Why is it that even in our most intimate and important relationships we struggle, at times, to make things work, to understand each other, to see eye-to-eye? In making your next move to the truth, In this sense, you avoid the experience that would have taught you the lesson you learned from a book. Because of these dual aspects in our lives, we live in two different worlds at the same time—material and spiritual. Perhaps they are actually seeking truth but lack the tools to do so rationally. I am a gifted artist, but that is not the only gift that the Lord has bestowed upon me. Do they always have to be so understanding? But Socrates was an independent thinker, a contrarian, and a realist. You are fair. Do use the past as a reference point. Use this ability as your foundation and align your efforts with what you do so well. The information is valuable and it is wise of you to make something practical of this. I believe that as humans, we are over-optimized for the present. When you skillfully mine the past for information and use it to be better informed, you’ll make more informed decisions that reduce risk. You will always be driven by Certainty; you can be trusted with your word. Truth is the foundation of your wisdom and intellect. – Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, pp. And hopefully the more we seek the more we find (-; I really like how a true medium for you to seek truth is though your art, and I appreciate your intention of doing do diligently~ Sometimes we become complacent with truth, and we all need that little kick to say “keep going”~ Good job~ . – Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 93. Whatever the motive of these people, all such seductions lead to a weak and a compromised faith and they end in sorrow and a betrayal of our Lord. Your skepticism and independence militate against “group- think” and blind conformity. Your podcast has started playing below. We have to realize that our personal experiences take up such a small percentage of what is happening in the world, but we manage to use them to make up what we think the world is. Jesus is the only way to God although there are as many ways to Jesus as there are people that come. What is the real nature of Christ (PBUH)? Any reason you included that first picture? I believe that in today’s society, it is vital to seek the knowledge of what is good and to also understand yourself and how your actions affect the world around you. The spirit of man must acquire its bounties from the Kingdom of God in order that it may become the mirror and manifestation of lights and the dawning point of divine traces, because the human reality is like the soil. For you, wisdom comes with knowledge. SIXTH AND LASTLY, ONLY A HIGH VIEW OF TRUTH WILL HELP OUR GROWTH AND OUR TRANSFORMATION IN CHRIST. To Socrates surprise, he noticed that all of the wise-guys didn’t know anything more that we did, they just thought that they were wise. But one person who was baffled by the statement, was Socrates himself! They said Socrates was messy, wore a dirty robe, never bathed, and walked around barefoot. Our brains haven’t changed a whole deal throughout history, and we are still optimized for survival out in the wild. It Was Good: To be a Truth-Seeker. I have mentioned in previous posts that I fear creating for God, because in my heart I struggle to believe that my work could come anywhere close to glorifying Him as He deserves to be glorified. But your flow can be interrupted by change. Visionaries champion innovation, focus on solutions, and help others begin to think outside-the-box. It is evident, therefore, that there is nothing of greater importance to mankind than the investigation of truth. You thrive on using the past. That would be an intellectual approach to the truth. And why those Christians who are careless about truth are as wrong, and as foolish, and as dangerous as the worst scoffers and skeptics of our time. This deserves further study. This quote is by Socrates, and it is more important to think about than ever before in history. The use of aesthetics as a way of knowing provides a way to place oneself into another person’s subject universe and to see things from their point of view. FOURTH, ONLY A HIGH VIEW OF TRUTH CAN UNDERGIRD OUR PROCLAMATION AND DEFENSE OF THE FAITH. 32-37), I love how you connected truth into what your goals are as an artist, revealing truth through your illustrations. Earn Respect. Truth-seekers’ skepticism and independence militate against “group-think” and blind conformity. How do we access that sunlight? Amen, Copyright © 2019 www.muslimconverts.com All rights reserved, Some Aspects of the Miraculous Nature of the Quran, We Muslims Don’t forget that there’s more to life than what has come in the past. Islam continually reassures you that your rights to freedom of choice and freedom to use that …I feel a calling and an enabling to make art that glorifies God. Creating an environment with a main goal of truth is necessary. We waste time and energy when we avoid the truth. Yes, it’s a piece of rock, but a sculptor turned into a beautiful figure. But the record of Scripture and the experience of the centuries show us that there are three main reasons why we believe, often overlapping. SECOND, ONLY A HIGH VIEW OF TRUTH REFLECTS HOW WE COME TO KNOW AND LOVE GOD. You coddle it. Without that stone, your flow is interrupted because you’re not going to take that leap until you know exactly where your foot is going to land. Socrates was very famous for developing a mental model for seeking truth. And we come to faith in Christ because we believe his claims and the claims of the gospel are true. I’ve worked on these pieces for a couple months now, working to embody these emotions into them, capture them in expression of the eyes and facial muscles. So, is it a piece of rock or a beautiful figure? – Abdu’l-Baha. To abandon truth is to abandon faithfulness, and to commit theological adultery, and to end in spiritual suicide. