It is about changing the risk,” Fleming says. [4] In 1987 the Netherlands started a campaign advising parents to place their newborn infants to sleep on their backs (supine position) instead of their stomachs (prone position). It helped that, like many of the Bristol families whose experiences were central to Fleming’s research, he came from a working-class family. If you continue, we will assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. In 1992[24] a SIDS risk reduction strategy based upon lowering arousal thresholds during SWS was implemented by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which began recommending that healthy infants be positioned to sleep on their back (supine position) or side (lateral position), instead of their stomach (prone position), when being placed down for sleep. But “Nice [the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence] would have laughed at my research. Fleming’s findings were received by his knowledgeable audience with incredulity. took the handle off the Soho water pump in 1854, International Society for the Prevention and Investigation of Perinatal and Infant Deaths, Nice [the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence]. FSID also provided support to bereaved families, as it does today. I want to work with people, not instruct them.”, GPs, midwives and health visitors were all involved. In the late 80s, SIDS rates were still at an all-time high. The Back to Sleep campaign, launched in 1991, changed the advice on sleeping position from front to back, and has had a public health benefit comparable to such breakthroughs as the moment Victorian epidemiologist John Snow took the handle off the Soho water pump in 1854 and stopped a cholera outbreak in its tracks. Understandably, bereaved families whose babies died after Fleming’s first study believe his results should have been publicised at once. Soon, a New Zealand study [pdf download] produced similar findings. It was a tragic lesson in the danger of taking a small, sick subset of a population and extrapolating a public health message for well babies. As a result of this recommendation and the increase in awareness produced by the AAP’s Back to Sleep campaign, SIDS deaths in the United States have declined by about 30% between 1992 and 1995. Back to Sleep may refer to: "Back to Sleep" (song), a 2015 song by Chris Brown Safe to Sleep public health campaign, formerly known as Back to Sleep "Back to Sleep", a song on the 2007 EP The Real Damage by Frank Turner "Back to Sleep", a song on the 2012 eponymous album Goliath and the Giants Unable to conduct a study with a bigger sample in Bristol because newborns were no longer being put to sleep on their fronts as a result of his first findings, instead Fleming found himself conducting a self-initiated, population-wide observational study of newborn babies sleeping on their backs. The national multimedia campaign to warn parents that babies should sleep on their backs was a huge success. This development includes an increase in non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM sleep) which is also called quiet sleep (QS) during the first 12 months of life in association with a decrease in rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep) which is also known as active sleep (AS). No one questions the former. All Rights Reserved.The Lullaby Trust, 34 New House, 67 - 68 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JY Some studies associate the syndrome with the rise of the parenting expert, others with the industrialisation of baby care that turned it into a round of bottle-feeding and rigid routines. [5][7], This advice was based on the epidemiology of SIDS and physiological evidence which shows that infants who sleep on their back have lower arousal thresholds and less slow-wave sleep (SWS) compared to infants who sleep on their stomachs. Here was a non-medical intervention that could, for no clear reason, stop babies dying of a syndrome that was also unexplained. It was found, however, that a significant portion of African-American babies were still sleeping on their stomachs; in 1999, an African-American baby was 2.2 times more likely to die of SIDS than a white baby. “There was 99% collaboration from the families,” Fleming said. A campaign was launched by the Department of Health late in 1991 to advise mothers how to reduce the risk of cot death. You have to see whether a small change can make a difference.”. Now there are barely 200 a year. Early in the 1970s, a US congressional committee called it “one of the last great unresolved childhood catastrophes” and announced federal funding. [8], Studies have shown that preterm infants,[16][17] full-term infants,[18][19] and older infants[20] have greater time periods of quiet sleep and also decreased time awake when they are positioned to sleep on their stomachs. According to the 1992 NISP survey, 13.0% of U.S. infants were positioned in the supine position for sleep. Prof Peter Fleming, whose research in the 1980s was crucial to the reduction of Sids death rates. Diamond’s response was to use all her fame and journalistic experience to investigate what people knew about why it had happened. We are determined to reduce the SIDS rate further, with the ultimate goal of halving the number of deaths from 2009 rates by 2020. There were no immediately definitive results. “I was visiting a friend. 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