Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks are some of the finest you'll find anywhere and provide the ideal way to enjoy this beef in its best form. Wedding? The herd was established using embryo transfer technology that brought frozen Wagyu embryos from Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada. bknox@wightman.ca Call us today: 519 367 5295. The couple grew up in the farming community around Lindsay, Ontario where D.J.’s family operated a small beef herd. Every animal in the herd is genotyped, meaning the DNA is analyzed to reveal genes related to beef quality. To earn the prestigious A5 grade, beef must rank high on the Beef Marbling Score (BMS), Beef Color Standard (BCS) and Beef Fat Standard (BFS). It must also exhibit exceptional firmness and texture. We finish our cattle as naturally as possible and they are matured for 28 days. The Wagyu Shop™ is your trusted resource for authentic, genuine, A5-graded Japanese beef in the United States. Otter Creek Farms raise the very highest quality Wagyu beef to satisfy the discerning palate. It takes about 3 years to raise each Wagyu steer, this is done right here on our family farm by us, we do not send our steers to a feedlot where questionable practices can be found such as overcrowding and a daily does of antibiotics. The herd was established using embryo transfer technology that brought frozen Wagyu embryos from Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada. More marbling equals higer quality beef, all our beef is a min. 87.5% Wagyu Genetics, this increases marbling and meat quality. Enjoy … Explore Japanese Wagyu beef steaks in popular cuts such as thick-cut ribeyes and striploins. The idea to establish a herd of Wagyu cattle arose from the Cook’s desire to produce the best possible beef product for the Canadian market. Grid View. Complimentary Shipping On All Orders Over $250, A Unique Gastronomic Experience: A5 Japanese Wagyu. Highland Wagyu Beef for Sale. Wagyu is produced primarily from the Japanese Black (Kuroge) cow in Japan and must be graded by the Japanese Meat Grading Association. Innovative scientific tools are used to identify and select optimal traits in the breeding stock producing beef that grades well beyond ‘prime’. Our Japanese Wagyu come with a certificate of authenticity to provide you with full transparency. The idea to establish a herd of Wagyu cattle arose from the Cook’s desire to produce the best possible beef product for the Canadian market. Impeccable Taste. Pork. By comparison, Since 2003 we have bred select Wagyu genetics into. The Wagyu Shop aims to be your number one source for buying premium quality food, and your guide to learning about the food you are buying. All of their breeding stock can be traced back to Japan, home of the Wagyu breed. Wagyu Beef. took a path away from agriculture, becoming a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist. We raise premium Wagyu cattle and 100% pedigree Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Highland and Dexter cattle to produce the finest, succulent beef. For inquiries, events or contact, please e-mail: events@ottercreekfarms.ca. WAGYU CANADA INC Beef Showing 1-5 of 5 List View. We import Wagyu from different prefectures in Japan. Wagyu from Japan is the finest beef in the world. The Wagyu Shop, The Wagyu Shop Cattle logo, Beef Up Your Experience and Premium Quality. Therefore, breeding combinations can be selected to yield the best possible beef. Wagyu is like Champagne of Sparkling wine. Be the first to know about new products and special events. and Rebecca Cook live north of Kingston on the Otter Creek Farm with their three children. By comparison most Wagyu Beef in America is only 50% Wagyu! Our Wagyu steers are finished in open pasture without antibiotics and receive our custom all natural blend of grains daily, a happy well kept steer will produce higher quality beef. Wednesday, and Sunday: At the Kingston Gospel Temple 2295 Princess Street. Brian Knox, RR1 Formosa, ON. Thursday to Saturday: At the Kingston Curling Club, 130 Days Road, 11:30AM - 6:30PM. Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Portioned Products, Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak, Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Striploin Steak, Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Assortment Steaks (2 pcs), Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Steak Cubes-Premium Loin (2 pkgs), Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Whole Rib Cap Lifter, Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak (Thick Cut), Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Striploin Steak (Thick Cut), Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Whole Boneless Ribeye, Hokkaido Wagyu | A5 Wagyu Beef Whole Boneless Striploin, A5 Japanese Wagyu Striploin/Sirloin Taster, A5 Japanese Wagyu & American Wagyu Steak Cube Flight.

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