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. opinion about Islam, ask yourself whether your existing knowledge about it is thorough enough. Islam teaches that our Creator has given human beings the faculty of reason. So Socrates determined to prove that he is not the wisest, went around Greece asking all the self-acclaimed wise-guys questions and finding out if they thought they were the wisest. 330-331. Rather than judge what the truth might be based on moral probability, you seek absolute truths and apply them equally to friend and foe. It’s also a flow of checks and balances. To understand where they are coming from, what they need, and where they are trying to get to in conversation with us. Your flow relies on having all the information. As evangelicals we are people of the good news, but may we also always be people of truth, worthy of the God of truth. While they do not find it easy to turn their eyes away from the truth, it can be hard for them to handle sometimes. To say the least, Socrates fully devoted his life to spirituality and getting to know himself and the world around him. Boundaries are the home bases … To avoid hurting others and myself on emotional levels, I endeavor to do my best to be deliberate when choosing what words I speak. We know the world of nature as contingent, perishable, imperfect and impermanent; and the world of the spirit as supernatural, limitless and eternal. The life of the body consists in material life, but the life of the spirit is a heavenly existence which consists in receiving the grace of the Divine Spirit and being quickened through the breath of the Holy Spirit. Friends hold you in high regard, and coworkers consider you an example of someone who should be valued. The following is a plenary session delivered by Os Guinness at Lausanne 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa (www.lausanne.org). He thought about how society should function, how to best live his life, what are good things to do, and much more. I think that the main way of seeking truth, is by surrounding yourself with truth seekers. – Abdu’l-Baha, How puny and insignificant is the evanescent drop when compared with the waves and billows of God’s limitless and everlasting Ocean, and how utterly contemptible must every contingent and perishable thing appear when brought face to face with the uncreated, the unspeakable glory of the Eternal! Why should these differences exist? It is simplistic to be a critical thinker in academia, while only taking things at face value in my day-to-day life. Aristotle (one of the students of Aristotle), called this. Through the journey of creating, I am able to explore parts of myself, of the world, and of God and His creation. They want control and are always looking for new experiences—the past is unimportant to them. When you’re aware of the value your colleagues bring—especially when it’s different from your own—you can partner with them to drive your mutual success. For me, it is part of the journey I have been called into by the ultimately Truthful One” (p. 168 It Was Good). A truth-seeker knows there’s a difference between mental limits and personal boundaries. Let the sorry fate of Protestant liberalism be a stern warning to us all. It is what motivates us and shapes our personalities. Feeling sad. Christianity? With always having our phones in our pockets and information at our fingertips, we are in a data overload. There are times when history and the gospel of Jesus converge and create a great thrust forward in human history. Maybe things were better in the good old days, but not everything is bad now. Visual art, drama, dance, music and literature make up the Arts, and are an effective and useful means of communicating knowledge and understanding. No one wants to base their life on anything fake or false, so we each search for the truth in every area of human endeavor. Curators are likely to manage the group’s data, adding to it with their own thorough research. The Truth-seeker pays attention to the details. Engineers create efficient systems: organizing information, people, and the flow of work. You’ll find your groove when given a task and the freedom to research and explore it until you feel confident you’ve achieved full understanding. Sounds like your flow is contingent, and to some degree it is. You’ve got all that information in your head, it’s time to learn how putting it down in a logical progression can become part of your flow. Socrates’ life-hack for being wise was knowing that he wasn’t wise, and that none of us are! In this extraordinary moment in human history, why is it that truth matters? I’m nervous, anxious, excited, and so much more. God-given faculty of thought and reason will be respected, for everyone has that individual will. 62-63. To none of our surprises, she said yes. Like any great philosopher, you search for the truth by asking insightful questions and seeking accurate answers. Why A As an artist, one of my goals is that my work will inspire community and conversations, even if the words to describe are hard to find. Here is what I found….. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”. We make personal boundaries for the protection of what’s already sacred. Your wisdom centres on pre-empting the mistakes you might have made, using the past to guide you. It’s arrogant, it’s exclusive, it’s intolerant, it’s divisive, it’s judgmental, and it’s reactionary.

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