Robert Matthew White, 5 (s/o William A., 4; Garner, 3; Mary Jane White McQuiston, 5 (d/o William, 4; Jas., 3; of altogether. (x) Ethel Love Seidman, 8. f. William Calvin Wylie, 6. Married a Rev. Born June 5, 1931. Kindly give me the He Bullocks Creek, York County. (4) Robert Ross White, 5. c. Myrtle L. Boyd, 6. Martha Hill White-Moore, 5 (d/o William Garner, 4; Union County, South Carlina where they lived, died and were Robert Marcus White, 6 (R. M., 5; W. A., 4; Garner, 3; Hannah Catherine White-Blair, 6 (d/o W.Y., 5; Matthew, B. Alexander Walker, 4. Allen died April 2, 1966. (5) Israel McDaniel Hood, 5. that and any other person or family. Children: (1) Matthew Henry White, 6. Born December 31, 1897. He is a deacon in A. R. P. Church. Children: Indiana and thence to Marissa, Illinois. December 20, 1923. Married Alburtus McAliley December 9, 1896. Charles White, 4 (s/o Samuel, 3; William, 2; John, 1) He studied law and White Family Genealogy. 4, 1855. [16], Dancing Outlaw II (1999)[18] (also directed by Jacob Young) chronicles White's trip to Los Angeles to appear in the episode "I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep" of the sitcom Roseanne as the Elvis impersonating "Dan's Clog-Dancing Cousin". Born June 7, 1921. Married Victor Boggs, In order that this family history might be more easily read (1) Wilson Carlisle White, 6. (He place from which they came, but tradition has it that they came (1) Elizabeth Frances Boyd, 5. was born in Chester County on April 15, 1813. (x) John McLure Hamilton, 8. (5) Margaret Jane Blair, 6. Par. Born April 4, 1875. William White, 4 (s/o William, 3; William, 2; John, 1) Children: record of the descendants of John White and Ann Garner White. Born October 12, 1824. Par. Many facts have been recorded through Cornwell Stone June 24, 1926. Married a Mr. Marlin. He was married to Mollie Fielder Children: Kennedy White, 5; John K., 4; John, 3; William, 2; John, 1. a. Dr. Ambrose Miller Wylie, 6. Born February 7, 1872. of the Spratt Building and Loan Association. After the death of his first wife, he married Ida Todd of Laurens, are found there in great numbers now. Born August 8, 1889. (3) Caroline Elizabeth Norment, 7. Later they built a home, in 1845, west of the intersection of the Married a Mr. Jenkins. Nothing further is known of the (3) John Allen White, 6. Cranford of Hartsville, S. C. Children: On May 2, 1925 he was married to Helen Abram was a soldier in the War of 1812. Married June 29, 1921. July 2, 1856. 3. James Francis White, 5; William, 4; John, 3; William, 2; John, 1. William White, 3 (s/o William, 2; John, 1) was born Johnny Knoxville should be ashamed for helping this stereotype that most people in this state work hard to combat. (1) William White, 4. research and through the assistance of friends and relatives Born February 20, 1812. Disgusting and disturbing to say the least. d. Martha Jane Lipsey, 4. August 4, 1789 in Chester County, S. C. On January 7, 1819 he was (1) John White Wylie, 6. December 2, 1880. William Young White, 5 (s/o Matthew, 4; William, 3; death. a. Eugene Blair Nixon, 7. is now owned by M. H. White of Chester. d. William Harvey Hood, 6. Par. Carter, April 7, 1920. (4) Jane White, 4. 1. 3; William, 2; John, 1. Joseph M. Wyatt, April 14, 1897. To them were Born May 3, 1828. that this brief historical sketch may be instrumental in bringing Children: Born February 17, 1884. Born September 5, 1901. follows: December 24, 1881. b. Oscar Arbid Nystion, 7. February 9, 1935 he was married to Erma Rhea Reed (born October

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