But the price is not reflective of the level of flavor. Umi orders their food in small quantities to maintain freshness. That valet situation is quite janky, but atleast there are alot of guys. I wouldn't recommend unless you just like non-sweet different type drinks as my friend does. My friend who recently got back from Japan says it is very comparable to the best sushi restaurants in Japan. The offerings were yellowtail jalapeno and another starter fish, tuna carpaccio with an avocado soy vinaigrette, an assortment of sashimi (including buttery uni and delicate scallops), fried rockfish tempura with shiitake mushrooms, black cod misoyaki, Chilean sea bass, an assortment of nigiri sashimi and a green tea dessert. You really have to be in a middle table or maybe one of the side booths to properly enjoy the atmosphere. $5.00 . I tried 3 drinks from their cocktail menu: I can't remember the names, but one was a grapefruit type one, the other was a sweeter one that has sparkling rose in it I think, and I had an Old Fashioned, I know the last one is random, but I got it b/c Zoey Deschenl gets them...  its such a strong drink it almost messed up my buzz. Ten stars! At this point we asked to speak to the manager. Good decor and general design, but layout leaves no room for waiting, like none. I must say though that it is really dark in the restaurant - many of the customers were using their phones to see the menu. Otoro tartar was tasty. The food is not worth the price at all. UMI Restaurant is by far the best Japanese restaurant we've ever eaten in. The spice was well-balanced. Make it at least a couple of days ahead of you intend to choose your time. meal started with a sashimi plate that was probably big enough for a small meal in itself. I really thought I would like this place because of the high reviews and the fact that reservations are hard to get. You need to walk up the stairs to get to UMI.Atmosphere - The place is kind of dim and seating is pretty tight, but it definitely has that fancy, upscale feels.Service - I got the same waitress both times and she was super friendly and knowledgable. Edamame 9 reviews. Do order: Their uni (if it's from Japan). I wouldn't eat at Umi even if it were 1/3 the price I paid. AMAZING!!!!! The variety isn't as wide as Hayakaya or even Taka. Overall it was good (cost $17).Lobster Toban-Yaki- The portion was small, approximately 6 ounces, which couldn't have been more than a tail. Everyone was very nice and Accommodating! Make sure to order early since its limited and takes 30 minutes to make. The pictures featured on Yelp are not representative of what is actually being offered. Neither of us had Uni before so one of the sushi chefs gave us each a small bite (everyone said it was an acquired taste=I was intrigued), and said if we liked it, then we could order a normal order. We started with the avocado salad, which was incredible. Promised free drinks never arrived. I've probably tried the entire menu by now, my favorites: Starters: Spicy Tuna TartareYellowtail JalapenoOtoro TartareUni TempuraSashimi:HamachiMadaiShiromiShima-AjiOtoro (personal favorite)MaguroHot dishes:Rock shrimp tempuraLobster Toban-Yaki (PHENOMENAL) Rolls:American Tuna roll (spicy - :) ) Lobster Tempura rollSpicy tuna roll Kamakazi. You valet in front of Chops and take the elevator up to 2nd floor and walk across the grass lawn to a small nook restaurant.Upon entering you'll see the bar/lounge area on the right, usually with fancy smancy business men and couples enjoying cocktails before their meal. The fish was so tender and delicate with scrumptious miso and yu-an sauces. Then.... our lives changed forever... stay with me and keep reading.Let me expand on why I would sit at the sushi bar again. Mostly chef selections and I don't even remember how many selections ... sashimi and sushi flying everywhere until we almost had to be carted off! Those who read my reviews know that I love sushi and have rated a few good places in Atlanta. Bathrooms are super clean and luxed out with expensive soap, nice hand paper towels that are umi logo stamped, and inviting toilet seats that are heated to warm up your toosh in this cold weather.Lighting is very dim inside with super cool light fixtures that set the ambiance. I have zero pictures of the whole meal because we were just 100% in the moment enjoying it. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability. I thought the personalized experience really made it memorable. There are a few non-sushi items which are exceptional- the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Spicy Shrimp Tempura, Lobster Tepanyaki, and the Matcha Soufflé. Umi was one of the best sushi experiences I've ever had. Umi offers three levels of omakase: Umi ($75 per person), Miyabi ($120), and Ito Kase (market price). Granted, most of this is my fault for not taking a better peek at their menu.Service was ... overwhelming. Don't come here expecting to find bizarre and unique varieties of sushi.- Umi ran out of several items that we ordered due to our late seating time.- Too noisy and overcrowded dining room.- Did not care for the music selection, which was better suited for a nightclub than an intimate setting.- The food was average at best and definitely not worth the price.Reservations/Arrival:We made reservations at Umi for 8:45pm (the only time slot available) a week in advance to celebrate an anniversary. My other order was anago, but they ran out of it, so I asked for unagi instead. The most memorable bites were:- Salmon sashimi: the best salmon I have ever tasted and just melted in my mouth. His diverse menu utilizes influences that are international and also progressively classic in their approach. Seriously they have so many staff members to cater to you for every little thing but I guess you definitely pay for it. When you exit the elevator, to straight across. The Asian fare at Umi’s remains unmatched even today. The smoke on it was fantastic as well.- kobe-beef nigiri: that seer on the kobe was perfect and the meat was so tender and fatty. Well, yea sure....We had a 8:00 reservation for a Friday night. The sashimi and nigiri use the same fish. Book reservations on OpenTable. Umi Sushi Buckhead, Atlanta: See 298 unbiased reviews of Umi Sushi Buckhead, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #50 of 3,931 restaurants in Atlanta. Can't help seeing people using their phone light to look at the menu or see certain bursts of flash going off taking pics. I love the yellowtail jalapeno and uni nigiri. I don't believe their menu has changed in the past 3 years unless they were subtle changes.Umi is located across the buckhead whole foods within the St.Regis plaza. The experience 100% delivered on what we hoped would be an exquisite, romantic, and delicious experience. These drinks were basically $10-$15/each. The other one was, of course we have to order this, the Ootoro. Desserts was on point. Hot dishes: We had the butter lobster, foie gras, chilean sea bass, duck (off menu and came with the best brussels Ive ever had)Nigiri: I watched them hand craft this and it was done with such care. Make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach! Do t remember the name of that either but MAN it make you want to slap the person next to you! Juicy in the inside with a thin crisp outer layer. Very late, months late, review... Ok so in a nutshell we were planning our 5 meals per day (+ back up snacks in case we had time to kill and stomach space which.. spoiler alert we absolutely did not need) and somehow thought since Atlanta is closer to the ocean than the midwest the sushi must be better so we better get some good sushi and found Umi online on a few lists.

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