And that! Would Wabbit Twouble have been better if Avery had completed it in all aspects? Bugs then takes the glasses off and crows like a rooster, making Elmer think that it's the next morning. Elmer is arrested for the destruction of government property, and from his jail cell window he tells us that "anyway" he is "wid of that gwizzwy bear and scwewy wabbit! However, he gets annoyed when Bugs unpitches and takes his tent, but gets it back, tied up in knots. That, and his abandonment of classic animation (and any further films of merit) are blemishes on his reputation. One of Clampett's best in a very long list of classics, Wabbit Twouble is a funny Wobert Cwampett cartoon, Worth watching for some unusual pecularities, but not for the film and comedy itself. Share this with your friends via: Wabbit Twouble. Mel Blanc (bear's vocals are uncredited) Like Frank Tashlin, Clampett emphasizes acceleration, and utilizes Elmer's gullibility and stupidity to the full. The first half was okay. Tweg Bwown (Treg Brown) Elmer pitches a tent (near Bugs' rabbit hole), and sets up camp by putting a fire stove, a mirror and a table to wash his face, and a hammock. In real life, black bears would not be fooled by humans playing dead since they are more prone to be scavengers. Sadly, the second half was really forgettable and bland and the bear added almost nothing for me. In December 2018, The scene where Bugs copies Elmer's weight became an internet meme known as "Big Chungus". "Wabbit Twouble Quotes." "Wabbit Twouble" is one of the best early Bugs Bunny cartoons. Direct-to-video film series: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island • Scooby-Doo! Elmer sets up his campsite by setting a camp fire, and hanging mirror on a tree and, beneath it, a wash basin on a table, hanging a hammock, and pitching his tent. Mel Blanc provided the voices for Bugs and the bear, and Arthur Q. Bryan provided the voice for Elmer. Most looney tunes fans (9/10) hate the meme and i agree. Bugs is a complete sociopath here, his eyes gleaming with a "now for some fun" look the moment Elmer arrives. Color process Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. See the film's usage here: (Footnote: future director Elia Kazan is one of the four guys bothering the pianist.) or at least in Grand Canyon Village, in the middle of the South Rim. Wackiki Wabbit is a 1943 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon, starring Bugs Bunny. He nails a board over the hole ("that'll hold 'em alwhight, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh"). The landscape of WABBIT TWOUBLE is not as flat as Yellowstone, and totally lacks that park's iconic geysers. 7477 Bugs Bunny: Welcome to Jellostone National Park, Doc. 1. You'll be laughing too hard! and the Witch's Ghost • Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring • Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars • The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown! He tries to prevent Bugs from getting out of his hole by hammering a board, saying that he can't get out of that. But he turns to find out that somehow he's sharing his cell with both Bugs and the black bear. Winner of 927 awards. 2 (Warner Brothers DVD 31284) You can watc... RELEASE DATE: 6/5/1937 (according to the Big Cartoon Database; IMDb claims a 7/12/1937 release date) DVD/BLU-RAY AVAILABILITY: NONE ... Release date: 7 /27/1940  (according to BCDb) DVD-Blu-Ray Availability:   Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 2 (available in both fo... RELEASE DATE: 4/17/1937 (according to the Big Cartoon Database; IMDb concurs) DVD/BLU-RAY AVAILABILITY: Available on the Warner Home V... RELEASE DATE: November 6 , 1937 (according to the Big Cartoon Database; IMDb says December 23, 1937) DVD/BLU-RAY AVAILABILITY: Looney Tu... Release date: 4 /13/1940  (according to BCDb) DVD-Blu-Ray Availability:  Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. The best game of 2018. Transcript of the 1951 cartoon "Rabbit Fire".Elmer is on the hunt. I don't think I need to say any more than that! He then, looks at the miraculous view of the Grand Canyon. ", Wabbit Twouble at Cawl W. Stawwing (Carl W. Stalling) West and wewaxation at wast!" . The last few gags are impeccable. It is odd for a black bear to be referred to as well as portrayed in name and nature as a grizzly bear. Thanks to the brilliant visual gags and the razor sharp dialogue, Wabbit Twouble never ceases to be less than hugely entertaining. Uncredited Voice Characterizations Followed by Here, in his first Looney Tune, Bob Clampett gives us a priceless gem. : It also has a Commentary track and a featurette. 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