She has been married to her husband, Gabe, for 27 years. State taxes. Romney, McAdams urge Pelosi to act on Navajo clean water bill amid pandemic, Another record shattered: 2,292 new Utah cases; death toll tops 600, Scores, stats, videos and pictures: High school football roundup for Friday, Oct. 30, High school football: 6A/5A/4A/3A/2A state tournament scores and schedules, High school volleyball: North Summit nabs second 2A state title in 3 years. Affordability for both the constituent and the state. Graduated from BYU with a BS in Physics and Math and from the University of Texas with a PhD in Science Education. Cox is completing his first term as the representative for seat C on the Washington County Commission. Spencer J. Cox & Deidre M. Henderson. K-12 education: Teachers in Utah deserve a pay raise. No. im a former law enforcement officer and advanced emt and oath keeper. Shares his struggle with being legally blind and how he learned skills to provide for his family and live a fulfilling life. Running mate (for Lt. Herbert since 2013. Spencer Cox has served as Lt. Has the candidate previously held a public office? These are the United Utah Party candidates running in 2020. Rolled up his sleeves and entered the construction industry where he worked projects in several western states, primarily as a supervisor. Has spent the bulk of his career (and volunteer work) oversees as a missionary in Russia, a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Romania, and as a personal advisor to six different ambassadors in a multitude of countries. In the past, I chaired Utah’s Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, charged with evaluating and reporting the performance of every judge in Utah. General election candidates 1. He said, “To see two candidates who stridently disagree with each other about policy come together to try to have a positive message about civility and respect for our democratic institutions is refreshing for people.”, Cox answered “all of the above” when asked if they were trying to set a good example for Utahns, Americans or the president. Please visit their individual websites for more detail about each of them. Has spent years building up the community in the literal sense but would also like to apply his passion for politics to help people through rational and evidence-based policy. Completed a training course in nursing before obtaining a BA in Technical Communication in Denver. Piper’s interest in politics blossomed early. The question on sales tax in my opinion is just common sense. He said he knew Peterson felt the same way, so they talked about whether it “would be crazy if we did something like this. We have the lowest funding per student in the United States, so many teachers buy supplies out of their own pockets. Raises, with her husband Nils, a growing family of four children. This list has been limited to races that are competitive, or contests where voters will get to choose between more than one candidate. Stewart was first elected to represent CD2 in 2012, serving a total of four terms. “Chris Peterson and Spencer Cox are modeling the sort of civility that many Americans say is missing from national politics and in that sense, they can be, and they say they hope to be, an example for the nation,” Karpowitz, a political science professor, said. Internet Services Donated by XMission. Has been an educator in Utah for 16 years and is currently teaching English in a 3rd grade emersion program. After the financial crisis of 2008, Peterson helped build the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—a federal agency dedicated to ensuring banks and other financial businesses treat customers fairly. Senator Deidre Henderson was elected to the Utah State Senate in 2012. Inherited an interest in political issues at a young age from a history-loving father and a politically involved mother. Catherine has involved herself in a variety of community issues, such as voter registration and voter education and the improvement of Utah’s air quality. A native Utahn that has put down roots in Layton with his wife and three sons. Will that streak continue through the next four years? Candidates will continue to be added here as they qualify for the primary ballot by either 1) gathering the requisite number of signatures or 2) being nominated at their party’s convention. We must insist on the highest standards of conduct and judgment in our politicians—or fire them and hire those willing to listen and lead. Took up law enforcement in his mid-30’s, a defining career move that saw him elected as Sheriff of Millard County for seven terms (28 years). I represented our country for over a decade and my years with the State Department gave me a unique perspective on the crucial importance of leadership, service, empathy, courage, and ethics. in English, followed by an M.A. There's a number of local seats on the ballot this year — including county assessor, county attorney and county recorder — but only the competition for a spot on the county commission features more than one candidate. But do you know all of the names on your ballot? Utah Republican Party Chairman Derek Brown did not mention the focus on the peaceful transfer of power by the candidates in his statement about their efforts. I'm dedicated to preserving our signature scenic landscapes. I think people are really nervous that no matter who wins there could be civil unrest and rioting and protests and those types of things,” Cox said. David Damschen(R) (Incumbent) 2. Yes. Ran a one-person newspaper in Castaic, Calif., at the time of the Rodney King riots. Snow has represented HD 74 since 2012 when he was appointed by Gov. Found satisfaction in keeping our parks tidy while employed by the Parks Department for nearly 7 years. Candidates … Seven years in two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, taught me that bad policy gets people killed. Ensure all citizens are treated fairly. Prop 4: Redistricting will be decided next year but I do not believe our representatives will allow fair lines to be drawn, considering what they did with Props 2 and 3. 2020 Candidates. Utah gubernatorial candidates Spencer Cox (R) and Chris Peterson (D) appeared together in a joint ad to call for civility among voters. Please go to my web page for more information. In line with accessibility, I intend to move the district office to be within district boundaries. Inequality has divided us. Graduated from SUU in 2019 with a BS in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. Then Cox says, “There are some things we both agree on,” and Peterson adds, “We can debate issues without degrading each other’s character.” Cox elaborates: “We can disagree without hating each other,” followed by Peterson summing up: “Win or lose, in Utah we work together.”. Here’s where ... and what he’s been up to. Spencer Cox, right, released a video promoting civility on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. Has the candidate previously held a public office? Possesses an impressive community-building skillset, including improving education in Afghanistan, training judges and legislators in Kazakhstan, teaching civics to youth in Romania, working with refugees in Colombia, and increasing trade and economic development in Central and Southeast Asia. Spencer Cox, right, released a video promoting civility on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. Loves traversing the winter backcountry through splitboarding, a mix of ski touring and snowboarding. I have earned President Trump’s trust and confidence and Congressional Leadership recognizes me as a leader on conservative fiscal policy and national security. I think of voters approving propositions on a ballot, only to have the legislature take liberties to change the voice of the people. Depending on where you live, voters in southwestern Utah will weigh in on one of five state legislative races.

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