Hence, theatre sports was born. It’s easy to pick up “Impro for Storytellers” and play games he has created, but if you don’t understand WHY he created them then you don’t receive the insights he was trying to teach. Quotes. Boyd developed her theory of play in group and social work in Chicago at Hull House and wrote a very important article on her theory. It is one of the most powerful theatre games I have learned and use it outside of the context of theatre. IMPROVISATION AS A PLAYWRITING TOOL by Jeffrey Sweet. Recollections of Viola Spolin by Jeffrey Sweet, author/playwright who wrote “Something Wonderful Right Away” an oral history of the pioneers of the Spolin Theater Games movement which spawned The Compass and Second City. -, The New York Giants vs. the Chicago Bears, Acting teacher Judy Kerr interviews Gary Schwartz, Gary Schwartz interviewed in the Improv Zone. I admire Keith’s honesty and vision. Tags: -- Village Voice, The heart of improvisation is transformation. Shakespeare has the phrase: "…all the men and women merely players." An audience knows this and responds accordingly. - Viola Spolin, Everyone who involves himself or herself and responds with his or her total organism to an art form usually gives back what is commonly called talented and creative behavior. I like to think of Viola Spolin's theory and practice as beautifully exemplifying such truths -- Eric Bentley, "She has genius and she shares it. And I have never had training with someone who worked with Spolin – the closest to that type of lineage was via Randy Dixon (another great teacher). 16 quotes have been tagged as improv: Viola Spolin: ‘Everyone can act. Maybe after all that rambling I have finally discovered a point to this post; perhaps the two are compared more by show formats they inspired rather than their teaching methods? Letter 10  from the Creative Thinking Newsletter on the similarities between Spolin and Piaget, by Hans G. Furth from his book Piaget for Teachers. According to Keith’s account the second half of the interview was not nearly as strong as the first half. Don't initiate! Break for lunch and resume from 2pm – 5pm. All the rooms are beautifully furnished, many with antiques, in a bed and breakfast style. Everyone can improvise. A person may be most inventive without being spontaneous. Keith identified several ways in which actors reacted out of fear/self-censorship. Experience creative transformation through Spolin Games. -- Valerie Harper, "Ms. Spolin's work is a visionary effort... it is hardly an overstatement to call it revolutionary... her practical vision and keen psychological insight will have a deep and wide impact on all directing and acting for the theatre.-- Variety, "Ms. Spolin has changed the theatre for generations!" Other formats such Gorilla Theatre and Micetro have ‘playing competition’ but were created to address different needs/desires. But the competition is for the audience, not the players. Expose students to the theatrical environment through playing, and they will find their own way. “A highly competitive atmosphere creates artificial tensions, and when competition replaces participation, compulsive action is the result.” ― Viola Spolin, Improvisation for the Theater i.e., oversimplifications to achieve a certain result, neither Spolin or Johnstone desires. Once the principles are understood one can then move to ‘yes lets’, ‘happy nopes’, ‘dolphin training’ (the latter two I learned via Patti Stiles) and other games. Viola said of Boyd, “her influence has never left me for a single day.” I have annotated the article to show what I think are some of the sources of Spolin’s theories. Gary Schwartz offers a weekend workshop intensive at Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center, Duvall, WA   Total Cost:$420.00, “Gary Schwartz is a gifted player and coach. Neva Boyd was Viola Spolin’s teacher and mentor and she had a huge impact on Spolin’s thinking. (PDF) Improvisation for the theatre viola spolin | Manuel ... ... Improvisación Rooms range from $25 – $110 per night depending on your choice of private, shared rooms or camp out. -, Invention is not the same as spontaneity. Theatresports is an example of the ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect of imitating Keith’s work without understanding the context of why he created the format. Creativity is not the clever rearranging of the known. It is to provide those watching to have an emotional investment in the scenes, in the show, in the players. Accommodations are not included. Follow the initiator! Expose students to the theatrical environment through playing, and they will find their own way. Sills/Spolin Theater Works. Viola Spolin (7 November 1906 – 22 November 1994) was considered the mother of the improvisational theater movement in the United States. Johnstone’s path to the source of spontaneity is different than Spolin’s. Even Keith states that he cannot bear to see TheaterSports. The ‘No’,’Yes but’, ‘Yes and’ constructs are essentially beginner games to demonstrate such behaviours. Don't initiate! I’ve had him in several workshops now and find he’s the best side coach around, including, Be more spontaneous   ♦   Enhance your collaborative skills  ♦  Learn new ways to communicate   ♦, Become more confident   ♦   Learn about yourself   ♦    Meet new people. The training game ‘Yes and…’ is again an example of ‘Chinese Whispers’ if not taken in the right context. He used words such as blocking, wimping and shelving to to describe these behaviours. -   Viola Spolin, Individual freedom (expressing self) while respecting community responsibility (group agreement) is our goal. A person may be most inventive without being spontaneous. When players respond joyously, ef­fortlessly, you will know that the theater is, then, in their very bones. Viola Spolin was an actress, educator, director, author, and the creator of theater games, a system of actor training that uses games she devised to organically teach the formal rules of the theater. Shakespeare has the phrase: "…all the men and women merely players."

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