands and supports a huge variety of wildlife. And while Qantas offer a complimentary drink and snack, other airlines will charge for refreshments on board. But is also an interesting alternative for taking in the sunset as the sun from here will go down behind the rock. Uluru is one of the few places in the world to hold a rare dual-listing. Here is a link listing additional tour options offered by Ayers Rock Resort for a fee. For the budget conscious the best option after camping (or if you’re not travelling with a tent) is one of the 14 air-conditioned camp-ground cabins that sleep 6 and cost Aus$160 per night – There are often specials so stay 4 nights and pay for 3 ($480 for 4 nights!) There’s a lot to see and do spread over a wide space and a vehicle is the most enjoyable way to make the most of your time, having come all this way. He named the landmark in honour of Sir Henry Ayers who was Chief Secretary of South Australia at the time. Flying time to Yulara from Sydney is 3 hours; from Darwin it is 2 hours. It is between 1,600 and 3,600 km (1,000 and 2,200 miles) from all the coastal state capitals – As an example, by road Uluru is: The nearest town to Yulara is Alice Springs (pop 27,480), which is 460 km (285 miles) to the north-east. The Anagu also feel a sense of responsibility when visitors die on Uluru and over recent decades, 36 people have died climbing. The distinct geological characteristics of Uluru helped in its survival as other nearby rocks or formations eroded. A souvenir hard copy of the wonderfully informative 36-page Visitor Guide: Palya! Both Uluru and the nearby Kata Tjuta formation have great cultural significance for the Aṉangu people, the traditional inhabitants of the area, who lead walking tours to inform visitors about the local flora and fauna, bush food and the Aboriginal dreamtime stories of the area. used to be given with each ticket – but the last time I went, no such luck. I did something similar! The Anangu people always requested that visitors refrain from climbing the rock out of respect for their ancient culture. Uluru is also known as Ayers Rock. Uluru, as well as the nearby Kata Tjuta formation, serves a great cultural significance for the native inhabitants of the area, the Anangu people. Uluru, in Australia’s Red Centre, is a bucket list item for many international travellers and locals alike. It’s widely believed that Uluru is the biggest sandstone formation in Australia. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National park is an incredible 1, 325 square kilometres. Most of its bulk is beneath the ground. This download is exclusively for KidsKonnect Premium members!To download this worksheet, click the button below to signup (it only takes a minute) and you'll be brought right back to this page to start the download! A fun fact about Uluru is that in 1993 it was the first official dual-named feature in the Northern Territory as Ayers Rock/Uluru, finally ending up with its present name of Uluru/Ayers Rock in 2002. Sign Me Up, Editing resources is available exclusively for KidsKonnect Premium members.To edit this worksheet, click the button below to signup (it only takes a minute) and you'll be brought right back to this page to start editing! In 1987, Uluru was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique geology. It became a national park in 1950 and it took 35 years for the Anangu to become officially recognised as the park’s original and now official owners. Resources created by teaching professionals. Jutting out of the desert landscape in the Northern Territory, Uluru is sacred to Indigenous Australians. The policy was adopted on December 15, 1933, and gave two official names to the landmark: the traditional Aboriginal name and the English-given name. And a must read link explaining why it is important not to climb Uluru.

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